• Published 6th Jan 2014
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On the Wings of the Moon - ABagOVicodin

Nightmare Moon is reborn into Scootaloo. The most powerful reincarnation yet, Nightmare Moon plans an attack on Canterlot to raise the moon for the final time.

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She could have sworn that she put up the closed sign.

Twilight Sparkle rubbed her eyes before she descended the steps towards her living room. Sometimes, Twilight cursed how light of a sleeper she was. The sound that awoke her reverberated through practically the whole house, and yet while she was trotting down the stairs, Spike was still sound asleep. No matter, if someone was troubling her this late at night, then it must be something important. As if agreeing with her, another loud series of knocks echoed off the door. Her vision blurred as she tried to adjust to the light that radiated from the hovering candle alongside her. She walked over to the front door and levitated it open.

Rainbow Dash flew into the room and looked around, frantically turning every which way. She held a flashlight in hoof and pointed it in all of the nooks and crannies of the library. She was panting. Her eyes bulged nearly out of their sockets as she cleansed the entire room with her light. Her wings thrashed the air as she turned to Twilight.

“Rainbow Dash, what’s the matter? Are you okay? I know we haven’t seen each other today, but if you wanted your Hearth’s Warming Eve present, you could have waited until morning. I’ll go get it. I have it in my room.”

Rainbow descended a little and looked right into Twilight’s eyes.

“Twilight, Scootaloo’s gone missing.”

Twilight’s eyes widened, but she kept her composure.

“Rainbow, are you sure that—”

“I KNOW THAT SHE IS MISSING!” Rainbow yelled, seething as she dashed into the kitchen and began to turn it upside down. Every cupboard was opened and every shelf was examined while Twilight hesitantly followed.

Twilight kept her eyes down, ears flattening against her head. “Sorry, Rainbow Dash. I’m just trying to make sure that you aren’t overreacting. You know how much Scootaloo gets around, Rainbow. You two could have just been missing each other.”

Rainbow stopped her ransacking and looked over to Twilight. Her own ears fell in guilt. She sighed and lowered to the floor, her wings relaxing against her back. “I’m sorry… Twilight. I’ve just been… hearing from everyone today that Scootaloo is fine, but I know something’s wrong. She’s not in any of the usual places.”

Twilight set the candle on top of an end table and rushed back to the stairs to call Spike. However he was already at the top, rubbing his eyes in exhaustion.

“What’s wrong, Twilight?” he asked.

Twilight attempted to speak, but she was cut off by Rainbow, who flew back to the front door and closed it. Twilight was ready to fill in the blanks for Spike, but Rainbow instead turned back to her and Spike, her eyes leaking with tears.

“I… I’m not overreacting. Just please… trust me. I’ll explain while we look for her. But every second that we aren’t looking for her is a second that she’s alone,” she muttered.

Twilight nodded and levitated her saddlebag onto her back. She turned to Spike and opened her mouth to speak, but he already smiled and nodded as well.

“Winter wear!” Spike replied as he turned to the bedroom. “I folded it this morning. I’ll get it!”

Twilight turned back to Rainbow as Spike disappeared back into the bedroom.

“Rainbow, where were the last places that you looked?” Twilight asked as she levitated a book out of the library and opened it on the nearest table. She opened it to one of the many bookmarks within: a map of Ponyville.

Rainbow shut her eyes and shook her head. “I just… I looked everywhere in Ponyville. You’re right… I’ve probably been missing her… but… I thought that I could find her on my own… and I can’t…”

Rainbow sank to the ground and covered her eyes as tears began to stream down her cheeks. “I had to work late today because one of the ponies in charge called in sick. I was going to visit Scootaloo after I got out of work. But when I got to the orphanage, she was gone.”

Twilight levitated a tissue in front of Rainbow and moved closer to offer a hug, but Rainbow held up a hoof. Instead, she lowered her forelegs and smiled lightly before she took the tissue and blew her nose.

“I found imprints of her scooter at my house… she tried to come see me… and I wasn’t home. Apple Bloom said that she didn’t see her and Sweetie Belle isn’t even in Ponyville, so neither her or Rarity have seen her either. She’s just… gone.”

“Twilight, I found your scarf and your—” Spike started as he rushed back to the staircase, but Twilight waved a hoof in his direction and he quieted down as Twilight moved closer.

Twilight hugged Rainbow as tight as she could while her wings flared out to surround her friend. As the hopelessness of the situation began to sink in, Rainbow couldn’t help but bury her face into Twilight’s chest, fighting back the urge to cry.

