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Going from the short description... this boy gets his wish... in a way... he gets teleported to Equestria and is welcomed by King Sombra and his queen... Queen Twilight Sparkle... and they ask him what he wants most and they will give it to him on one condition... he helps them rule Equestria... and agrees to this and will possibly become Equestria's greatest foe...
Will he see the light and show it to King Sombra and Queen Twilight? Or will Equestria still fight to the death against another new foe? If so... will they win or will they lose?
(This goes off of chapter 6 of The Path of Damnation)

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Comment posted by TheUltimateBrony-Class-S deleted Dec 16th, 2014

Soo much cheese! :facehoof: why did you rush?

sorry in fact this is my first story and i'm going through real life and a lot of other things.
i'm sorry it's not the way you like it and as i have typed before... i'll take any helpful criticism.

5793611 well you could try to take your time to put more detail into your writing. That would help

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