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The Guardian and Friends

Creator of stories, reviewer of shitty fanfics, and hangs out with a fictional lesbian couple. I also like sexy RPs.

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General Skullcoat
Spoiler Alert/Twilight Sparkle
Ron Jeremy Pony

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Proper Noun
Professor Plum
Proper Noun
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1. Favorite MLP Episode: Magic Duel
2. Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
3. Favorite Anti-Hero: Batman(?)
4. Favorite Villian: Saruman (Lord of the Rings)
5. Last book you read: How to Win Friends and Influence People
6. Favortite song at the moment: A Day in The Life
7. Favorite song you keep coming back to: No Exit
8. Dream pet: A flufflepuff!
9. Favorite pony:
Mane 6: Rarity.
Backround: Doctor Whooves
CMC: Babs Seed
Princess: Luna
10. Favorite FIM stories?: My Little Dashie, The Sidewalks of New Yoke
11. Favorite quote: '"At this very moment, Britannia burns." The Guardian - Ultima VIII: Pagan

Music Section
1. Music you hear: Everything except country. I hate Country
2. Favorite music genre: Hip Hop and Classic Rock
3. Favorite band/artist: The Beatles and Eminem
4. Other artists I like:
- Childish Gambino
- Avenged Sevenfold,
- Dr. Dre
- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
- Breaking Benjamin
- General Mumble
- Drake
- Hopsin
- Ghostface Killah
- Guns N' Roses
- Journey
- Jay Z
- Ed Sheeran
- Kendrick Lamar
5. Favorite Guitarist: Paul McCartney. (Beatles)
6. Favorite Drummer: Ringo Starr. (Again, Beatles)
7. Least favorite music genre: Country. I hate country
8. Favorite Song: Kill You
9. Favorite Beatles song: Strawberry Fields and Come Together

Videogames Section
1. Favorite game genre: RPG
2. Game genres I prefer: FPS, Sandbox, Fighting
3. Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts
4. Favorite Hack & Slash: Bayonetta. (The ONLY one I've played)
5. Favorite Third Person Shooter: (Haven't played any.)
6. Favorite Sandbox: Saints Row
7. Favorite RPG: Kingdom Hearts and the Scott Pilgrim game.
8. Favorite Fighting Game: Mortal Kombat and AGAIN the Scott Pilgrim game
9. Favorite Video Game Developer: Valve
10. Favorite Video Game Composers: Wat?
11. Favorite Game Character: GLaDOS (Portal 1 & 2)
12. Xbox Live GT: GLaDOSMaster

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A brief intro about us

Hello everypony! You probably came here to figure out who I am, or you're just going to post a really nasty comment because I trashed your story.

For the comment guys, GET OUT! But for the rest of you, here is a short introduction! :

Who are we?

I have a real name, but you can just call me The Guardian or something like that. I am a brony (DUH!) who enjoys really good fimfiction stories and the really AWFUL stories.

I'm Babs, The Guardians, uh, friend/acquaintance. I join him for posting comments on other stories.

How are we?

Most of the time, I am pretty laid back and cool. I usually post informative reviews on good or bad stories on here, while cracking a joke or two.


Calm down Babs.


Things we like:

Vidya (video) games
Music (Especially on vinyl.)
Really good movies
And food. Lots of food.

Things we don't like:

ALICORN OCS! :flutterrage:
Felixdawn/Theater Critic-type authors. (People who delete comments and show no remorse to their mistakes.)
Egotistical people who think they are the best authors in the world.
AND shitty movies.

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Possibly the worst day Ive had in a while · 5:32pm Feb 25th, 2015

First, during chapel, I had to listen to probably the most homophobic "sermon" rant I've ever heard. Being a bisexual (In public, I say I'm a Pro-LGBT heterosexual.), I was severely offended. I actually considered being an Athiest for a bit, but I couldn't.

Then, just 5 minutes ago, I had an outburst at lunch because my brothers friends pointed at me when my brother said, "point to the asshole."

I'm really depressed now.

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dont like him

What did they even do to originally draw the ire of the mods anyway, was it just death threats? I'm surprised I never actually knew for sure

I'm straight up jealous. I talked to him extensively and knew his secret before he got banned, and he never gave me the courtesy.

Every so often, I end up stumbling back here.

Never intentional, save now I guess, it just happens.

Thought having his follow (still) was a blight... But now? I consider it a badge of honor.

Cause as much as a joke he was, he did make it a little bit amusing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Can't believe this little slice of FiMFic drama happened nearly seven years ago...

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