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Hope · 10:45pm Apr 5th, 2022

Behold the Spell
Bright future
[Spellflame casts Bright future]

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The Infestation of Equiss Prime
written by Jest

The Classroom

Well , I would say at least here because the author could not allowed me to comment on his stories anymore

That Cheerly while she kind of helped to keep her mind and the infested people to not lose in the zerg instinct and keep their mind to try to redeem herself by telling how she did it and save more lives than she took changed or manipulated , and how to keep the Sunset Shimmer's infested team in self control without higher yerarchy Zerg unit to take control as Miss EQG Cheerly's repentance, than DEATH.

I think Miss Cheerly was regretful and confused and didn't seen her value anymore or could not look herself in guilt .

But I had seen in other universes evil destructive demonic entities which previously killed... Milions , or planets and than realise the error of their ways and than suddenly was something to make them change , and be better , and in that angle What miss Cheerly was not that bad , if I had seen much worse .

Really great stories, can’t wait for updates

Thanks for favoriting both of my undertale x mlp/equestria girls crossovers~!

Thank you for the favorites on my Equestrian Scions stories.

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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