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I'm just an autistic writer with a thing for belly buttons and redeeming certain villains with the power of friendship. Also constantly sleep-deprived.


Five years have passed since the final defeat of Ganon, and life has more or less returned to normal in Equestria. But the fragile peace does not last for long. Without warning, a portal to Hyrule opens up in the Everfree Forest. Sensing an opportunity, Princess Celestia drags Vaati and company to a diplomatic meeting to establish an alliance between Equestria and Hyrule.

But Vaati's return is met with open, fierce hostility, and the sorcerer is subjected to a trial that will doubtlessly be biased. But even as the people of Hyrule and Equestria debate Vaati's fate, the servants of Majora strike at last, and all the races of Hyrule and Equestria must make a bitter decision; unite against the powers of darkness, or be consumed by the evil of Majora.

The War of the Three Worlds has begun. It all ends here.

Chapters (7)
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Well shit. Looks like i'll be needing to finally somewhat start reading the 2nd book now.

So in just five years, the CMC have managed to achieve that much? Do your ponies mature faster than humans, or am I missing something? I especially am finding it hard to believe that Sweetie, regardless of who her teachers were, was able to go from a filly who is just starting to use magic and just got her cutie mark, to Star Swirl's level in only five years. Other than that, it seems that time runs the same between Equestria and Hyrule, so in regards to the Zelda timeline, we are between Four Swords and Ocarina of Time, with the Link and Zelda from Four Swords being the characters here. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this meeting will end for Vaati. Keep up the great work.


2.5 isn't done yet, but I'm really not surprised that Chrysalis gets flak here as well. What really got me was Vaati's title.

Never played Zelda.
This thing here.
This thing here is awesome.
I was waiting for that moment.

My only regret is it didn't end with vaati saying something like "I'm back bitches"

Great chapter though

Diamond Tiara was taken by the Oocca? Huh?! I guess that one needs some explanation.

And really, I've been waiting quite a while for non-villain Hyrulean characters to appear. Princess Zelda definitively seemed to be interesting so far, but her father seems a bit...obnoxious, is that the right word? Hmm...and Agahnim. Just seeing him appear as an ally to the royal family flares a lot of warning signals in my head, and I would honestly be surprised if he wasn't a traitor or double agent for Majora.

Watch as Link will be the biased 'hero' against Vaati, and earn himself the title of villain in the eyes of Equestria.

Comment posted by Phreak_91 deleted Feb 23rd, 2016

6965141 I hope if they do something like that they don't paint Link as a blind bigot who is to stubborn to hear there arguments, cause that's not link.

oh exhilarating exhilarating I say what a way to start it. Vaati why are you afraid, Link isn't present, and you now have the Triforce of power. Until Link armed with the four sword showed up you bested Hyrule with just your hat and the light force, now you have the power of Ganondorf at your disposal. (pardon my obliviousness but whats Hollow Shades?)

6966771: Unfortunately, he IS like that. Most heroes are; it's instinctive to be so. But in this case, it's going to cause more harm than good, and if Zelda doesn't keep a firm leash on her 'pets', Hyrule could end up causing a war.

Oh boy... I think the King is going to throw a fit. Let's see how far it goes. I just hope Agahnim isn't like the Link to the Past version and ready to take over, we need more powrful magic users on the good guys' side.

I get the feeling Zelda's inner little girl is going "PONIES PONIES PONIES!" while bouncing up and down and wanting to try to braid Celestia and Luna's manes. If Malon is around... yeah, I can see her and Rarity getting along since Malon would probably be the closest to a mane stylist in Hyrule.

Comment posted by Orion Light deleted Feb 25th, 2016

To LordSiravant, Perhaps you should just forget about 2.5 and continue working on 3. :trollestia:

6969161 Now that you mentioned it, Agahnim didn't appear in the meet along with the other villains in Season 2 epilogue. Perhaps the Curse of Demise was broken before it could reach him, so he's still a good guy. Still, they shouldn't let their guard down.

By curiosity, since:
- it's in the 'child' time-line
- Majora is a multiversal-level threat
- a multi-racial alliance of both equestrians and hyruleans people is in order
Do you intent to use the Twili race in this story or just the classics like Gorons and Zoras?

There will be no appearances by the Twili, and the story follows its own timeline completely separate from the canon timelines.

Twilight princess HD has gotten me hyped for the next chapter.

6997061 I really enjoy this series that you have, just wish Ganondorf could have been reformed at the end of 2, he'd be invaluable to them.
But to further your point about the separate timeline: you actually have that set up perfectly because the events in Minish and the Four-Sword occur before oot, so the 3 alternate timelines wouldn't have happened yet. The only break in my reasoning here is how you had Ganondorf having reached the sacred realm already and spliting the triforce.

Just finished reading, and may I just say this was one hell of a bountiful timeskip. :derpyderp2:

Also, I look at Agahnim, and instantly think of Link to the Past. Of course, that one served as an alter ego to Ganon at the time, but I'm still suspicious :trixieshiftleft:

Considering Ganon's deader than dead now, you haven't got a reason to be.

7092381 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d.wattpad.com/story_parts/80/images/13f8a789e6c44e06.jpg

I have a question, do you think it is possible to give some of non mane6 characters the temple medallions and give vaati a seventh medallion?

Shadow. Luna
Light. Celestia
Water. Sweety Bell
Fire. ?
Forest. Apple Bloom
Spirit. Scootaloo
Vaati. Mystics

For fire I'm not sure, it could possibly be zecora since she is a shaman of the zebra tribes,
it's not my call it is your story just giving you some ideas so you don't get a writers block, I just love these kind of stores.

Uh...no. I've already got plans for the Medallions, and there's only six. One for each Mane Six member.

I love your stories, your characters, the dialogue, the whole thing. Thank you for these dang good stories!!! Keep it up! Also, are the CMC going to make an appearance in Hyrule?

Nope, just on hiatus till something necessary to move the next few chapters (which are indeed already written) forward is completed.

7148794 need more good updates because they tasty num num

They will have to wait, though, because I can't release the chapter until the song I commissioned for it is completed.

what the heck man i absolutely hate cliffhangers. lol. im patient haha but still whyyyyy??? haha.

7152736 Well at least there's a good reason for the hiatus. Half the stories that I followed that wind up on haitus usually don't even GIVE a reason.

Any news about the next chapter?

It'll come when the bloody song is done, which is still being worked on.

So, can I live with hope to be able read a new chapter of"The Equestrian Wind Mage" during Christmas (as a present:yay:) or rather not:fluttercry:?

If the song isn't done by February 22nd, (a year to the day since the last update) I will have no choice but to start uploading chapters. To be honest, I really am getting tired of waiting.

They are still doing that song:rainbowderp:, WoW it's really a long time and they still do that.

They said they were going to do it. Six months later, we inquire about the progress. The guy feels attacked and admits that they weren't really interested in it. Then we decided to do it ourselves. Then the guy came to us and said they were willing to do it again. Four months later, here we are now.

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