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News · 2:37am Jul 11th, 2017

Hey everyone.

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything anywhere, and no doubt several of you are probably wondering what's happened, and why I'm keeping you all waiting. I'm back in Needles now for another month, which is how I'm able to get this out to you all now.

But...I'm afraid I have disappointing news for you all.

I haven't drawn or written anything in months. And...and I can't muster the energy to.

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Well, I’ll try to keep reminding you!

Thank you. But when you're by yourself all the time, it's easy to forget there are people out there who do care. It's important that they remind me when they can.

I’m so sorry to hear that. I wish I had something helpful or comforting to say to you, but I can’t even understand how you feel, much less tell you how to make things better. If I had to say one thing, it would be to remember that no matter how you feel about yourself, you have meaning. I care about you, and so does everyone else who’s ever read one of your stories. Don’t EVER try to do something to hurt yourself, because we would miss you. I’ve gone through some dark places myself, and no matter how it feels now, things WILL get better, but it will go faster if you get help. I understand that that isn’t exactly easy in your scenario, but there ARE online sites that offer free counseling for those in need of therapy. You could try this one for starters: https://www.7cups.com
I hope it helps. I want things to get better for you.

It's hard to recover from depression when you are trapped by the very source of it. I live on a farm 15 miles from town with no car, and thus no way to leave. There is no way to get internet there for at least a couple years, so my connectivity with the outside world is severely limited. I have no people my age around me to talk to at all, (and only one neighbor is often around at all, and I'm not overly thrilled by him). I am completely dependent on a controlling mother who has dictated my whole life and still refuses to treat me like an adult and blatantly has stated multiple times that she doubts I'll ever get a job and she'll be taking care of me for the rest of my life. Controlling parents are shown in multiple studies to contribute to kids who are unhappier and less confident in their ability to be self-sufficient, and thus are afraid of the outside world and are dependent on their parent. My mom will not allow me to make my own decisions. She controls my groceries, she controls my cellphone, she controls my desktop computer, she controls every aspect of my life, AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. I literally cannot escape this situation on my own, so I am not getting over my depression anytime soon.

Are you okay? I legit thought you had commited suicide for a while there! I'm so happy to see you back, but I have to know if you're alright! Have you recovered from your depression? Did you find help? Is there anything I can do? We care about you, dude, and we don't want to lose you!

  • Viewing 112 - 116 of 116
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