Twilight patted her back and gulped down her worries as she spoke again. “Rainbow, we’ll find Scootaloo. We just have to get more ponies to help us.” She turned to Spike, who stood at attention with a flashlight to his forehead. He had on a raincoat and galoshes, and was carrying her winter wear within a claw. He threw her clothes towards her and Twilight caught them with a spell before she let go of Rainbow and dressed herself. “Spike, I’m going to need you to go to Sugarcube Corner and Sweet Apple Acres to get their help.”

“Wait,” Rainbow began as she looked over at Spike. “Don’t tell Apple Bloom what happened. She’s worried enough as it is, and I don’t want her to think that this is her fault. If you want to get their help, do it in secret.”

Twilight finally finished dressing herself and turned back to face Rainbow with a consoling look. “Rainbow, I don't want to get Apple Bloom worried either, but we're going to need everypony's help if we want to find her.”

Rainbow didn’t seem convinced. She turned her back to Twilight and sighed as she spread her wings. “I’ll get Applejack, you round up the search parties.”

Rainbow turned to dash off, but she waited a moment upon hearing Twilight speak again.

“Rainbow, Apple Bloom could tell us the places Scootaloo goes that we don’t know about.”

Twilight stepped towards Rainbow and placed a hoof on her back, meeting Rainbow’s gaze.

“If I was missing, you would want to know about it. Apple Bloom is one of Scootaloo’s best friends, and I don’t think you should hide it from her.”

Twilight lowered her hoof and smiled lightly, trying to cheer Rainbow up. “I know you just want to look out for Apple Bloom, but in a time like this, the last thing she’ll want is to be treated like a foal.”

Rainbow nodded solemnly as she looked down at the floor, wings half-bending towards her back. “You’re right, Twilight. Apple Bloom deserves to know. I’ll tell her when I get there.”

Rainbow spread her wings and turned back to the door. “I’ll get everypony I can and meet you back here so that we can split into groups.”

Twilight nodded as she turned to Spike. “Spike, get out a scroll for me, please.”

Spike nodded and walked over to one of the bookcases behind him, where he pulled out a fresh scroll and tossed it onto the table near the book.

Rainbow scuffed her hoof along the floor before she opened the door. She paused and sniffed. “Twilight… if something happens to her… is it my fault?”

“No,” Twilight replied with finality as she flew over to Rainbow and nuzzled her shoulder. “Rainbow, wherever Scootaloo went, whatever has happened to her, there was no way you could have known. I know you care for her but you and I both know you can't be there for her every minute of every day. All that matters is that we get her home safe and sound.”

Rainbow hesitated before she smiled and spread her wings. “You’re right, Twilight. Chin up and eyes ahead!” With a mighty push of her wings, Rainbow burst out the front door and soared off into the night.

Twilight levitated the door closed and turned back to Spike as all of the color left her face. “Spike… we’re gonna need a few more scrolls. We need a map of Ponyville and the Everfree Forest if we are going to find her.”

“Yes, maam!”


“It worked… it worked… she’s back…”

The crazed muttering of an unknown stallion was not exactly her preferred alarm clock, but it got the job done. Amethyst eyes opened to the stone ceiling above. She squinted, trying to focus on anything but the flares of pain that burned throughout her body. From head to hoof, it felt like her flesh and fur were on fire, and not even the cold floor could relieve the torture.

“She’s back… she’s back…”

A piercing migraine shot through her skull and began to spread like poison. She bared her fangs and seethed as she rubbed her head against the floor to try and replace her pain with something else. Scraping, cutting, bruising, anything. Her fangs nipped against the inside of her cheek as she grunted. Blood began to pool in her mouth as she stomped her hooves on the floor. Hatred, boiling hatred filled her body, and this unfortunate subject was close enough to feel her wrath.

“She’s awake! Your Majesty, are you doing okay?” the voice asked.

She growled and opened her eyes again upon hearing the stallion take a step towards her. He was in full view now. A smile spread across his face, one that rivaled fillies and colts when the ice cream pony came around their neighborhood. Her eyes began to glow a malevolent purple as she opened her mouth to reveal her fangs. Small droplets of blood leaked out of her mouth and onto the floor as she lifted herself to her haunches. Her newly formed horn glowed, mirroring the malevolence of her glare as it sparked and crackled. The stallion choked as he was hoisted in the air. His hooves wrapped around the crushing force around his throat as he choked on his words.

