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A few weeks after Twilight becomes a princess, Rarity needs to pick up a shipment of gems she purchased from the Crystal Empire. When she arrives there everything is as normal as she left it when she and her friends defeated King Sombra.

Or so it seemed...

Rarity's on the way to have dinner with Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, when she hears a cry for help. Rarity investigates and finds a pony unconscious on the ground, she helps the pony and gets ready to take the pony to the nearest clinic when she is knocked out.

She was apparently captured for the reasons of a resurrection. The resurrection of King Sombra. Then when things are interrupted things go hectic and one of the members of the cult were captured for interrogation and Rarity's put into a clinic.

She goes back to the area where she was abducted to find something, she found it... and something else that could change everything she knows and loves, forever.

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Well, this storyline doesn't sound familiar at all...

They have clinics in the crystal empire!??!


Unoriginal fanfic is unoriginal.

Past Sins anyone? :ajbemused:

Yeah... I did get inspiration from Past Sins, but... not all of this is going to be like it at all. So, keep that in mind.

So is Rarity Sombra's mother now? I hope things end good for both Rarity and Sombra.

I can't exactly tell you that...
I'm never give spoilers... even with that... spoiler cover up thing...


Heh... thanks.
This my 2nd fanfic I have been working on so to know this one is going well that just brings a smile as big as this to my face: :pinkiehappy:.

Again if there are any suggestions that anyone comes up with including you, then PM away.

I can't wait to see what adventures Rarity and Crimson Shade get into.

Oh my God... I had forgotten about this story!

Thank you two for reminding me about it! I had so many ideas too! Then life came in and said you need to do this and that, ya know?

Again thank you two, if you want I can do you guys a favor that might catch your attention, just look in your PMs.

Hope you continue this>

This thing going to be continued? I see much potential. Seriously, I do.


Fast response, that is a great thing. Seriously, this story as a TON of potential. I cannot wait to see what you do with this.

You're online right now, anytime I'm on the PC, I just jot down my idea's into my story, then refine them bit by bit until its done. Then proof read, edit, proof read again, until I get what I desire. It works for me, why don't you try?

Maybe, just need to get on it, when I'm back at my house.

Alright, just giving you a tip, if you're driving or something don't try to comment here.

Nah, I was on a friend's computer, now I'm on my computer.

Did you make sure to log out and delete all history and such from that PC? They could take you account if you didn't.

Don't worry, I'm always careful with my personal info.

When will the next chapter come out

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