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The life of a mother is challenging, but the life of an expectant one is excruciating. Maybe one day, Princess Cadance can reach the challenging part. For now, all she faces is the cold bathroom floor and a solid bout of nausea, and she is losing miserably.

Can she survive this morning?

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Nice, quick story about love when it matters most - through the hard times. :3

i want a squel of where the baby come and how they deal with it

mabye you aleady have

o is this incomplerte

I'm not planning a direct sequel to this at the moment, but I still love these characters and hope to use them in future stories. So, maybe keep an eye out.


That was so cute! And it's a great start for a first fic, too.

Love is patient, love is kind, love is vomit proof.... :rainbowlaugh: Never thought of that though, I suppose that is why parents love their kids so much.

Informing the Royal Sisters of their new foal didn’t go as smoothly as telling Twilight did, but that was another story.

Y'know, I hope that actually will be another story, because this one was really sweet. I'm a huge fan of Cadance and Shining Armor, and you really exalted the beauty of their relationship here. And aside from a few slip-ups with verb tense here and there, it was very well-written technically too. All in all, well done! Got my eye on you. :twilightsmile:

Congrats on taking the plunge! This probably holds the distinction of being the sweetest story about barf I can remember reading. Thanks for sharing!

Holy moly, Poptard writes?!

Edit: Ah, almost forgot to actually read it, what? Not your normal love story, and all the more real for it. Well done, mate. I'd love to see a sequel or even another story completely.

Have the dreaded follow.

Holy crap, that was cute. We need more Shining Cadence stories, thank you for filling the void. This was great for a first story!

Very cute, and very very married, if that makes sense.

I did spot a typo or two, mind, but of course nobody ever spots absolutely all of them in time.

Absolutely adorable, friend. Great job. :ajsmug:

Very nice story, though I did find some minor things you may want to edit.

“Your body just thinks something you ate is going to bad for our baby, and its getting it out. Not having any vomiting or anything probably means something’s wrong with your system.”

Firstly, I think the word, "be" should be in between "to" and "bad". Second, that should be "it's".

FInally at ease, Princess Cadance snuggled closer to her husband and fell asleep once more.

And the "I" shouldn't be capitalized. I really liked this story, and would love to read about Cadance and Shining Armor telling Celestia and Luna, it sounds like to would be a riot. :rainbowlaugh:

I've been reading a lot of pregnant Cadence stories. I have a feeling that it's going to be canon soon.

Wow, I'm amazed at the reception and all the praise! 55 upvotes, 32 favorites, and without a downvote so far, all about a story about puking. Maybe writing stories isn't so bad at all. Don't worry, I won't let it get to my head. Well, I'll let it a little, but not a lot.

Thank you.


Princess Cadance is now required to carry a bucket on her person at all times if she is within twenty meters of Princess Luna for the next six months.

Crap I didn't pre-read hard enough!

This is cute, keep writing!

Excellent work here, welcome to writing.

4524772 Totally Agree. Everything you Wanted to Know About Foaling (But Were Too Afraid to Ask) seems like a good premise.

4524792 As will I keep an eye on you. :pinkiehappy:

A wonderful story about marriage and pregnancy, especially considering it's your first story. Well done sir or madam.

I am a sucker for a good slice of life fics. And this is a good one.

Nice work. You actually managed to get me to stop writing long enough to read something. A rare feat. :derpytongue2:

So much feels man. :fluttercry:
I love it! :yay:

Such a wonderful story. Shining Armor is truly the best husband anyone could ask for. :rainbowkiss:

4526037 It better be! I'm kinda surprised they haven't done it yet. I mean, come on, let's make another pretty pink pony princess to promote the shit out of while giving the Royal Couple some love!

4526321 Well, I dunno if they're ready to show pregnant mares in the show, but I can say that the fics with the Cake twins birth and their debut episode seems to lean toward that way. However, if it's going to be canon, they should at the very least feature one more episode in the Crystal Empire. At this point in time, Spike is essentially Twilight's fax machine butler/son.

