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There are some things that one cannot do to another without at least becoming friends with them, and that includes saving their lives. Back when Rainbow Dash did so for the Wonderbolts at the Best Young Flyers' Competition, even she had no idea that it would be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Four years on, and the Element of Loyalty herself is to be married. As she and her family prepare for the wedding, she recalls how it all began, and how much her relationship with Soarin has developed since that eventful Best Young Flyers' Competition.

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Hey, I saw that fic on deviant art!! It's really good.:pinkiecrazy:

Not bad, not bad at all.

I'm not sure I'd recommend posting the entirety of a multi-chapter fic all at once, however. Lots of people are going to look at the size and word count and just move right on to something else. If you post one or two chapters at a time over the course of a few days the story will spend more time on the front page and will probably pick up a few more readers.

omg that was so sweet and amazing and romantic!!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This story is awesome! I reallly liked it! Could you make more stories like this?

3728169 Well, there's certainly going to be plenty of love stories coming from me if that's what you're after. If you mean more stories devoted mainly to the SoarinDash pairing, that remains to be seen; but I'm the sort of person who pretty much strives to find what pairings I like best for certain characters and stick to them, so said pairing will still be a feature of my headcanon, even if in the background.

:rainbowkiss: This is just so cute! *faved*

Holy crap reading this I friggin SQUEED!!! This would go really well with sky dance :D
You are certainly a new favorite author!!! Followed a thousand times over, and btw, please stick with straight pairings, its great to read and something most authors dont do on these fanfics, even when filtering for rd, soarin, and romance :P


:rainbowkiss: Epic just Epic

D'aaawwwww rainbow worries about soarin............... she's going soft :pinkiegasp:

4609245 :twilightsheepish: Yeah, well, in fairness, you can't expect everypony to keep up the tough-mare act all the time - not even Rainbow Dash.

One of the better sorindash fics I've come across
And I have read a lot of them

I suggest submitting this to The Sorindash Library if you haven't already

I wonder if they installed barbed wire and a motion sensors considered what happened to the last one.
Other people complain about Mare Do Well, I complain about this wrong not do just to Pinkie Pie (proving to the Cakes she COULDN'T be trusted to guard it) and to the Cakes themselves.

It's just so sweet and I'm just 12!

This is my favorite Soarin Dash fanfic. I actually cried reading this. It was also so damn cute!

he was deep in thought as they sat side by side, gazing up at the night sky and generally enjoying each other's company.
“Um...Dash,” he ventured at last, “I've been thinking – do you wanna go somewhere different some time? Just for a change of scenery?”
Rainbow Dash directed a puzzled look at her coltfriend. “How come?” she quizzed. “You're not getting bored with this place, are you?”
“Well...not exactly,” answered Soarin sheepishly. “I just wondered if maybe you were.”
“Hmm...” Rainbow Dash gazed up at the few clouds that were hovering among the stars, raising a hoof to her chin in contemplation. “Well, it's been a while since I was in Cloudsdale last. I kinda miss that place,” she admitted wistfully.
“Cloudsdale, huh?” This gave Soarin an idea. “Well, in that case, how would you like it if I took you for dinner there? I know a really nice Chineighse restaurant to the north of the city centre that you might like.”
“That'd be great, Soarin,” agreed Rainbow Dash, smiling broadly. “Yeah, let's go for it.”
“Okay then, Dashie. How does 7:30 on Friday evening sound? It should give us enough time to prepare after training.”
“Yeah, that sounds fine,” conceded Rainbow Dash.

Plot- butt-- PLOT Covinience! :pinkiecrazy:



By the power vested in me by my former mentor, Princess Celestia,

Bruh :rainbowlaugh:

So cute! I LOVED AND LOVE this story!

Still, maybe the next part of her routine would be enough to save her bacon

:rainbowderp:hmmm Never heard that term before, What does it exactly mean though?:rainbowhuh:

quietly squealing with excitement...

That was an adorable sence:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

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4609245 That may be but she is still tide you Pinkie for best pony. Who is you best pony? if you don't mind me asking.:twilightsheepish:

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