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They shall be my cutesht warriorsh, theshe equinesh who give of themshelvesh to me.
In shmall armor I shall clad them and with the mosht characterishtic weaponsh they will be armed.
They shall have shuch luck, likeability, and contrived convenience that no foe shall besht them in battle.
They are my bulwark againsht righteoushnesh. They are the reaversh of the shtarsh.
They are my shpace poniesh, and they shall... ah... shpread friendship throughout the galaxy, moshtly.

This group is a collection of all stories taking place in the Age of Iron.
The Age of Iron is a background setting developed within the series Iron Hearts, in which the Iron Warriors seize the Centaur system - Equestria's star system, apparently - for themselves in a surprising and very questionable alliance with the kingdom of Equestria, and enlist and arm the Mane Six to assist in their acts of piracy and corruption.
Things get weird.

As the creator of the series, I grant complete blanket permission to any other authors or artists to use the story and characters as they please, and have set up this group to consolidate any such projects that are based on or take place after the Iron Hearts series.

Chaos has come to Equestria, and through the Power of Friendship, these wicked pirates, mercenaries, and murderous warriors have become the shield of ponykind rather than its executioner.
The home world of the ponies, Centaur III, has been thrust into the ceaseless carnage of a galaxy at war.
The age of love and tolerance has come to an end.
The Age of Iron has begun.

(Banner and icons pending)
Age of Iron now has a sister group at DeviantArt! This group contains all the commission I've had done for the story in one convenient place, since Photobucket is basically awful.

38th Company Codex
Section 1: Pony Characters and Special Rules
Section 2: Pony Units
Section 3: Detachment Rules and Pony Armories
Section 4: Lunar Guard
Section 5: Tau Detachment Rules and Special Units
Section 6: Dark Mechanicus Detachment Rules and Units
Section 7: Dark Mechanicus Armories
Section 8: 38th Company Special Units

Find the saga too daunting? Skeptical that it's "for you"? Don't have as much free time as SOME jerks who can somehow hold down a day job while churning out million-word stories as a hobby? Pinkie's got you covered with a handy story synopsis strip!
(Actually by EZTP)

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i have read and re-read the main series multiple times and there is something about it that just stands, in my mind, superior to other fics involving 40k and i just love this series.


411920 Yeah the main things I can see missing would be 1 why would sliver care, 2 why would tellis work with him besides getting to punch a steam engine, 4 I don't see why they would be near the traditional train line or why the cmc would be on a train by themselves. Also wasn't the steam engine upgraded by the mechanicus?


You shouldn't feel nervous about making a thread. Especially if you're just looking for opinions.

That said, I feel like there's some missing context for your idea.

I had an idea for a thread but I was nervous to post it, the idea came to me after hearing the song

it involved a short story where sliver and tellis stopped a train to save the cmc when it when out of control with sliver pushing against the engine and tellis ramming the pressure chamber with his lightning claws with jump pack blazing.

Don't mind me just keeping tabs on you filthy heretics!

Ave Imperator and all that jazz!

Can everyone take my path to glory challenge please?!


As far as sinister looks go, Applejack and Twilight were in the lead because of how imposing their armors were but Pinkie has beaten them out by her attempts to brighten up her hulking mech by adding cheerful stickers on it. Everyone knows that nothing that's trying that hard to appear friendly can possibly be good for your health.

Rarity looks damn good though. As she would.

EZTP has done an excellent job.

The crystal is a little touch EZ came up with. It isn't described that way in the story.
The end of the last chapter of Entrenchment has a clue regarding the gold bolt.


I like the way the different flight engines are made. Fits well with the story descriptions.

The crystal at the end of Twilight's horn is new. Or it's a detail I forgot about.
Speaking of Twilight, I see everyone has 5 bolt medals but Twilight is the only one with a gold bolt. Can't recall what that one's from.

When did we get a banner?
I need to check this group more than I do...


Looks pretty good!

Love how well the Stetson goes with the armor and even adds to the intimidation outline.


Wow. That sounds pretty boss.

Always did want to see the Mane six in more complete armor.

Oh man, it's amazing. He's only mostly done with Applejack, and it's just incredible.
The finished banner is going to be all the Mane Six lined up in story-accurate armor. That means helmets and little chains over the shoulder pads for their "medals" among other things.


Good for a placeholder. Feels fitting.

Looking forward to EZTP's new art.

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