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One thousand years ago, the princess of Sun was defeated by Discord, who has since ruled over the entirety of Equestria. His royal advisor, Pinkie Pie, help him fighting his most terrible enemy: boredom!
With the anniversary of his reign coming soon, he has an idea to shake things up a bit.
But he is not the only one unsatisfied with the status quo. Hidden from its eyes, some ponies are ready to take action. The celebration might end up much more exciting than Discord thought, after all...

Chapters (30)
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Thank you very much!

With love,
The Marshmallow

Will the rest of the Princesses be appearing in this story?

They will!
Cadence might appear soon, actually :raritywink:

With Love,
The Marshmallow

Fluttershy i hope, huge Discord/fluttershy shipper.

Fluttershy is going to appear in the next chapter! Then... Who knows :raritywink:

With Love,
The Marshmallow

Thank you! I'm pretty new to the whole fanfiction ordeal (as a reader and even more as a writer), and writing in English still doesn't come naturally to me.
Still, I'm really trying to improve my style chapter after chapter. I hope it will start to show, sooner or later xD

With love,
The Marshmallow


Yeah, I guessed English wasn't your first language pretty early on, but I've read worse.

But if you're new to fanfic writing, keep it simple (for now)

i look forward to seeing discord feeling for flutershy go from just being amused to real affection

I'll try my best to make the change believable! :rainbowdetermined2:
Still, in the next two or three chapters, I am finally going to introduce the main conflict of the story. Expect a few surprises!

With love,
The Marshamallow

just wondering if you could add more world building to the story what is equestria like in this Au is it completely chaotic does the sun and moon shoot a cross the sky like in the show, what different in the way it run, how is equstria more chaotic, for example i love if when nightmare moon showed up everyone would freak out because the moon got stuck in the sky and that be super shocking to the ponies, like oh DISCORD the moon stuck, is the sun gonna crash into it were doomed :pinkiegasp:

I think I briefly touched the subject in the first two chapters, but I will get more in detail later. Still, part of the premise is that things are not as Chaotic as we would assume (at least not all the time xD)... Otherwise, a civilization would have a pretty hard time surviving, especially for a thousand years!

With Love,
The Marshmallow

so just wondering have Candace and shining Armour met in this AU? (gota say with each chapter i want to know more great job:pinkiehappy:)

Well this is an adventure isn't it? I look forward to seeing where things go from here.

When I put that tag, I didn't realize how long it would be before I reached that part... :rainbowderp:
But in a few chapters, finally, there will be some action!

So, without her Alicorn strength to withstand the burden, her connection to the sun scourges her? An unfortunate bit of irony that, I honestly wonder if Discord intended such a thing. Sustained torture hardly seems his style.

There will be more on that in the third interlude, which should be out in two or three days.
For now I'll just say that the reason she can't handle sunlight has only to do with how her body was weakened.
The connection just means that she would love to bask in the sunlight but she really can't do that.

i look forward to see how discord reacts to the plot against him it be interesting how he responds to chaos not of his doing

Wonder if this rage will top his interactions with Tia or if he will see some humor in trying to stage this.

getting the Characters right, Discord especially, is always one of the things I worry about while writing this! Next chapter he will have the first 'contact' with the plot against him, and overall deciding on the reaction was fairly easy. But in a few weeks there will be a few Discord actions that I'm afraid might be a bit controversial xD I hope you'll like it! :raritywink:

in a funny sort of ironic way discord and celestia are on opposite side he technically the good guy ands she the baddy trying to take over hope he points this out to her :p

a war to overthrow the chaotic tyrant for one side and the other it just some pre wedding fun for discord let the games begin



"What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you how powerful I really am."

Well Sunset you have successfully summoned what could charitably be viewed as your worst nightmare.

