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Octavia was always one for planning ahead. Whether it be dinner that night or her career years away, she always had an idea of how to get there. The right amount of practice, the proper performance to the right pony, and she could see her life progressing exactly as it should.

However, suddenly turning into an alicorn kind of put a damper on her plans.

Story thirteen in my Twidash Challenge: Secondary Pairing (Quite Obviously)

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 855 )

That's a new one! Interest acquired
~Dash The Stampede

Heh, poor Octavia. Her whole life turned upside down by the silly wings and horn. A very promising first chapter, looking forward to see why this happened and what is going to come of this.

the first part of a long piece of classical music

long piece

An in depth look about what happens to someone who suddenly goes from earth pony to alicorn (goddess). what they need to learn and do is an interesting concept indeed. The show went way to short on that, so let's see what you make of it.

Also, I am contractually obliged to express my interest in that Romance tag.

Colour me thoroughly intrigued. :rainbowhuh:

I can't wait to see where this goes. This seriously intrigues me to the point it may prove distracting.

Certainly a hell of a start to this.

I'm a liking this one already!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Suffice it to say, I've never seen an Octavia alicorn fic.
This should be interesting.

She's the man reference? Yup I'll give it a read



Holy shit a Twelfth Night reference, that's pretty awesome.

Huh. Your summary almost turned me away, but I'm glad I stayed. This might be good.

Please, continue.

Why regular Twilight tag or Alicorn Twilight tag?
Other then that, intersting and hope you keep up the work.

4528928 Whatever it's the same quote we just heard it from two different places

Hopefully there's a good and/or intriguing reason. Making ponies into alicorns is great, but reasons are important too.

Great beginning :pinkiehappy:.

I hope this story wouldn't descend into "alicorness=princesshood" сliché plot. While in Twilight's case it's pretty logical (she was practically raised by Celestia), Octavia don't have any reasons to "go with the flow".

I'm liking and following this, and you can't stop me!

One justification for the 'alicorn=princess' trope that I wish people would use sometimes, is that it would be an excellent way to keep an inexperienced baby god right where her elders could keep an eye on her and ensure both that she comes to no harm in mastering her new form, and that no-one takes advantage of her.

Now, that said, this is awesome. Feels a little like you're trying a smidge too hard in some of the non-dialogue segments, but whatever, Octavicorn rules. Or maybe Alitavia?

Oh, I've been looking forward to this.

This is the greatest username I've ever seen.

Also, the story is a goddamn masterpiece.

*sees this in feature box*
Tavi-corn? that's odd...
*reads descripion*
hmm... interesting. I wonder who wro-WIZARD?! Well, looks like I'm reading this.

Well, crapola. There goes my concept for Octavia. :ajbemused: Now I have to choose whether to read this and have my own plans potentially influenced or look the other way and hope mine maintains a sense of originality.

Bravo, sir. You beat me to the punch.

you have my curiosity, will see where this goes.

Have my eye on it, too where it goes. I'm very much interested in Alicorn Octavia.

Well, if you go by fannon, becoming an alicorn takes pushing your 'special talent' to the limit, while touching a powerful crystal. While I could see Octavia having on heck of a recital, it really makes me wonder what her tie is made of...:derpytongue2:

Like the story so far, can't wait to see where it goes.:pinkiehappy:

Besides, I think the alicorn = princess thing comes from Cadence. If you take the comics as valid, she became an alicorn, then got adopted & titled by Celestia. Not that the title means anything, considering she was pulling babysitting jobs when she was younger. Not to mention Blueblood...

This is the first time I have ever heard of Tavicorn, but what do I know, I am just some random guy who reads way too much fanfiction...


Yess.... I shall enjoy this story! :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh: i have just the gif for luna's brain!

Tut mir Leid, wenn ich etwas aufdringlich wirke, aber deine Geschichte ist eine der Besten, die ich seid langem lesen durfte. Ich suche immer wider nach außergewöhnlichen Ideen und das Octavia im Mittelpunkt steht ist ein großes Plus. Außerdem mag ich deine Erzählweise, ich konnte mit dem Lesen nicht aufhören. :ajsmug:
Mach weiter so, ich freue mich auf weiteren unterhaltsamen Lesestoff. :trixieshiftright:

4526013 4526216 4531460 4531103 4531454 4532522 4532237 4532857
Yes, this is the first Octavia/alicorn fic that I have seen. While it is not the reason that I wrote it, it did give me some room free of any pre-existing ideas. That is nice. However, I know have to deliver good ones. Here we go....
4526033 4526123 4526607 4527151 4530308 4531642
I will do all that I can to keep this engaging. I can't promise that it will be mysterious throughout, but I can say that it will be thoughtful with its meaning and subtle with its messages. In the end, however, I AM going to be asking the readers (you guys), on plot points.
Think chose your own adventure, but with no take-backs. No bad ends though.
Ich spreche nicht deutsch, aber ich will versuchen zu übersetzen mit meinem Buch. Bin ich froh, dass du gut gefallen die Geschichte so viel. Ich werde alles in meinen Kräften Stehende tun werde, um die Handlung ansprechend und interessant. Ich hoffe Octavia ist nach wie vor ein großes Plus.
Bitte genießen Sie was sonst noch kommen wird!

4533849 Kein Problem, du musst schon wirklich viel falsch machen, um mir den Spaß an deiner Geschichte zu verderben. Das du meine Sprache nicht so gut kannst ist nicht schlimm, ich kann ja auch Englisch nicht so gut sprechen oder schreiben:rainbowlaugh:
Danke das du auf meinen Kommentar geantwortet hast :pinkiehappy:

I'm just too lazy to always translate everything I say, sorry :rainbowkiss:

4530196 Ya you're right, sorry, I forgot that Shes The Man was the remake of Twelfth Night

Just think...
All that power, gotta control the whole orchestra or something!
Please tell me I'm not guessing the whole thing already!:raritydespair:
~Dash The Stampede

Going from up and coming classical musician to goddess in one night, no warning? This should be interesting.

Right. So, a better version of Mass Effect, then? With magic and alicorns.
And less alien butt.
Just ignore me.

And thus was termed the 'Octicorn'... and Spiderman crossovers soon followed.


4534109 No worries probably would've done the same thing

Isn't the whole point of a princess in Equestria to lead? You know, as in, not control?
No, no, that's good! Think Mass Effect, except no aliens, or guns, or violence, or sex, or humans, or space travel. Yeah, just like that.
Can I patent this?

That picture, she's looking at the words above her

4534580 Nope. Can't copyright it either, unfortunately.

Might be able to wiggle in a trademark, though.

Already waiting for next chapter... this has my attention.:twilightsmile:

4533849 Thoughtful is the most important thing. Thoughtful in its message, maybe some fluffy interpersonal affection for bonus points.

4533897 Tsk tsk. Man duzt keine Menschen die man nicht persönlich kennt. Das ist unhöflich! :derpytongue2:

I feel that there could be sidefics to this... I love this story so far! [:pinkiehappy:

4535068 Für Höflichkeiten sind Sie bei mir an der falschen Stelle euer hoch wohl Geboren. :rainbowlaugh:
Aber danke das Sie mich auf meinen Fehler hingewiesen haben, ich werde in Zukunft darauf achten, dass ich Leute, ihres Standes gemessen anspreche.:derpytongue2:
....pffff...muahahaha...bevor ich mit so was Anfange, muss die Hölle zufrieren oder Celestia persönlich vor mir erscheinen, aber danke für deinen Kommentar zu meinem Kommentar.:ajsmug:

It's always good to see new, interesting stories in the feature box. This story will be read very soon.

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