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I enjoy reading and writing cute ponies. If my works brighten up your day, even better.


Hearts and Hooves day. A day of romance ...and rain?

Despite the weather, A young Shining Armour does his best to take Cadance out on their first date together.

Filled with much fluff and cuteness between our magical couple.

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Cute story. Definitely nice to see a teen version of these two been a while since I saw a story focus on that part of their relationship. Definitely had some nice awkward moments, just enough to be awkward without overdoing that. And nice tying it to canon where possible- Shining asking her to be Twilight's babysitter just so they could be closer was a nice touch. Wasn't expecting them to roll around in the muddy river but that was a cute ending. Definitely felt like it was short and to the point without losing the purpose for the story.

But you writing this pair definitely is always fun.

Thanks for the comment.

And yeah, the first time alone together as more than just friends, I didn't go too crazy because I figure they are already friends.

Thanks to the comment on him asking to be Twilight's foalsitter...
“Long as to foal sit Twily, I’m sure we can see each other somehow.” has now been changed to “Long as you continue to foal sit Twily, I’m sure we can see each other somehow.” because I had gone in with the assumption they had me because Cadance was foal sitting for Twilight for all those years and it's taken till now for him to ask her out. Now it reads as it should (I hope), that foalsitting Twi is a good way for them to keep in contact.

“Maybe I should just go back inside…” The young stallion turned, strode up to the front door then paused. Actually, if his parents had been that keen to be left alone, maybe inside might not be a great idea either.


The story's nice and wholesome, and I like it for that.
However those LSEP symbols keep distracting me (I'm way too good at looking at details sometimes). Is it something out of your control? Or is it a problem only I'm having?

 <- This is the symbol I speak of

Now... I don’t see those symbols on my Mac or iPad in Firefox (where I pasted and edited the story onto the site). I have had a comment on another story that there were some of those symbols but it seems most people (and posts by me) are unaffected.
I can try a different system/browser and see if I can fix or at least see this problem.. otherwise it will be out of my control...

Cadance felt her senses tingle. “She has a lot of love for that statue…”


Always nice to see another one shot from you. Cute, funny, and an enjoyable read.

So sweet! And while I'm a devout Fluttercord shipper, Dislestia doesn't bother me and I find the idea that Discord and Celestia were once close to be cute, warm, and fuzzy.

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