Which means, that he is Shining and Cadence's nephew... sorta. I think I've had enough of pink ponies. *coughCadenceandPinkiecough* Maybe Cadence can have twin foals like the Cakes... or she can have one foal at a time. I don't think it's possible to have male alicorns in canon, and with the convulted concept that is pony genetics, the law of probability is in effect. An example of this would be Rarity's family. While her mother is a bonafide unicorn, we can't tell what species her father is, because of that straw hat. In addition, mares outnumber stallions 3 to 1, so increasing the probability of a filly.

Therefore, we can apply that logic to Cadence and her future foal(s). But then again... the gender inequality ratio would be reversed in R63 Equestria.

I'm surprised we haven't seen a royal baby yet, considering Cadance and Shining Armor were originally conceived to capitalize on the then-recent British Royal Wedding. We have a real-world baby, now where's the Equestrian baby?

There's a lot of headcanon in there. I don't mind at all though. In my own mind, I was thinking it's going to be Princess Skyla, but that's flexible, really. Just seems that we have a baby alicorn princess with a whole lot of pink, and we have a Royal couple with a pink alicorn princess mare, so... that's what I figured. In the end, I tried to keep my own story's fanon open, only using what we know in the show and what might logically happen, hopefully so this can please anyone with whatever theories about the royal babies they have (72 upvotes and no downvotes says it might have worked).

Also, we do know what species Magnum, Rarity's dad, belongs to. Unicorn. The skewed gender ratio seems to gone down over the courses of the season, as the animation quality rose as well, so I believe it was just a lot of duplicate female BGP to save production costs earlier on. And what makes you think that only females can be alicorns? That seems like a "white swan" fallacy.

How'd I get pulled into this?

4526712 Dunno, but you got my upvote for expanding on such a beautiful moment. Unfortunately, I won't get married or be in a relationship whatsoever, but this is as close as can be for me.

I don't think Cadance would consider this experience "beautiful", but thank you for your compliment. As someone who was crossing his fingers that his story wouldn't be summarily ignored, having someone read my story and feel a positive emotional reaction is one of the best achievements I could hope for.

4526735 Have I mentioned how I'm a sucker for non-pornographic food fics or food-themed authors? :ajsmug:

Well, look no further, for you have found the tastiest one. Ever. :pinkiehappy:

Beautifully, wonderfully, appropriately done.

As someone who has wanted kids all their life and is just starting to realize it's not going to happen, this story hit pretty hard - but that's not a bad thing. While I did wish it was me laying on the floor puking (how often will you hear that? :pinkiegasp: ) the whole scene was so lovely that I didn't mind crying so much.

Thanks for taking a chance and putting this out there. You deserve all the kudos you are receiving.

Light and laughter,

Quick thing: Thoughts are usually italicized. I noticed at least one paragraph were you surfaced Cadance's surface thoughts. Wouldn't be bad idea to go through and get some formatting up in that.

Other than that, this was very sweet and well written. I enjoyed it. I can't wait to see more writing from you. :twilightsmile:

Always enjoy a bit of Shiny and Cadence fluff.
A common convention of writing, but not totally necessary. In most of the story, the thoughts are halfway-narrator, halfway-Cadence, and it would be a bit odd to italicize for emphasis as well as for the thoughts directly from Cadence.

A short but sweet story. Though ' but that was another story' feels like a cop-out.


In most of the story, the thoughts are halfway-narrator, halfway-Cadence,

Not quite. This is actually written in what's called 3rd-person omniscient, where the narrator knows what's going on inside every character's head and has complete knowledge of what's going on. However, even in 3rd-person omni, anything which is a direct quote of a character's thoughts -- an inner line of unspoken dialogue -- must still be italicized.

please more? add on to this story or a sequel!!

This was such a sweet story, I liked it, good job.:twilightsmile:


Wow, I... wow. I had no idea what people would think of what I wrote once I published it, and seeing it out here, and inspiring emotions like a real writer, if only for a moment... I don't think you know how happy it makes me to hear your praise. I wish you luck and happiness in your life, my friend. Thank you so much.

