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I'm just an autistic writer with a thing for belly buttons and redeeming certain villains with the power of friendship. Also constantly sleep-deprived.


More Loss · 2:23pm July 10th

I've lost yet another beloved pet. I thought I would have more time with Betsy. Much more time. But her health very suddenly deteriorated, and within three days she died in my lap.

Why have I had to deal with so much death? I don't know. But I made this video to pay tribute to every family member I've lost over these past three years as a way to allow myself to grieve.

Tribute to the departed.

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It's fine. Really.

Sorry if all my E-mails are bugging you. Discord doesn't work on the PS4s web browser.

Me and another member posted in the BB group.

Did not know about Fall of the Crystal EMPIRE until EWM Season one, thanks. I loved the blade duel between Sombra and Vaati. It says on Vaati's wikipedia page that it's unknown whether Vaati won the annual sword-fighting tournament during the Picori Festival with actual sword skill or magic, but I think it would have been obvious(even to King Daltus) if he had used magic to win the tournament.

Sorry. Know you are probably not in the mood to fan boy out, but your the only other Zelda fan I know and I had to share this with someone


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