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I enjoy reading and writing cute ponies. If my works brighten up your day, even better.


What do you do when a mistake could cost you the chance of pursuing your dream?
What happens when that mistake leads to a new life entering this world?
Two families share that one unexpected bundle of joy. As celebrities secrets are uncovered and relationships tested, none of the Wonderbolts or the mane six will ever be quite the same.

Thanks to super3rainbow1 for proofreading and helping me brainstorm.

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Hmm... I wonder who the foal could possibly be, I can't possibly imagine who it is... *rubs my chin thoughtfully*

Yeah, I've totally figured it out, I just wanted to be silly.

Lol. Yea, it's not designed to be a mystery. At least, not that piece of information :pinkiehappy:
Thank you for being the first to fave my story. After enjoying your story Unexpected, I just had to publish the start of this too.

Oh, I think I know where this is going. It's definitely going to be interesting when this comes out in the open.

Btw, there is going to be FlutterDash in this, right?

Guess who Soarin and Spitfire's foal later gets fostered by? :pinkiehappy:
I got all the good ships in here, even if they play a more minor part, but the 5 ponies listed on the top are our main 5.

:facehoof:I goofed a little. I thought that the foal was someone else entirely. Namely a certain rainbow speedster.:twilightsheepish:

LOL. I dont think RD is quite that old..
Funny thought though...

Nice to see Soarinfire from you! :twilightsmile: It's too bad for their kid tho cause whoever that turns to be, he or she is going to find out a very unpleasant secret.
Who is this foal and who will adopt said foal...? Quite a mystery... think we're gonna have to call in the hardy boys on this one...

Erm, did you plan on continuing on this, cause I'm really curious to see more. Actually I was wondering, is most of this story taking place in the past or is this just a glimpse back how it all started?

Nice to see you commenting here :pinkiehappy:
Oh, this is just the very start, just the hook to hopefully get folks interested in reading more. Also, small chapters because I seem to spend a looooong time on longer ones and stop and start all the time, plus I want to aim for a weekly turn around here. I currently am looking to have about 4-7 chapters in the past then we step forward into present time and onwards into the future
I have bits and pieces of some much later chapters done where Spitfire and Soarin's foal is adopted by RD and Fluttershy and even a bit of the end when the family and public issues have been resolved.

Reeeee, it's been posted! I'm so late to seeing this, lmao, I'm sorry. If you'd still like me to help you with the further chapters you can totally hit me up, lol. I really like it.

okay now time to meet scootaloo

Welp, that's one way to spill the beans but hey what a friend to offer to cover their backs! Poor Soarin though lol. I've been there before except it wasn't that uncomfortable.

It's a little odd that they want to go through the trouble to have an official yet behind the scenes wedding.

Not feeling realistic?
It's going to only be a really small quiet wedding to help cover their backs from (mostly) Spitfire's parents.

Next chapter is delayed a bit because of such a quiet reception to this story thus far and me having a few other fan fiction writing projects + work.

it's not that it isn't realistic but this part of the plot that doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I don't understand why she really wants this wedding but having an official wedding? I mean wouldn't the Wonderbolts be able to find this out through checking their records? Her father already made it clear enough that he won't let anything get in the way of her future. Like if he can cover their trail, then I can see how this would make sense. My problem is this is a huge risk she's taking, why not unofficial if she really wants to get married.

Does it kinda make sense why I point this out?

and with that the story is on hold. You make a good point my friend.

Omg I'm in love with this please continue:pinkiesmile:

thanks for your comments, I should be able to post chapter 4 soon :pinkiehappy:

Omg finally a new chapter:pinkiegasp:

I loved it! :rainbowwild:
I thought Tempest Wind find out that his daughter was preg tho, glad Soarin is still alive

& unless I've made a big mistake, no he doesn't know about his daughter being pregnant.

if soarin wasnt drunk he might of had another pie waiting for him

Yush new chapter! :rainbowwild:
They’re so cute like always:3

oh my gosh-

they're busted!

glad to see another amazing chapter also!:rainbowkiss:

Her father would defiantly murder Soarin.

I think you mean definitely not 'defiantly'

“Besides, your Spitfire. You're like, the greatest. Whenever you put your mind to anything, you nail it.”
“Hey, your not all that bad yourself.”

you need to get 'you're' right here. you got it right here, but these two other 'your's should be 'you're', as in 'you are'

Thanks for taking the time to point those out.

Nice! Plenty of cuteness and funnies in this chapter. :derpytongue2:

The proposal scene was really amusing. I love how you show their dynamic as a couple with Soarin being a goofball and Spitfire being bossy lol.
Also, that must have been quite a hard cider, though I take it that Earth ponies can handle their liquor better than Pegasi.

Why thank you. I will.
Side, note. Cool avatar, made me laugh :pinkiehappy:

oh wow that sounds very very painful

Well, I hope Rainbow Dash bucks Tempest right in the snoot when she someday learns he's the reason Scoot's got so much trouble with flying. :twilightangry2:

Yep. Combine the "Apple family special" with a sonic rainboom, and focus it right on the scrunchy-mug.

Kind sir, you made me laugh.
And you give me ideas I'm not sure I should put in the story or not.

Oh yes. It sure is.
Thank you for your continued support.

Yeah went looking for pony avatar about brownies and she popped up.


The best part is, if he complains, his wife will bap him upside the head with a wing and tell him, "Shoosh, you. You've had it coming. You hit our pregnant daughter!"

"But Stooooorrrmmyy!!"


LOL "But Stooooorrrmmyy!!"
...yea, your tempting me...
He did hit her yes, several times...

God, Tempest is really pissed, even tho I think he throwing her out of the house was a bit too much. Still loved it like always!

Keep it up!:scootangel:

Yep, he overreacted. That's the point though. And something that may come back to bite him later...

Well spits dad is a lot nicer then my mom she kicked out my older siblings for less

It'd take some kind of idiot pony to disagree with that. Even if there are two of them out there, somewhere. :pinkiehappy:

I finally caught up on this story and this is pretty great. Had a smile on my face the whole time- besides the fight scene, that was suspenseful- and while it took me a little bit to get used to the switch from past to present timeline, it works. Though now I really wonder how Scootaloo can't fly. Guessing that punch to the side is most likely the culprit, but we have 3/4 of the pregnancy left so that could be a red herring.

Also I did get a little bit of a laugh out of this chapter in between the cuteness and feels.

“Parenting?” Luna realised that she had an audience and promptly broke off her hold on the smaller alicorn. “Did you test out that spell on them?”

Well that sounds like something Twilight would do. Making weird spells and testing it out on her friends. :twilightsmile:

Comments like this brighten my day and remind me of why I like to post my stories. Thank you.

We know what Twilight is like. She won't go as crazy with her test as in your story, but that spell is setting up for later.

Well worth the wait. Cause of course the wedding wouldn't go perfectly. Spitfire's dad has some kind of issue- maybe its just that he doesn't like that his daughter is pregnant so soon but I feel that maybe he has another issue, but that's just me. Also I did like how cute the wedding was when it actually got started, the vows were funny when they had to be and the outing of the pregnancy to the entire wedding party didn't cause as much commotion as I feared. I wonder what will happen in between weeks 11 to 40 (if we get that far due to the chance of prematurity with that fight between the parents and the new couple a while back.) Also with how the present is in the story, that raises the question of if they are able to raise the kid or not- guessing not. Though then why. And the Ponyville afterparty is a nice touch cause they need to enjoy their first day of marriage.

This continues to be both funnier and more touching at the emotional bits than I first had expected it to be. Take your time with the next one, cause this was good stuff.

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