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I'm just an autistic writer with a thing for belly buttons and redeeming certain villains with the power of friendship. Also constantly sleep-deprived.


Ganon is defeated, and this time for good. However, other, greater evils have been confirmed to be working in Equestria, all of whom are preparing for the return of the greatest evil of them all. Witness several key events that take place in the five years that span between the defeat of Ganon and the War of the Three Worlds.

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No idea what to say, but I like it.

awesome start if they get a hold of the sirens too things will get ugly

The hype. It is very real. Praise Majora.

So, the season 3 is going to be set five years in the future? Sigh, then the Crusaders are not going to be simple fillies

Son of Krastos, huh? Is that supposed to be Krastos the Gluemaker?

May the goddesses help us now.

No way. Earth and us humans is going to be involved???!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Now I suddenly can't wait for EWM: Season 3 to come out!!! I can tell it's going to be EPIC!!!:pinkiehappy:

(Out of breath from excitement) Whoa, got carried away for a minute there. (Takes a few breaths until calm) I'm looking forward to it. :twilightsmile:

I think they mean the EG verse, not the...
-Remembers that the 'real' world was a major part of Gen 1 lore-
...or maybe not.


Oh right. I remembered Sunset was mentioned in the Season 2 story when Majora talked with Starlight.

Nah, I am referring to the EG verse.

I'll get the...

Does Legend of Zelda have a popcorn substitute in it?

WHAT?! The Equestria Girls verse is Grogar's reward for serving Majora?!

I'll be keeping a list of all the characters that die and stay dead in this series.

So far: Babs Seed, Pipsqueak, and Carrot Cake from what I know. Correct me if I missed anyone.

Indeed it is. Majora has plenty of worlds to offer his allies, and he knows that promises of power are quite the motivator.

Also, it's not Carrot Top that bit it, it's Mr. Cake, whose first name is also Carrot.

6754195: Thanks for the correction.

Hundreds of manticores, chimeras, Timberwolves, cragadiles, and even a sizable swarm of parasprites all desperately tried to fend off a massive army of Gohma.

What, no Ursa Majors?

And yeah, ponies and friends, you need to think of a way of stopping them from attacking the tree a second time...

We go from a 2-3 thousand word chapter to a 11 thousand word chapter. Hell yeah!

:pinkiegasp: YAHOOOOOOO ANOTHER CHAPTER OF AWESOMENESS! Seriously Siravant you do the best work here in this story it is always a pleasure to read them! I loved the detail here and the hints of Vaati's father I can't wait for more!!!:twilightsmile:


Tell the Wind Mage hello for us! GWO HOH HOH HOH HOH!

i'm sorry...but as its so close to Christmas, i keep on picturing Santa saying this...

...I'm really Hoping Carrot doesn't just roll over and die... He single handedly took on a Gohma and WON. Lady Luck owes him a prize for that shit.

6754268 Ursa Majors overslept, the lazy bastards...

6755407 Or perhaps they're the last line of defense.

6755810 If what the tree goes down they were in the ravine as the last line of defense

Now, this chapter was pretty exiting. Mostly it was good for showing how badass everyone's become so far. But...the insight into Diamond Tiara and the hints about Dethl's connection to Vaati were welcome additions as well.

By the way, I have a little problem picturing how Iemanis is supposed to look like. Judging by the picture of the 'Dethl holds counsel' Youtube video I'm imagining him to look like the Gohma from Wind Waker, but is that how he looks like or not?

Yes, that is Iemanis's true form. What you saw here was just an avatar, as he's not dumb enough to put himself in danger unnecessarily. The avatar in question is the Gohma from Hyrule Warriors.

6772306 Oh, I get it. At least that gives me the satisfaction of reading about one of those incredibly annoying boss enemies from Hyrule Warriors get burnt to a crisp. Damn how much I hate those things.

The whole idea of him possessing an avatar from far away that is slightly more powerful than the rest without putting himself at risk does remind me of both Harbinger from 'Mass Effect 2' and the Warden Eternal from 'Halo 5'.

Well, when the entire existence of your armies relies on you not dying, you sorta have to think about these things.

… Sombra. Analysis: MORON.

The Amulet is a mortal's construct. The Triforce of Power is literally made by a goddess who embodies power itself. The Triforce is…

Okay, I'm all hype up on Star Wars, cut me some slack!

Anyways, Vaati has enough power in his body to power maybe three of Sombra's petty amulets. That's being kind to the delusional old Ganondorf wannabe.

so....Carrot didn't survive, I guess... did he? Not in a Coma, or mangled just... dead?

Glad to see that they've managed to make a comeback from the horrors of war with this celebration (as short lived as it may be)... And I'd like to point out that Sombra needs to learn how to compare something like the constructed Alicorn Amulet to the infinite power of the Triforce. Even if he did defeat Vaati several times before, he's still overestimating himself.


Villains often have a tendency to overestimate themselves.

6778656 Evil Overlord Rule Number "Something or other, too lazy to look up": NEVER overestimate the power of your weapons of mass destruction.

Of course, considering they may not even end up confronting one another again, he'll probably never get the chance to find out.

6778656 I know that, but seriously? He thinks his own hoof-crafted trinket can outdo a literal godly construct? That's not just arrogance. That's what we call 'grabbing onto the Idiot Ball and refusing to let go.' It's beyond meager hubris. It's stupidity. Plain and simple.

This is my favorite chapter i cryyyyyyyyyy so much for this HAPPY TEARS:fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

6779886 Yeah true but then again in cannon for MLp he wasnt too bright on just cutting his speech of "NO STOP" XD Plus also blown to bits here too he's a bit narrow minded for being stuck in that crevice for so long.:trollestia:

Grogar helped him make the damn thing. It's basically like the One Ring. Sombra trusts in his master, and he of course does not entirely comprehend the extent of the Triforce's power.

6781958 … Fair enough. I suppose it'll be fun to watch his stupid head get knocked around a bit.

Hey, I just remembered a question that's been brewing in my own head a while now. If Vaati's got the Triforce of Power, does that mean he has a Ganon-esque form, or was that just because Ganondorf had Demise in his head? Because I remember in one of those corny 80s cartoons, when Link took the Triforce of Power so Ganon couldn't use it, he became a monster like Ganon.

Remember Ganondorf's own explanation: "Ganon essentially is Demise."

And Vaati's demon form is a manifestation of SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.

Nice song. Very talented.

6782241 … Still didn't answer my question.

Let me put it another way. Let's say Vaati gives the Triforce of Power to some casul scrub somewhere around. Would the Triforce convert them into a monster, or was the Ganon form a product of Demise/Ganon/whatever being evil and abusing it, and it's exclusive to him? Or is the Triforce of Power permanently tainted by Demise, and they get a monster form regardless of their own affiliation?

Ganon's beast form is a product of Demise, not the Triforce.

So the chain of power goes Eoh, Triforce of Power, Amulet right?

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