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Dear Readers · 3:19am Sep 20th, 2016

It is with a very heavy heart that I bring you this message to you today, instead of an exciting new update for the stories. In fact… The reason behind our silence for a while is the reason I’m writing this notice to you all in the first place.

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Hey, thanks for the fav! Hope you enjoy the ride :twilightsmile:
Praise on, Sunbro! \ [T]'/

2096382 When a story is THAT hilarious and touching, of course it deserves a favorite.

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

Hey IDA, thanks for the watch!

Oh, and it turns out that thing about Marcus I was talking about got cut from the draft and will be explained in the sequel. :twilightsheepish:

I'm very glad you enjoyed the story and I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much if not more. It's going to be... different. You'll see what I mean.:trixieshiftright:

2007383 No problem, just doing something I should've done a while ago with a favorite author! Keep up the amazing work, Diablo.

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