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I've never actually been to Milwaukee

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Absolutely. But I gotta make one thing clear: Sandro ain’t it dawg.

You right about Giannis, but we weren’t supposed to win the chip in 2021. We were not the best team, and injuries helped us get there. I don’t know if just running it back is gonna work.

I trust in Horst. The Bucks are a well-built team, and I think another title is definitely within reach. And now that we’ve gotten over the hump, it might make things easier for the guys like Jrue and Bobby who were new on the team last year.

Grayson was ballin in the first round, but he faded into obscurity in round 2. Hopefully he steps it up, and Pat too. Those guys give our offense a much needed punch.

All in all, I’m pretty hyped for next season. I think if we play our cards right, we can run this shit back and get Giannis chip number two. Our guys are hungry, and when we bring the energy we’re tough to beat.

Don't underestimate what the Freak is capable of, this man is going to keep us in a position to win for as long as he can.

Middleton not slipping on a wet floor was the difference maker this year, we can't bank on coaching changes or drastic personnel shifts short of a total upgrade to get us back in the situation we were in in 2021, best we can do is run it back with a few better pieces and with lessons learned.

Guys like Bobby and Gray are getting into their primes, Bobby is still 27 so this may not even be his final form and Grayson is 26, who knows how those two could look like with chips on their shoulders after a bad series, and don't forget what the future may hold for Sandro and Nwora.

Just gotta have faith that Horst can make the best decisions with the constraints he's been placed in.

I feel like this beast version of Giannis is gonna last us one more good season, and we gotta get a ring in that time. One good off-season pickup, player or coach, could be the difference maker.

Too early to say, and the market's getting pretty sparse for us to pick up someone new right as Giannis is entering his prime.

A no-brainer like Pop or the like decides to he wants a swing at us? No shit we get him, but the fact of the matter is is that Bud is our best bet for the time being, no matter how poorly he does stuff at times.

Probably shouldn't bet on the draft, I doubt we have a high enough pick to land someone solid.

Defense was most certainly our issue. I cringed watching George Hill guard Jayson Tatum. With Middleton likely our defensive shortcomings would have been easier to overlook, but losing him made it pretty clear.

Oh yeah, and we need a new coach.

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