“Your… Highness…”

“How dare you mock me… you traitorous whelp…” Nightmare Moon replied as she stood, using a nearby table for support. Her horn glowed even brighter, tightening her grip around the batpony’s windpipe. As she surveyed the room, giving a passing glance upon the spellbooks and black magic tomes within this stallion’s shelves, her grip loosened and her eyes faded until the stallion was dropped back onto the stone.

Star Struck gasped as he caught his breath, coughing and writhing in pain on the floor.

“Your Highness… I brought you back…” he said with a cough. “They said you were gone forever. They said I had no chance.” He smirked as he stood up and walked over to Nightmare Moon. His eyes widened as he remembered his manners, and he sank to his haunches a few inches from her, lowering his head to the ground. “I… am your last disciple. I… you don’t even know the trouble that I went through to bring you back… Your Highness.”

“Are you insinuating that I was trouble at all, whelp?” Nightmare Moon asked as her eyes glowed once more.

Star Struck winced and shook his head, scuffing his forehead on the stone. “No! Not at all, Your Highness! It was completely worth it!”

Nightmare Moon stared down at the groveling pony. She howled as the pain that wracked her body flared up once more. “This pain… my body feels like I’m on the surface of the sun…”

“The body that I put you in… Your Highness…” Star Struck muttered. “I injected your soul into the body of a filly… and it had to stretch to accommodate you…”

Nightmare Moon spread her wings and turned her gaze to them. She carried a perfect wingspan, with ebony feathers that mirrored the rest of her coat and glowed in the moonlight. Her eyes mirrored those of her subject as she looked down at him, catlike and accepting of the darkness. Her height mirrored that of Celestia, and as she raised a hoof to pull out a strand of her mane, she could see the horn atop her head. Long, spiraled, and fit for a queen, Nightmare Moon smirked as she pulled out a strand and looked at it. The color of dusk reflected the moonlight back at her, a radiant pink with a single star inside of the strand. Apart from a few changes, her new body fit nicely.

As the examination of her new body began to bore her, the burning waves of pain reminded her of their existence. She growled and pressed her forehooves against the floor as her horn began to glow. “And pray tell me, couldn’t you have found a better body than this forsaken filly?!” Nightmare Moon screamed as a bolt of lightning shot out of her horn and crashed into the wall next to Star Struck. When the smoke from the blast cleared, a crater the size of a wrecking ball was left in the wall. Minute cracks spread throughout the stone, up until they reached the ceiling and tapered off. The crater was darker than the rest of the wall, and not a single chip of the stone had fallen to the floor. It was just… gone.

Nightmare Moon gasped. Some of the pain had disappeared.

“That’s never happened before.”

“You’re… more powerful than ever… Your Highness,” Star Struck uttered as he finally raised his head. “I spent years looking up the ritual of how to bring you back… and another year finding the perfect subject to be your host. The filly that you inhabited was the unhappiest filly in Equestria. She had friends that betrayed her, a role model that didn’t pay attention to her, and lacked a cutie mark despite her age. She had nothing… and I filled her to the brim with you.”

Nightmare Moon smirked as she closed her eyes, her horn beginning to glow. A wind picked up inside of the room, capturing nearby items as a vortex formed around her. The pain within her body began to ebb as the wind increased in speed. Books flew around the room as the cup of cocoa shattered against the wall, breaking into shards that chipped against the stone.

“State your name…”

Star Struck lowered his head and placed his forehooves on his neck as he looked up at her. “S... Star Struck… Your Highness…” he muttered.

The wind within the room made no sound as it continued to intensify. Nightmare Moon smiled lightly as she gazed upon Star Struck with a look of malevolence.

“You have proven your loyalty to the Goddess of the Night, Star Struck. I have been watching the world while imprisoned, and my desire to bring forth eternal night must be forgone for now. Those meddling six ponies are going to try and put a stop to my plans, and thus, I must get rid of them first. Once they are out of the picture, then along with Celestia and that other traitor, they will fall before the Moon.”

Star Struck’s smile widened as he raised his head. “Y… yes… Your Highness. I’ve collected notes on all of the Elements of Harmony. If you were to attack… your chances of winning would be greater than ever. Your spirit inhabits a body that will provide you with endless power, and the Elements of Harmony are no longer being used.”

The whirlwind seemed to cap at its speed as Nightmare Moon tapped a hoof to her chin. “Ah yes, that’s right. Their one trump card was placed back within the Tree. How risky of them, to abandon the only things that could stop me.”

“They thought that you would never come back, Your Highness. After you were banished from the Element of Generosity, they thought that you were gone forever.”