The writing style I used is specifically Third Person Subjective, as in third-person narration detailing events as Character X experiences them. It's more of an over-the-shoulder style; the narration follows either Cadance's thoughts or gives flowery descriptions to what she sees. However, you're right, I'm supposed to italicize her actual thoughts, and I was just confused because I thought it bad form to also italicize for emphasis. Luckily, my Narrative Storytelling professor isn't here, or else I'd be in for an earful. It's not like he reads fanfics about childrens' show's magical ponies puking into toilets for fun.

By the way there's over 101 upvotes with no downvotes, in addition to several more upvotes and favorites coming up as I'm typing this comment, I'm guessing my little experiment was a success. I would be pretty dumb not to follow this up with something, although I'm not sure what or how. Nothing too obvious, though.


However, you're right, I'm supposed to italicize her actual thoughts, and I was just confused because I thought it bad form to also italicize for emphasis.

As far as I know, there's no rule that says you can't use italics for both purposes whenever called for -- I've seen it done in professionally-published novels by fairly big-name authors; if it's good enough for Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Joseph Delaney, it's good enough for us. :twilightsmile:

Maybe I was just raised on older books and stories, where the thoughts were usually separated by nothing other than commas and a "[character] thought" at one end or the other. I still never really got confused at any point between whether the narration or Cadence was 'thinking'

I do know the names of some writing perspectives, I just tend to speak in terms of how something feels.


It might depend on where the novel was published, too -- I've noticed that novels originally published in the UK, for example, frequently use single quotes ' ' to set off spoken dialogue, while the convention in the USA is double quotes " ", so maybe the use of italicized-thoughts varies similarly by country?

This is absolutely fantastic and puts the vast majority of fanfiction on this site, including my own, to shame.

That's a solid freshman effort that puts a lot of regular submissions to FiM to shame. Easily faved, even if it's about :heart: and :pinkiesick: (even if not :piesick: )

4524792 This is an AWESOME, INCREDIBLE and TOUCHING story. I had no problem understanding any of it. Thumbs up. Makes up for the whole thing about falling under the Changeling Queen's spell, IMHO. I love Twilight's eagerness and unbridled joy about Cadance's and her big brother's first foal. I just don't get the comment about Luna not caring. Why is that?
Perhaps it's personal choice, but I have certain characters speaking certain ways to help identify who they are without having to say.
"Fer example, ah like ta use BOLD text when Big Macintosh speaks an all," he said.:eeyup:
"The Princesses Celestia and Luna speak in ITALICS because they tend to speak in a different style. We also prefer to use the Royal Voice and the Royal We whenever we can," said Luna.:trollestia: <--- Wah! There's no LUNA emoticons! What's up with THAT?!
"While most ponies like Princess Twilight and Princess Cadance speak more normally," observed Cadance. *HURK* "Oh, not again! Come to me oh crystalline throne!" *DASH*
'We also think in single quotes and ITALICS,' thought Twilight thoughtfully. Ah, the joys of redundant redundancy.:twilightblush:
Perhaps those tips might help and maybe not.


As for the Luna thing:

Informing the Royal Sisters of their new foal didn’t go as smoothly as telling Twilight did.

"True love is letting somepony vomit all over you and not minding at all."

“So,” she whispered, “I guess that means Luna doesn’t truly love me?”

Get it now?
Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Nice suggestion, but I tend to use my italics and boldings sparingly. I just like how it brings more emphasis to the parts that are special, and I feel like using them in that fashion might dilute it, although I am going to use italics for thoughts from now on.

Sequel please? With a rating of 133 upvotes and 0 downvotes (as of my vote), I think a continuation will be well received.

D'aww... Such a sweet story.

I love slice of life stories and this one was very good. I loved the simple concept and how you managed to fill such a short story with all that love, a bit of humour and things at least some of us can relate to.

As for being your first fic, you did really well and I will be looking forward to see what you might come up with in the future. Keep it up. :heart::raritywink:

Did like, want moar.

That was amazing! I would love to read more! This was cute and funny at the same time. Have a fave and a like!

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