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A high-school student whom has been getting ideas for fanfictions for FIMfiction.net

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So... I finally did it... · 6:01am Jun 7th, 2018

I decided to join into the bandwagon that everyone calls Patreon, to maybe earn some extra cash.

If you want to, you can support me in my current endeavours and I can probably get this stuff out faster and some other projects I have planned for the future.

Here's the link for those of you who are either curious or want to support me: https://www.patreon.com/TheUltimateBrony

[EDIT]: I won't force you to support me, just to at least look and see what you think.

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TThe Monster
What to do with a little filly who isn't afraid of anything?
Mancin · 1000 words  ·  9  3 · 231 views

Thank you for the Favorite.

Thanks for the Follow

Not a problem, technically should've been sooner tbh.

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