Nightmare Moon noticed that the cut in her mouth had healed already. She lapped up the drying blood upon her lips and shuddered in delight as the copper flavor ran down her throat. She closed her eyes and grinned as one of the books within the whirlwind dropped on the floor between her and Star Struck.

“Is this your book of notes… Star Struck?” she asked without opening her eyes.

Star Struck nodded. “Yes… Your Majesty. I kept it all within that notebook so that when you were revived, I could show you.”

“Well then, your planning has been impeccable.”

Nightmare Moon’s eyes opened to a gaze of bone-chilling focus, staring at her subject as another book landed next to the first.

“And is this the tome that you used to revive me?”

“Y… yes… Your Majesty,” Star Struck replied, shivers running down his spine.

“Is this the only copy?”

“Y… yes…”

“Good… good… you made this all the more easier for me.” Nightmare Moon began to circle around Star Struck. Her horn glowed brighter and the winds began to chip at the walls. Small chunks of stone fell out and began to circle with the wind. “Now tell me, Star Struck… why is it that you have brought me back? Celestia won, three times now… wouldn’t you think that I was a lost cause?”

Star Struck’s words came slowly as he shivered with fear.

“I… thought that—”


Star Struck cowered as he slammed his head to the floor.

“I’m sorry!” he yelled, eyes tearing up. “I believe in you! I believe in the power of the moon! You’ve never got the attention that you deserved, and our race has suffered a generation of ignorance because of it! That coward Luna has accepted how history wishes to write us batponies, and she needs to pay!”

Nightmare Moon chuckled as she walked forward and placed a forehoof onto Star Struck’s back. She unfolded his wing and pressed it against the floor as she looked down at him. Star Struck whimpered and shivered under her touch, but she merely began to rub his wing as if coaxing a foal to sleep.

“So… you revived me because you believe in the cause. Is that what you are telling me?”

Star Struck frantically nodded as he looked towards his trapped wing.

“Merely from my touch, you shudder like a schoolfoal that has done something wrong. Surely my subject would not be so scared if he has nothing to hide from me.”

Star Struck’s eyes widened as he felt Nightmare Moon press down on his wing, pushing him further into the ground with each word. “Your Majesty… I… have nothing to hide. I did all of this with my utmost devotion to you… and with the Elements of Harmony out of commission… and the raw power that you have… we could eliminate the Princesses and rule Equestria under the hoof of everlasting night.”

Nightmare Moon raised an eyebrow before she released his wing and stepped back. Star Struck could see the moonlight reflecting off of her bared fangs as she stared maniacally into his eyes.


Her smirk widened as she arched her head back in laughter. Her laugh shook the walls as it bounced around the room, amplified by the swirling vortex of wind. Starstruck's ear drums threatened to rupture from the volume. He whimpered and closed his eyes in shame. When he opened them again, Nightmare Moon was inches from his face, staring deeply into his eyes again.

“Do you honestly believe that I am going to use you for my plans? Did you ever think for a minute that I would ever work with somepony who was a liability?”

Star Struck bit his lip. His stomach felt like a bucket of ice had been emptied into it as he tried to speak.

“I… but… I revived you…” he whimpered. “I… I’m your only disciple. You said it yourself.”

Nightmare Moon giggled as she raised a forehoof to her chest. “Indeed… I did. It’s a shame that my only disciple is also the only one capable of sending me back.”

Star Struck’s eyes widened. “B… but I would never do that to you, Your Highness! I brought you here because I believe in you, and I would never betray you!”

Nightmare Moon waved her hoof dismissively. “Ah ah… I don’t know that.” She pressed a hoof to her mouth to stifle another giggle. As her hoof slammed back to the ground, the stone cracked in every direction. “I’m not going to be making the same mistake again. Tell me, whelp… what are you… to me?”

Star Struck paused as he lifted a hoof to respond, but words failed him.

“You are my summoner,” Nightmare Moon responded. “It is by your hooves by which I was spawned. Those same hooves can send me away. What if you are brought to the side of the sun, and turn against me?”

“But Your Highness, I would never—”

“What if you decide you no longer need me after I’ve taken over, and you seize power for yourself?” Nightmare Moon licked her lips as she shifted to the side, like a cat stalking her prey. “As long as you possess that knowledge, I can’t trust you… and I won’t trust you.”

“I…” Star Struck looked down at the floor as he began to search for anything that could reverse her decision. “I… I devoted decades of research to you! I mentally and physically tortured one of the most hopeless fillies in Ponyville so that she would have a perfect supply of dark emotions for you! I tore that filly’s mind apart for you! I made her hate everything that she held dear, and this is how you repay me?!”

