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Fluttershy and Manticore

Bios are over rated. Let's get this story stuff started.

The Princess's Bucket List

Princess Cadence's/ Mi Amore Cadenza's List:
[x] Get 10 story views
[x] Get 100 story views in total
[x] Get 200 story views in total
[x] Get 300 story views in total
[x] Get 400 story views in total
[x] Get 500 story views in total
[x] Get 1,000 story views in total
[x] Get 10,000 story views in total
[x] Get 1,000,000 story views in total

Princess Luna's List:
[x] Be apart of 1 group
[x]Be apart of 2 groups
[x] Be apart of 5 groups
[x] Be apart of 10 groups
[x] Be apart of 20 groups

Princess Celestia's List:
[x] Have 1 follower
[x] Have 5 followers
[x] Have 10 followers
[x] Have 20 followers
[x] Have 30 followers
[x] Have 40 followers
[x] Have 50 followers

Princess Twilight Sparkle's List:
[x] Write 1 story
[x] Write 2 stories
[x] Write 5 stories
[x] Write 10 stories
[x] Write 20 stories
[x] Keep writing past 20 stories

My Purpose on This Site

I read a lot and try to figure out a way to make my stories better, although I will make a few grammar mistakes I try my best to not make any. I follow any guide for writing on the site and analyze it to make the best story/clopfic. My first clopfic wasn't that great but, I am trying to make a clopfic that fits everyone's style.

I also love making new friends!

*Warning I may stalk*

My Results:

You're often found diving into a book or spending hours working on that project of yours. It's important that you put in as much of an effort learning as possible so your knowledge will someday come in handy. Because of this, you may sometimes be skeptical of things that you don't have any proof of.
While you tend to be booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, you also tend to be a tad socially awkward, not always sure how well you fit in with your friends or maybe not even having a lot of them in the first place, but you're still a solid friend when it comes down to it and would be there to help any of them with their problems.
Even though you may be talented, you're the total opposite of a showoff, shying away from bragging or even talking about your talents. You don't want the world to think you're a braggart, after all. You're quite humble and modest, but you're also looking for acceptance and praise for your talents.
My results ^

(Actually his name is ----)

"Okay I am Fluttershy and this is my manticore."


"We write clopfics, and ship sometimes!"


"Now, let us ship! Maybe write some normal stories."


"Enough shipping!"

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Not sure how I missed it, but thanks for the follow :pinkiehappy:


And yet you do it multiple times, despite being banned.

Or what I'm looking at is a week old.

We'll ppl hate just to hate so yea

1529713 Yeah but for a second there I thought the story was going to get nothing but dislikes. So, before I read it I left a like.

But did u even read it?

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