If you say it like that, it certainly doesn't sound fair. xD Luckily the aim is not to win, but just to gain enough time for the plan to work. Although, clearly, it will still be extremely difficult! :raritywink:

I hope I'll manage to strike the right balance between epic and fun (at least from Discord's perspective)! Although he won't have a meltdown for now, so it will still be PG friendly :scootangel:

P.S. I have been having a few quiet days, so I expect to publish the chapter tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned!

well it the closest he get to a Bachelor party discord get

So then Sunset, the ends justify the means? Did Celestia teach you that?

I rather get the impression this Celestia has fallen far from grace if she even let her students near dark magic.


Well to be fair, "our" Celestia did teach Twilight the absolute basics of dark magic before sending her to the Crystal Empire. But really, Sunset is definitely not someone I would have given that kind of magic to. Not unless I intended that they should die, taking their enemy with them.

Oh I know cannon Celestia did that, but she only did it contextually so I can’t see a good reason for this Tia to do it without the belief that it is a necessary weapon to use.

I think that for this conversation it is important to understand how bad dark magic is in this world. If used irresponsibly, just seeking power and while obsessed with something, it is definitely pretty bad. If used responsibly, instead, it has its specific uses and the cost for using it is not even that high.

Now, you might think that the definition of using it irresponsibly matches 100% what Sunset is doing in this chapter. You would be right. This seems to leave Celestia as either dumb (She really expected her to actually only use it responsibly) or evil-ish (She just doesn't care... The end justifies the means etc). It will take a while to actually get to the definitive answer, but I plan to show a bit more about Celestia way of thinking in her next two appearances (one should be about 4 or 5 chapters from now, the other in the next interlude).

So... Stay tuned! :raritywink:

Candace? Well I'm sure she's not going to complicate things..

Wonder how long Pinkie will take to somehow break out. I’m guessing it will take a fair while before she concludes she shouldn’t be playing the quiet game in the box anymore. Then again she could already be back on stage with Trixie.

funny situation would be if twilight and Candace become enemies who loath each other but ironically she still ends up with shinning Armour and their like :twilightangry2:your dating my brother/she your sister

Did Pinkie plan the whole thing so that Fluttershy could see that side of Discord? If so, Pinkie is a really chess master :pinkiesmile:

I was considering answering the comments right after publishing the next chapter, because some things will be addressed there. But then I changed my mind. You'll see why in like two days.

You will see! :raritywink:

I'm not going to lie: initially, I did consider the option, for its fun implication. Something like: oh no, Pinkie disappeared! Well, let's kidnap Cadence instead... But that wouldn't have made much sense, neither storywise nor practically (managing to inexplicably get out of the wardrobe in which she is supposed to be magically trapped still seems above Pinkie!)

Again, to this one I can only say... You will see! :raritywink: I hope what I'm planning will be fun!

Discord once again shows he isn’t the bad guy.

Cadence has one hell of a line there.

Thank you! I'm especially proud of that one. xD
Now brace yorself, because in the next chapter I'll probably put one of the cheesiest lines of the whole fiction :raritywink:

See, the thing about undertaking such a complicated scheme in Disord's presence is that it will go sideways even if he's completely unaware of it. The laws of probability are more like suggestions here, long-term planning is more like long-term guessing.

Still hoping Pinkie will just randomly appear back on stage.

That's.. Pretty accurate xD

That would be very funny, but also so anticlimactic :derpyderp1: I hope you will still like where I am going with this story, though! :raritywink:

P.S. I had some time today, so I finally edited the first chapter. It was such a mess. Now it's 725 characters longer and, hopefully, much better! Slowly I will try to improve the whole first act, although it might take a while. I have so much gratitude for everyone going through... That and following the story until today! Thank you all!

There is an assumption that is often made, that chaotic magic is the only sort of magic Discord is capable of using. It is an assumption that will get a prospective enemy into deep trouble.

I really liked the idea, it makes Discord even more unpredictable, versatile and -I would say- scary... Although I was kind of worried it could be a controversial choice. What made me choose to go through with it is that having him use other kinds of magic leaves open some interesting options down the line... :raritywink:

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