Nightmare Moon’s eye twitched.

The whirlwind immediately subsided. Chips of stone, ripped up books, and glass shards fell around the room as Nightmare Moon rose into the air.

Nightmare Moon’s eyes flashed white, and her horn glowed bright purple. A lightning bolt shot out of her horn and ignited Star Struck’s wing.

Star Struck screamed in pain as he tried to roll around on the ground, but was held in place by a telekinetic aura. He whimpered and continued to yell as the leathery flesh bubbled and burned. Nightmare Moon descended and stamped on the tip of his wing, holding it against the floor as it continued to burn.

“You dare tell me what I owe you?!”

Nightmare Moon asked as she released her magical grip on Star Struck’s body, only to stamp down on the tip of his wing, crushing the bone underneath her hoof. The fire traveled up his wing, burning all of his flesh until it reached the bone. Nightmare Moon ignited his other wing and stepped off of him.

“You dare lie to my face?!”

Nightmare Moon picked him up with one hoof and threw him across the room. He slammed into his bookcase as the flares upon his wings ignited the overturned books.

Nightmare Moon looked at her hoof in surprise, before her expression changed back to her trademark smirk. She shot another lightning bolt towards the table, igniting it. Star Struck flailed as he tried to put out the flames.

She levitated the two tomes that she picked out and tossed them towards the growing fire as she walked over to Star Struck and picked him up with magic.

“You are nothing to me, whelp,” Nightmare Moon snarled as she walked out of the entrance to Star Struck’s house, and onto the cliff that overlooked Everfree Forest. The flames upon Star Struck’s wings fizzled out in the chilling wind as she held him in the air and over the chasm. “The most I will give you… is a quick and painless death. Close your eyes… little colt…” Nightmare Moon giggled. “It’ll all be over soon enough.”

Star Struck sobbed, tears spilling down his cheeks as he looked down below. Hundreds of feet were between him and the ground and as he looked at the charred husks of his wings, he closed his eyes again.

“We were supposed to… rule together.”

Nightmare Moon began to slowly release the magical grip on Star Struck as if slipping him through her hooves until she was practically choking him.

“Please… Nightmare Moon… I’ll do anything…”

There was silence for a moment. She could hear Star Struck’s heart pounding in his chest as he whimpered.

Nightmare Moon threw Star Struck up in the air. He soared in an arc and yelled as he flapped what was left of his wings in a panic. Right as Star Struck turned in the air to face Nightmare Moon, a lightning bolt engulfed his vision.

Nightmare Moon looked down towards the Everfree Forest, and surveyed the environment. Not a fragment of Star Struck remained, and if there was, his ashes were now disseminated through the night-time air.

She closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly sank down to the ground. Her body disintegrated into a purple fog with stars accentuated in the wisp. The fog turned to face the rapidly burning house before it rushed off into the night sky, gliding on the wind.


“Rainbow Dash! Is that a fire!”

Rainbow stopped in midair and looked up at Apple Bloom, who had pointed off in the distance. Rainbow turned towards where she was pointing, and marveled at the sight. Smoke was billowing out of an opening within one of Everfree’s mountains. Rainbow felt a chill run down her spine and the filly on her back shivering. She had a feeling that it wasn’t the cold that made them both uncomfortable.

“Hold on,” Rainbow muttered to Apple Bloom as the filly nodded and did as she was told.

Rainbow saw a flicker of purple rising from the mountain. Her heart skipped a beat as she raced towards the flicker while Apple Bloom held onto her for dear life.

“Stop!” Rainbow yelled as she panted. The flicker grew bigger until she could identify it as a fog that freely levitated through the air.

“What are you going so fast for?!” Apple Bloom asked before she looked up to see the fog that stopped a few feet from Rainbow and her.

The fog paused, merely lingering as Rainbow stopped flying as well.

Rainbow drifted to the side, eyes on the fog as it hovered, unwavering.

“What is it?” Apple Bloom whispered, but Rainbow shushed her.

A menacing laugh echoed through the fog, reverberating through the wind until it reached Rainbow’s ears. Her fur stood on end as she stopped strafing.

“Show yourself!” Rainbow yelled, a vein in her forehead throbbing.

The fog began to swirl around and meld together, as if it was batter being poured into a mold. The stars within disappeared as an equine torso materialized and solidified. The fog coalesced and slowly hardened, forming obsidian wings and a regal horn. With one large flap of her wings, the rest of her form hardened, sending a shockwave that ruffled Rainbow Dash’s hair, but she remained still, her features frozen.

