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"What is better...to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" -Paarthurnax, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


After watching the newest Daring Do film during a stay-at-home movie date night, you (Anon) and your girlfriend Rainbow Dash decide to engage in a fun roleplay session to blow off the remaining steam from the excitement left over from the movie.

Contains: navel fetish, navel stabbing (with a fake knife), navel fingering, navel kissing, and a college-age couple being kinky nerds in love. Written to both raise awareness for my group and portray fetishes in a way that don't have to be sexually explicit and thus appeal to asexual individuals like myself who are sex-repulsed.

Pic is by CloudyGlow on dA and is more of a placeholder until I find the time to draw my own cover art.

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Equestria is enjoying a time of prosperity. Through the efforts of Twilight, Starlight, and all their friends, ponykind is now enjoying new relations with the Dragons, Changelings, and Griffons. But a new foe appears that will put these new friendships to the ultimate test.

Grogar, the Dark Lord of Tambelon.

Leading an army of Arimaspis and Trogals possessing advanced anti-magic technology, this ancient foe has set his sights on Equestria. And in order to stop him, our heroes must reach out to their new friends.

But Grogar will not let them do so easily...

Cover pic made by me with resources from Tara Jenkins, Vector Brony, and numerous others.

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Five years have passed since the final defeat of Ganon, and life has more or less returned to normal in Equestria. But the fragile peace does not last for long. Without warning, a portal to Hyrule opens up in the Everfree Forest. Sensing an opportunity, Princess Celestia drags Vaati and company to a diplomatic meeting to establish an alliance between Equestria and Hyrule.

But Vaati's return is met with open, fierce hostility, and the sorcerer is subjected to a trial that will doubtlessly be biased. But even as the people of Hyrule and Equestria debate Vaati's fate, the servants of Majora strike at last, and all the races of Hyrule and Equestria must make a bitter decision; unite against the powers of darkness, or be consumed by the evil of Majora.

The War of the Three Worlds has begun. It all ends here.


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Ganon is defeated, and this time for good. However, other, greater evils have been confirmed to be working in Equestria, all of whom are preparing for the return of the greatest evil of them all. Witness several key events that take place in the five years that span between the defeat of Ganon and the War of the Three Worlds.

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Count Dracula is the Prince of Darkness, Lord of Castlevania, and King of Vampires. He is seemingly the personification of all that is evil, and is the ultimate enemy of mankind.

He is also Mathias Cronqvist, a former Warrior of God who loved and was loved as fiercely as any other, and a man who lost everything he held dear.

After the Count is vanquished by his own son, his appeal for forgiveness catches the ear of the very God he had dared to oppose. And instead of returning to the dark void of death to await his resurrection, Dracula is given a choice; let go of his anger and find new life in a new world, or cling to his hatred and continue the cycle of darkness forevermore.

Dracula chose life.

And now he finds himself in a new world, completely devoid of humans, but containing civilizations of a much more...furry kind. Of course, even in a world as open and accepting as Equestria, darkness is still something many of its denizens fear to an irrational extent. And Castlevania is certainly dark. Can the Count learn to coexist with the ponies of Equestria and allow the warmth of love and friendship to reenter his icy heart? Or will he lose it all in the coming battle against his ultimate enemy, the traitorous Demon Lord Galamoth?

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Takes place during Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, just after the Koopaling boss battles.

After the Koopalings fail to defeat the Mario Brothers, the evil witch Cackletta banishes them from Mushroom World. The children of Bowser soon find themselves in a strange world populated by strangely-colored talking ponies with a strange fascination with the concept of friendship. While Princess Celestia works on a way to send them back, Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Morton, Wendy, and Larry must each move in with various ponies in town and adjust to life in a world where kidnapping princesses is not a normal occurrence. Will the Koopalings finally break free of the monotony of being Daddy's Little Villains and make some real friends? Will they finally have the chance to carve their own paths in this world, and pursue their dreams? And most importantly, what will happen when they finally can go back? Will they want to?

Rated T for some minor language and some crude humor.

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At last, the second season of your favorite wind mage's adventures in Equestria is here!

Just as Vaati has fully settled down into his new life in Equestria, the unthinkable happens; Ganon appears and declares his intent to conquer. Now, with the Princesses forced into hiding, the Elements of Harmony scattered all across the land, and races all around Equestria suffering under Ganon's harsh rule, it is now up to Vaati, Twilight, and their friends to join forces with unexpected allies, recover the Elements, and take the fight to Ganon. And all the while, an even greater evil plots from the shadows, enacting a scheme centuries in the making that shall soon encompass two worlds that do not yet know the connection they share...

And as the adventure gets underway, one by one, the Mane Six begin to have nightmares...

Meanwhile, the Cutie Mark Crusaders must combat the darkest depths of madness and twisted illusions if they want to save Scootaloo from falling victim to the evil power that weaves the strings of all their fates...

Rated T for action violence, minor language, mildly suggestive themes, and some scary/disturbing images.

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After Big Macintosh builds a play castle for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the excited fillies spend a great deal of time waging epic battles against and alongside each other, besieging and defending the castle, saving princesses, deposing warlords and tyrants, and often suffering melodramatic deaths while they're at it. Often they find themselves aided by and fighting against various monsters hailing from Vaati's palace that want in on the fun. This is a record of all their various adventures.

DISCLAIMER: The author henceforth takes no responsibility for any exploding hearts, cuteness overloads, or diabetic seizures that may be suffered by reading these.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was originally going to just be a oneshot, but other people have persuaded me to add more to it, thus this shall be a collection of oneshots based around the games the CMC and various monsters play in this castle. This takes place in the Equestrian Wind Mage continuity.

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When Eliwood and company confront Nergal at the Dragon's Gate, ricocheting spells cause the portal to the world of dragons to malfunction. The sage Nino and her friend, the assassin Jaffar, are sucked into the vortex and appear in a world vastly different from their own. Here, monsters never before seen roam, and colorful ponies talk and have their own human-like society. Hoping they can send them home, Nino and Jaffar befriend the Mane Six. However, trouble is brewing, as Nino and Jaffar weren't the only ones sucked into the portal...

Nergal is there too, ready to continue his mad quest for unlimited power. Can Nino and Jaffar, with the help of their new friends, defeat the dark druid before he harvests the quintessence of all of Equestria?

Crossover with Fire Emblem 7. Pairings: NinoxJaffar.

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Many eons have passed since the world was nearly ended by a child wearing the Mask of Devils, and the ancient legend has vanished from the minds of the populace, now talking ponies who have built their civilization after the disappearance of man. But the ancient legend has grown tired of anonymity, and it will satisfy its lust for destruction by any means. What better way than to use yet another puppet? A certain showmare may be just the pawn.

The countdown has begun. Can anypony contend with the awesome, terrifying power of Majora's Mask?

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