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I apparently like writing about villains-go-to-Equestria-to-be-redeemed stories.


News · 5:19pm October 14th

For those of you who don't follow me on DeviantArt, I just wanted to make the official announcement here as well.

The day before yesterday, my mother, whom some of you are very well acquainted with, keeled over on the toilet from an apparent heart attack, and I was the one who found her body.

You heard right. My mom is dead.

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So, at the risk of sounding impatient and rude, which I apologize for in advance, will Wind mage be returning at all? If so, did you have a thought of when, or just when you're feeling up to it?

I don't know whether to internally mourn the loss of your mom or internally celebrate due to what I've heard about her.

You know I am tempted to make a group for Equestrian Wind Mage.

Which version of The Prophesy do you like better?
Edit: Happy B-day.
Would've posted on your DA account as battlecruiser006 but........

Glad to see an update, I hope you will continue to update when Season 9 ends

  • Viewing 121 - 125 of 125
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