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After another failed attempt at Cutie Marks, the CMC are leaving the forest when a sonic boom startles them all.
Scootaloo thinks it's Rainbow Dash and runs off to find her, Apple Bloom following suit.

Sweeite Bell, however, goes into the forest again, where she saw a flash of light. What she finds is an injured creature laying in a crater that doesn't match even Everfree Forest weirdness.

She decides to take the creature to Flutteshy's so it can get better.

This creature however, can't remember what happened or how it got to Equestria. it's memory is vague and it is haunted by nightmares of destruction and the feeling of losing someone important to it.

Set after an alternate ending to Unova's SurvivalCrisis! from Pokemon Black and White: Rival Destinies for Pokemon and before It Ain't Easy Being Breezies for MLP.

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In your description:

Unova's Surviavl Crisis

You have a typo...

Defiantly has potential, i'm interested in seeing where you take this.

Its Ash's Pikachu [Perhaps He will say in the next chapter in Pokemon


Odds are that meeting is not going to go well, his powers could become a problem if he react poorly.

Let us wait and see what happens.

Are Ash and the others going to be in this, or did they die?

4224726 Next chapter focus on Ash Ketchum please!

…roking Pikachu’s head with a hoof. “Don’t’] worry. I’ll ta…

Wild ] appeared!
*slaps DarkHeart with chair*

Well, next cahpter Piakchu...

chapter, Pikachu

P.S. when is the next chapter?

This story looks promising. *adds to favourites*

Next chapter please. I really like to know what happen. :twilightsmile:

Please, put a new chapter.:applecry:

Before I read this, what is the Dark and Gore tag for ?
and how bad does it get ?

If you quickly look at the picture, It looks like Sweetie has no neck

Probably not going to read this, but I am tracking it, I'll read it if it ever gets updated.

Is this dead I hope it’s not.....

Upon closer inspection, she realized it wasn’t a clearing. It was a crater. Slowly, Sweetie Belle made her way down the incline, reaching the bottom. There was something in the middle of it, steaming.

Like the story
Don't know how but i see a fromiler o<#_#^'

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