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  • A Dark Knight for Equestria The Dark Knight descends upon Equestria by Onomonopia 106,230 words · 19,752 views · 1,487 likes · 44 dislikes
  • The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon returns as a battered, half-starved alicorn and its up to everypony to help her. Meanwhile, Blueblood lusts after Twilight Sparkle. by Aegis Shield 91,986 words · 29,105 views · 2,963 likes · 110 dislikes
  • It Takes a Village Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need help... by determamfidd 148,765 words · 37,046 views · 3,444 likes · 61 dislikes
  • Longing A Fluffy Family One-Shot with Twilight and Spike by TheMyth 8,086 words · 17,471 views · 801 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Post Nuptials The wedding might be over, but emotions are still running high for many that were involved. by Darth Link 22 33,259 words · 34,160 views · 2,325 likes · 56 dislikes

I live! · 1:29am September 12th

Hi everybody! I survived Hurricane Irma. My family is fine as well. Miraculously, there is no property damage to my place, and I only lost power for twenty-four hours.

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The Legend of Spike Series

  • The Legend of Spike: Discord's Mask After having his heart broken, Spike finds himself in a parrallel world and in a race against time. by DiabloGuapo 83,119 words · 5,943 views · 213 likes · 9 dislikes
  • The Legend of Spike: Dracula Spike, the Mane Six, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders must band together and save Ponyville when an ancient evil awakens. by DiabloGuapo 68,308 words · 2,596 views · 138 likes · 4 dislikes
  • The Legend of Spike: Krazoa Island Fleeing Equestria for a crime he didn't commit, Spike finds himself on a magical island filled with dinosaurs. It is up to him to save the island before it is completely destroyed. by DiabloGuapo 95,709 words · 3,199 views · 123 likes · 9 dislikes

The Legend of Spike: The Next Generation Series

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Thanks for adding "The Measure of a Dragon" to your Spike Stories!:twilightsmile:

Keep up da good work

Hi, thank you very much for the favourite on Unrelenting Conviction. I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

It took me awhile but I'm finally free to read your 5th story and I know it's going to be good. But anyways how have you been.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav on Her number one Assistant! I hope ya enjoyed it and feel free to comment what ya think!:twilightsmile:

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