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This story is a sequel to No Longer Displaced

Sass, science, and surviving shipping! Postage paid! The gruff captain put a certain pegasus professor to the test and learned that she just couldn’t quit. Now come the hard parts: an actual relationship and maybe a villain or two.

There’s also still a lot to prove. A crafty princess may have guided Tail and Magic Barrier together for basic training, but the stallion has more lessons in mind for the inquisitive academic. Meanwhile, other currents hold sway over the tides. Old friends will play new parts, and new characters are set to step onto the stage. The chess pieces are settling into place, and the queen has her eyes on one state secret. 

Perhaps when they find resolve in the shadows, the physicist thriving in the world of guard service and the captain rediscovering happiness in the modern age will see that they’re no longer alone.

Folks, I know this has been a long time coming. Some of you have been poking me for almost four years, wondering when Sober and I (Wing) would get around to writing NLD’s sequel. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. 

Cover art by the amazing dream--chan, and special thanks to some old friends and a new editor who joined the fray. Max Redbridge, welcome to the circle of crazy! Neon/Fate, thank you for your squees, deaths, and fuck yeahs! And Amby!!! Alticron, for giving us Bonecrusher. Tea, you can't have Trigger without you! Thanks to Danger Noodle for the adorable Moon Glow. Word Worthy is sneaking around in the doc, too. We also got some Latin help from everyone's favorite Brasta, and what is an NL story without floof from Dr. Batsy?

Wing’s magical comments about the continuities and timelines can still be found here. The gist remains that NLD and NLA remain in a separate continuity from APD & Co. If you find any typos, please PM them to Wing. It keeps the comment section cleaner. Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe lol. And finally, reading No Longer Displaced is strongly recommended if you want to have any idea what the hell is actually happening.

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God this is so good ^-^. I'm so happy that the day is here! Wing, you've done an amazing job with this and I can't wait to see where it goes!

<3 May there be many squees, deaths, and FFYs.

Glad to see this finally being released, Wing.

:P I hope so. There's a long road ahead.


This literally could not have come at a better time! I just finished reading No Longer Displaced a week ago!

This comment made me chuckle. :P Is it perfectly in time with a weekly update schedule? Because that would be kind of cracked.

Just About. Thursday is the day with second least story updates for me! If it had landed on Tuesday it would be actually cracked.

Ahh, I see. We just decided to keep up the Thursday posting tradition in NL land. Seemed fitting.

I was damn wondering if a sequel for No Longer Displaced was going to come... I am happy and await for future updates.

:3c Weekly updates coming until the end of October 2021.

Well goddamn, hard to believe it's been four years. Looking forward to it!

It has indeed been a hot minute. :P

You... can not FATHOM how long I have waited... Unfortunately I am backed up with so many things, And NOW I have to add re-reading No Longer Displaced to the list since its been so long so that I'll understand things so THANKS Wing and Sober!! At least 2020 wont end sucking.

Welp, that's NLD reread and this one started. Onwards to new adventures and fluff!

Next Thursday.


Why are you banging your head? There are enough chapters to last until the end of October 2021. And.. just like with NLD. I finished it upfront. ;)

Alright, Tail is back in the saddle again (yeah I said it!).

I had to go back to re-read NLD but that was a treat in of itself. I looking forward to the weekly updates too.

I appreciate the effort Wing, that you and Sober have put in and I look forward to reading it!

:3 welcome back... It has only.. just begun.
1 chapter down.
46 to go.

I'm looking forward to reading more. And as soon as I finish reading the two(?) stories that proceeded this one, I'll know what's going on.

Oh, is A Pony Displaced not part of the series?

Nope, different continuity entirely. ~Wing

Awesome, then I'll read the NLD and have a much better idea with what's going on.

:trollestia: but Luna.

Seriously we need Luna emotes.

Wait, there aren't Luna emotes? That's ... kinda nuts. lol Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed!

Been enjoying so far. Now to wait seven days for the next one.

Still here. Still happily reading!!

I don't trust Proud. He's up to something.

Clearly, I'm not very awake, as it took me nearly 30 seconds to realize you were not talking about the I3c bus. I mean, I guess Proud's sensors aren't working correctly, and his empathy chip should probably be using a parallel bus, not a serial.

Okay, that one made me laugh. :3
But yes, Proud is a dick.

Ah tech jargon I kinda understand, the best kinda jargon.

“Equestria is not a dictatorship.

Well, maybe it should be lmao. I mean, what is wrong with a Dictatorship run by two counter-balancing immortal benevolent alicorns. It would definitely be better than any other pony getting in charge.

With Christmas distracting me I completely missed the release of chapter 2 and 3. That is something I'll have to correct immediately!

That said, Barrier just found the equivalent to a girlfriend walking in wearing nothing but his shirt that's a couple sizes too big for her xD

Oh Ams, never change. That breakfast scene ending had me grinning.

One of my favorite things about NL, in general, has been the revitalization of Amora. She is actually my oldest "surviving" girl OC. Not as ancient as Trigger is, for sure, but Ams has been around for a couple decades now. She kind of fell to the wayside in other stories, but pairing her with Tail brought out so much.

She definitely brings a lot of character to the story. Everyone needs a nosy medic :pinkiehappy:

Perfect timing! I couldn't do that intentionally if I tried xD

I know that feeling well Barrier. Hang in there pal.

Little sisters are the worst about snooping in personal/romantic lives.

...Besides mothers.

Lolz, and princesses... apparently. :P

Mmm, yes. Feed me more words Wing.

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