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daughter of subaverage female potato, meaning even more subaverage female potatoness


Boredom, first post, and being drawn to fimfic again recently · 11:43pm Jul 22nd, 2017

so first of all hello peoples I know this is gonna show up in 2 peoples feeds and is a waste of your time but I wanna make this more of a habit. I am of the bored so I decided to go through all of my old youtube watch later videos and decided to watch aphmaus mystreet series. If one of you 2 peoples have a better idea of what I should watch please suggest uh one of the peoples I talk with named manaphy brought me to become active by posting a competition for unsung heroes of which I had a idea

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i mean ive done a spoke to you before on floofs server, you friendly and funny, it just came to mind and i decided why not?

Thanks for the follow? How'd I get that?

Hey there yoyo your friend from discord.

Thanks for the fav! Might I ask why?

bad spoopy

i don want dis on my user page

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