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I may be a kid at heart, but I enjoy every minute of it. And since you're here, I imagine you do too.

About Me

I'm an adult male in the western United States who is still a kid at heart--as evidenced by my love of pastel colored ponies and tiny plastic bricks. I enjoy writing, and finding this site has helped me actually expand on that hobby.

My favorite ponies are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Fluttershy, Derpy and Spitfire.

My favorite Lego lines are as follows (in no particular order):
-Bionicle (Old and New)
-The Lego Movie
-Marvel Superheroes
-DC Superheroes
-Star Wars
-Lord of the Rings
-Harry Potter, Alpha Team, Indiana
Jones, Rock Raiders, Adventures (all

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So.........That Happened · 5:02pm Oct 10th, 2015

Season 5, Episode18 Spoilers

So this week's episode was definitely a very surprising episode this week, and it dropped a couple of major bombshells.

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Thanks for adding A Dinky Little Problem to your library! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you're enjoying my story The Do Dilemma. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the adds on Aces High :D

Thanks for the fav on The Old Gray Mare! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on Winter Evening!

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