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After some long and hard years of constant struggle, Scootaloo has finally developed the ability to fly. Now her life's ambition to follow in her idol's hoofsteps is becoming a reality as she has been accepted into the Wonderbolt Academy. Flight school was hard enough, so this definitely won't be a breeze. But that won't stop Scootaloo from doing her best to impress her foalhood hero.

Author's Note: For continuity purposes, this story takes place after The Apple Blooms and before Love is is Bloom, but is otherwise completely stand-alone.

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This is great. I hope for more soon

Hrmm....the plot thickens...

4715587 Now, continue stirring over an open flame until you've reach the desired consistency and...wait...I'm not cooking oatmeal. :derpytongue2:

Not yet! Unless you are. Either way, great chapter

Scootaloo is diabolical... not evil...there's a slight difference

4751219 I know, it was just a tease and a callback to an earlier chapter.

Interesting. I want more
Actually I need more but no hurry ill wait
(This all really just a longer way of saying I LOVE IT)

Ooh I need to know what the big
thingy-Ma-whatsit is

Yaaaaaaay! I hope Scootaloo can do it :rainbowdetermined2:

Fun fact: while I was writing this chapter, I listened to the Top Gun soundtrack, particularly the "Top Gun Anthem" which I think fit really well to the beginning of this chapter (It also helped that I had that song on repeat while writing it too).

You can add the "Tragedy" tag now. Poor Scoots.

4866657 Thank Celestia. (I know, and can't wait for next chapter :pinkiesmile:)

Yay for a Scootaloo staying :D

First, and OH gosh!!!!!

4903523 Good one. Well, I better :rainbowdetermined2:, I mean dash!

4930178 :eeyup: Eeyup.

Just a little bit though. :applecry:

Film Reel even told me of an internship position in their photography department, so I’ll shoot for that.

Ba dum Tish

Brilliant. This whole story has been absolutely wonderful. Save for very few grammar mistakes (but we all have those) I found everything amazing! :raritywink:

4949693 Well thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :twilightsmile:

4952123 I hope you make a second story! :twilightsmile:

4955491 I do have some sequels planned, but with work and school back into full swing, it might take a while. Anything that I haven't written already, or isn't too difficult to write, will most likely be delayed a bit. But I am developing them.

Loved this story! I really hope to see more interaction between Rainbow and Scootaloo in the show some day too.

We managed to smuggle in a container of clear nail polish and fill in the seam in the bottom of the waste can. That solved the problem of the D---m boatswains mate hitting the side of the can and docking the barracks for a dirty waste can. U.S.C.G

Now, as dumb as that outburst was, it was entirely understandable. Lavender's prissy disposition and overpowering fragrance can pose an extreme distraction to other cadets. Even the superiors were having problems dealing with her perfume. It's just so sad that it took Scootaloo to bring the matter out into the open.

Never change, Scoot.

“Maybe we could set it on fire,” Scootaloo suggested offhoof. “That’ll teach him to not touch them anymore.”

If she ever has kids, I'd feel sorry for them.

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