Rainbow gasped as she stared into Nightmare Moon’s eyes. They conveyed an emotion that she had never seen before: bloodlust. Before, they simply contained the desire for defeat. Now, as Rainbow hovered there, she was a perfect target with a weak and defenseless filly on her back. Her mind grew numb.

Those eyes. They were different now… but Dash knew those eyes.


Nightmare Moon smirked as her horn began to glow. She flew a few inches back to prepare a spell. However, right as she was about to fire, Rainbow saw her veer off course with a surprised gasp. The spell shot out of her horn, missing Rainbow and Apple Bloom completely as it soared into the sky and out of sight. Nightmare Moon stared behind Rainbow and paused as her horn grew dim.

“Why did she stop?”

Rainbow paused as well, taken off guard before Nightmare Moon jabbed her head in Rainbow’s direction while her horn glowed for a split second.

Rainbow was turned upside down and thrown around like a cowmare on a bull until Apple Bloom’s grip faltered. Her fur slipped between Apple Bloom’s hooves and she screamed as she fell, staring up at Rainbow in terror as she flapped her hooves.


After what felt like ages, Dash managed to break free of Nightmare Moon's spell with one great push of her wings. She shot down like a bullet, hooves outstretched as she bridged the gap between herself and Apple Bloom. She wrapped her hooves around Apple Bloom just before she dipped below the tree line, pulling the terrified filly in close to her. She flew level with the trees and finally stopped. As she turned to look up into the sky, Nightmare Moon was nowhere to be seen.

Apple Bloom shivered and gripped Rainbow’s chest as she cried. “Why is Nightmare Moon back? I thought you got rid of her!”

Rainbow however wasn’t listening.

Why would… Nightmare Moon have Scootaloo’s eyes?

Rainbow looked back to the mountain and the cloud of smoke that continued to billow from it. She was about to fly towards it when a jab finally caught her attention.

“Why does she look different?! What’s going on, Rainbow Dash?!”

“Will you shut up for a minute?!” Rainbow yelled as she glared down at Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom bit her lip and looked away. Rainbow Dash's expression softened before she sighed. She turned to fly towards the mountain.

“Just… look, I’m sorry,” Rainbow muttered. “I don’t know what’s up. Your guess is as good as mine... but just please… I need you to be quiet for a minute.”

Apple Bloom buried her face into Rainbow’s chest and closed her eyes with a soft nod. “I’m sorry… I’m just… so confused.”

“You and me both, Kid.”


As Rainbow descended onto the mountain, she covered her muzzle with a hoof while Apple Bloom let go of her and stood on her own hooves. Rainbow stepped as close as she could until the heat coming from the entrance made her eyes water. With a massive pump of her wings, the smoke fanned alongside her and up into the air so she could see. The fire burned along the outsides of the entrance and as Rainbow peered inside, she could see the charring pages of textbooks and tomes. But one particular item in the back of the room caught her eye. A slowly browning scooter sat in the back corner, its paint chipping off in the heat.


Rainbow flew into the room and coughed as she grabbed onto the burning scooter. She cried out as a flare jumped onto her and began to singe her fur. She blew a small gust with her wings to beat it back, but her ears straightened upon hearing the creaking of wood behind her. The bookcase’s base gave out, and the flaming wood began to collapse onto her. Rainbow jumped out of the way and grabbed the scooter before she threw it out of the room. She soared alongside the scooter until it landed on a particularly jagged rock that split the board into pieces.

Rainbow flew up into one of the clouds and brought it down to the mountain. She squeezed it until the water extinguished the scooter. Rainbow said nothing as the cloud ran dry in her hooves.

Apple Bloom’s lower lip quivered as she looked down at the charred remains of Scootaloo’s scooter.

“Rainbow… what’s wrong?”

Apple Bloom shook Rainbow, to no avail. Her eyes filled up with tears as she sobbed.

“Why are you looking like that?! Where’s Scootaloo?!”

Rainbow remained silent.

“Rainbow? Rainbow?! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FRIEND?!”

Author's Note:

If you're so inclined, I have information on the latest chapter within my recent blog post. Long story short, I had a 40 hour a week job throughout all of February until now, which is why I fell off the face of the map. Combined that with around 7 edits of this chapter, that's why it took a while to get this out. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this chapter. I'm out for now, but let's hope I can be more consistent with updates.

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Too bad this fic is dead, I rather enjoyed it.

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