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Hi there, I go by Pip and I'm a brony who got to the party late, but I hope you like what I bring to it!


After being injured in a Cutie Mark getting attempt gone horribly wrong, Scootaloo is given no chance of survival. However, Nightmare Moon wants a new life, and Scootaloo is about to lose hers. Perhaps they could come to an agreement.

Big shout out to my co-author Blackyoshi

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Is this before Tirek fucks up allegiance charts, or does Twi have her castle?

Twilight will have her castle, that’ll come into play later.

"Buckle up kiddies it’s gonna be a bumpy ride." Welp... *clicks seatbeat*

Thank you so much. Sorry my reply took so long. Just wait for what's to come :3

On the way, just need to get it out of my head and on to a document

Mmm poor nightmare she will feel the full force of the memory's of real living being

The probably awful memories of an orphan, handicapped, starved little filly
Yeah probably the evil laughter will stop... period

You think that’s bad for her? Oh no, that’ll make what she’s planning much easier. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the show to come :pinkiehappy:

Mmm well I guess is my opinion
but nightmare Never has lived or loved anything
Literally is a bunch of bad and evil feelings of an inmature princes. Luna literally didn't even know how to have fun
Yes is easy feel yourself great and mighty if you don't know what is the pain or feel yourself impotent scared starved and alone (you know like orphan starving or losing your loved ones)
If you are saying that it will make her job easier that's ok (your story after all)

But you can't read a book without learning a little.

Moon has a fully formed personality, that's what important. It limits the possible influence of any new memories (also depending on the route the story would take, be it symbiosis or something else)

Also, experiencing harsh events in life has different effect on people. Some break down, some become more jaded and cynical, some find inner strength to hold on to ... and some go sociopath/psychopath with a hate for the world. There are many options there, and no outcome is guaranteed.

As I said
She has no experience with any of it, or dealing with it
But it's not my story I will look forward for the next chapter

Luna is about to make a deal with the Devil...

The LUS is growing stronger here... Please don't let that continue to worsen

This is great stuff, well done, keep it up!

Even though I'm pretty Scootaloo will undie/relive this still shocked me

OK I'll bite. I'm intersted

I'm glad, and there's more to come! :derpytongue2:

Verdict. It's a mighty good story

Yikes, that hill was no joke!

Interesting, so Nightmare is her own full consciousness. Wonder how she arrived that way...

Brain death in four minutes...

Time travel, eh? An odd card to reveal at this point...

Wait, the seriousness of her injuries is what's keeping her alive? We must be misinterpreting what you mean...

Stable enough to get out of the OR at least.

Not allowed to see the dead patient? Huh, haven't heard that one.

Tease! After all of that and now cliffhanger!
We'll see just how strong Scoots' mind is.
Keep going! ;)

It's more to explain why that isn't an option

Could you quote the part of the chapter that you are referring to? Makes it easier to clear things up


“I’m sorry, I really am, but not even magic can undo those injuries. It’s the reason she hasn’t died already.” The nurse informed them. This seemed to snap Applejack to attention.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, already ? What do you mean already?!” She demanded with small pupils and wide eyes.

We're probably just misinterpreting this on first glance. Reinterpreting, it sounds like you intended to imply magic was the only reason she hasn't died.

I really should have caught that... Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, we'll take care of it

She had already been planning to throw Bon-Bon a surprise party, but she had to spoil the surprise to help her friend. Pinkie already had it set up, ponies were going there to party, and it was clearing the most direct route to the hospital. It was like squishing two parasprites with one rock, or however that saying went. Pinkie grinned at how well her task had gone, bouncing toward Sugarcube Corner to entertain her guests.

Uhh... Pinkie, scoots is literally dying.

Almost done, just a little bit more patience

An update? I have a feeling things are about to get messy.

My gosh! This is a mighty good chapter!

Thank you! It's good to see that our efforts weren't in vain

Finally, it continues :twilightsmile:

Great Chapter and sorry that I didn't give you a fave earlier, you earned it.:twilightsmile:

Well, we're in a dream realm. And we now have some info about MC, so I just put it here.

Thank you very much from both of us, I hope you'll stick around till the end

I sure will. After all I follow you guys since day one.:twilightblush:

Nightmare has no shame taking the advantage.
Her pact has many holes in it, if it were an Olde Madgik style contract. Is she really going to seize complete bodily control?
Calling it now: she'll force Ascension by the end of this book.
Keep going! ;)

Great story, I have never thought of something like this, but I love it, I honestly can’t wait for the next chapter.

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