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I'm just an autistic writer with a thing for belly buttons and redeeming certain villains with the power of friendship. Also constantly sleep-deprived.


Equestria is enjoying a time of prosperity. Through the efforts of Twilight, Starlight, and all their friends, ponykind is now enjoying new relations with the Dragons, Changelings, and Griffons. But a new foe appears that will put these new friendships to the ultimate test.

Grogar, the Dark Lord of Tambelon.

Leading an army of Arimaspis and Trogals possessing advanced anti-magic technology, this ancient foe has set his sights on Equestria. And in order to stop him, our heroes must reach out to their new friends.

But Grogar will not let them do so easily...

Cover pic made by me with resources from Tara Jenkins, Vector Brony, and numerous others.

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I hope in this story breaks Thoraxs spirit

It's good to see that you didn't give up and still going to make new stories (and as i hope: update) so :yay:
also I hope that soon everything will start to go better (or at last bearable) in you life. Good luck :twilightsmile:

Now this looks interesting. Grogar was always one of my favorite G1 villains. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

So Good to hear from you mister lord, was afraid you would never come back. New story? Hmm not bad a start. Keep it up and I hope this leads to more Equestrian Wind Mage, that story means a lot to me.Ill never forget the intense sadness disappointment and rage upon hearing for the first time one of my favorite fics(a crossover, Akatsuki in Equestria) would never be finished because the author lost interest and threw in the towl Worst feeling EVER, love your stories mister lord

Well this looks promising, consider this story faved.

I'm curious as to how this story plays out.

Oh my.

That is rather intense is it not?

Sorry to say that but ever since Thorax completely change the Changelings into colorful pony bugs; it destroy my love for them.

I'm liking this story already, I hope you continue working on this story as it shows great promise and your portrayal of Grogar sends shivers down my spine as I can hear his voice in my head as I read and it isn't "evil" or "twisted" or "scary" it has the right amount of calm collected cruelty that is truly scary.

Coming back here, after season 9 opener, I find it funny he returns...

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