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This story is a sequel to My Little Engineer

After spending who knows how long in cryostasis on their trip to their new homeworld, Luna wakes from sleep with a bit of trouble. That's not the only trouble she's about to find, however, as she soon learns that not all of the Equestrians made it to Lux Aeterna; her fiance included.

Luna must now take a small group of volunteers to backtrack their journey across the stars in search of the missing pods, exploring entirely new worlds and civilizations in the progress. Who will the crew find, what will they discover?

This story is an archive of an RPG that I will be hosting with some friends on my Discord server, rewritten and formatted to comply with Fimfic's rules of submission. I need a few more players who'd be interested in playing a lead role in this story. If you're interested, please send me a PM so we can chat.

Current players/Co-writers:
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Well, this seems like it'll be an awesome space adventure. Is it bad if I'm hoping they run into pirates in deep space? That would be awesome. :rainbowdetermined2::trollestia:

can you provide a link to the discord server if people are interested in reading the chat

ive tried getting into discord for the verification. email but the site keeps crashing the internet progress bar will only go so far but itll stop and kick me out i tried my xbone but my gmail is being blocked even though my settings will allow it it wont accept my password i even tried changing it i can get to my address of my account but no matter what i do it wont accept my password

7942615 Huh... I have no idea what's going on, you should just be able to click the link to the server and it'll add you... You do have a Discord account, yes?

7942666 i set up an account on xbone but i have to load it on my ipod but when the site comes up on after i click on verify on my gmail account the discord site will load to a certain ammount and then the internet app will kick me back too the interface screen

7942703 I have no idea then... Sorry...
Edit: I've changed the link to the server so that you appear in a different tab, maybe that'll help some? I dunno?
Another Edit: The server is only set so that you must log in with a verified Discord login, that's it. Maybe you missed that step or is that the step you're getting stuck on?

7942725 im not able to get past verify cause the site wont load and kick me out....hmmm have you heard of i think its called discus or is it diqus i....need to dheck the spelling but im thinking its simular to discord without the facetime

7942850 Sorry, but I won't be shifting my entire operation to a new service for one person; I'd be much to difficult moving everything and everyone. I do wish you the best, however, in trying to connect.

I liked the half of luna being awake seeing the colony but what the keck was with the dream part
The dream was just...just...well I have no words but all I'm saying is I did not like the dream part not that it's cause I'm saying you wrote it bad or anything
I'm just saying that I would have liked this chapter to have just been completely about the colony and ponies and how they are are doing
Rather than there be the dream half then the luna half

May I ask what was the point in this chapter I mean a random guy out of nowhere and his entire back story exsplained.....
Hhhmmm something tells me we've got a new important charecter here.....
I hope

8027719 The Let's Meet chapters are introducing my cast's characters. Because of how we'll be writing the story, i dont know how much background we'll be going into during the story.

Oh that explains it sorry if I may have sounded like an idiot your a very good writer I hope you know that
Your stories are much better then alot of other stories I read
I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds by the way I have a question you don't have to awnser but
.......where the heck is discord? Is he dead or something or did you just not put him in the story

8027836 I don't usually write him, so lets just say he's safe in his own reality or something...

Also one more miner question you probably will not awnser also you don't have to and I'm new to you and new to this site In general so please forgive me if what I'm asking might be a stupid question but what exsactly is this thing you keep talking about I've seen several things for example you say in a comment one time you have build a ship before and crashed on a planet before then you just restart also you say you need players for something and so I'm wondering are you talking about a game cause if you are not then can you tell me what it is your talking about and if is then can you tell me what the game is so I can go look it up again you don't have to exsplain anything just let me know what your talking about and what it is so I can find out about it ok thanks you=)again you don't have to tell me

Sorry if it's a very stupid question

8027964 The original story is based around the game Space Engineers on Steam. This story isn't a crossover with SE, but it will use technology I find in the Workshop, as well I'll be using Star Trek lingo, again, not crossed over with Star Trek. My cast and I will be writing this out on my Discord Channel, links are easily found, and then I'll transcribe the archive into a proper story format for publication here on this site.

8027964 Also, in regards to the dream, it will play a part in the future of the story. It'll be set in the same dream world from My Little Engineer's dream scenes, but I won't have Luna go dungeon running in the dreams.

Ok thanks for explaining and sorry if I'm being a thorn in your backside keep up the good work bro can't wait till next chapter


Loving this and I hope it comes back!

Please finish this story :D

Trust me I want to, but the original plan is so far gone to hell that I'm going to have to reconfigure the original idea to write this. Unfortunately, that likely means that the story will end up shorter, no where near the fifty plus chapters I was initially planning (probably...) and wont be written like I had hoped to do, with each major character written by a different author.

I am playing with, and trying to organize thought processes for another Space Engineers XOver, but whether I actually write it, publish it or even do anything with it remains to be seen.

*when you are looking back on comments you made in the past and see this mistake*

Apologies for younger me,I wasn't the brightest bean back in the day (not that I'm any better today).

hay do continue it I like this story:twilightsmile:

when are you going too update this story:pinkiecrazy:

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