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After months of pleasant dating, it's time for the inevitable meeting of the family. For Sugar Belle, it should be easy as cake. She's already met three of the Apple Family members, after all. She only has one more to win over.

It's more complicated than that, she finds.

Spoilers for The Perfect Pear.

Thank you to Scathecraw for editing.

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Sugar Belle is quite the flirt.

What are the chances that Sugar Belle might moved to Ponyville?

After seeing The Perfect Pear, I can safely say that this needs to be an actual episode! Exquisite work, Poptard; you have earned yourself a mustache. :moustache: Use it well; use it wisely.

Beautiful story. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 5/5 moustaches.

Great job. I happily await the many other great fics this episode will inspire.

And I love the nod to The Princess and the Pea last chapter.

I loved this so much! It was so cute and enjoyable :rainbowkiss:

For a moment there I thought you were going to have Sugar Belle related to the Apples or Pears as a 1st or 2nd cousin.

“Ooh! Ooh!” Apple Bloom leapt up from the couch cushion and waved a hand. “I know this one! It’s called a-”

What was it called? I can think of any word like that.

Also... I believe you meant hoof, not hand.

That is just cute.

aww, that was rather sweet. have a like :twilightsmile:

This is beatiful. No other words can describe this story.

Eeyup,” she mimicked. “I have a pretty sunny singing voice. Though it’s mostly just in the shower.”

I see what you did there, does she also sing in the shower during the Twilight?

But anyways, Great Story.

I think the term your looking for is an Oedipus Complex.

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Thank you all for the praise. It really means a lot to me, especially after having been away for so long. I've been honing my skills for awhile, so it's good knowing it was time well spent, however the length.

Potentially. I get the feeling Sugar Belle wasn't just getting to know the Apples better, but getting to know a potential new home better. And Ponyville did make a pretty good case for itself.


I was going to try to make a pony pun with Oedipus complex, but what I came up with hurt my eyes.

What are you talking about? There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

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Thank you especially. I wanted to try to do a course correction on that little piece of fanon, so I'm glad it worked for someone. May your child grow up clever and delicious.

Also, no refunds on the hearts.

And how will those who had feelings for Big Mac react that he's now off the market?

Hopefully move past their crush and go on to live happy, fulfilling lives once they find their true special somepony.

I don't know, really. The future is unwritten. Literally. I haven't even begun to write yet.

The Oedipus complex is also characterized by hatred for the father.

Amazing. Just... beautiful. So glad to see a fic that treats SugarMac like a lasting romance. I was already on board with it from the start, and The Perfect Pear really made me like them more when I saw the parallels. This story is adorable. I love the chemistry between the Apples and Sugar Belle, especially their mutual love for teasing Big Mac. Thanks for the warm fuzzies.

Very well done! You had an enjoyable balance between pacing and description that made a cute and lazy fic, like a slow stroll through an idea.

Wow, this story is really beautiful. I agree with the others. It would mix well with the recent apple episode, which was amazing on it's own.

This was absolutely sweet and beautiful. You did an amazing job with this.

Also cleverly not mentioned in all of this banter is Mac's inner desire to be a unicorn... between "Do Princesses Dream...?" and Sir McBiggin, we know his fetishes.

Man this was beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you.

Tempered to perfection.

Better to clear the air of hoping by burying the hatchet.

You know, when I watched the episode where the Sugar Belle/Big Mac ship debuted, I hated it, frankly because everything came out of nowhere. I wondered if the writers were pairing the two for the Hell of it, and I still do. I didn't feel any real chemistry between the two I must confess. But this story has actually made me like the ship, just because it's pulled off so well here. So a huge round of applause for you here.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the interactions and dialouage here. Well placed and poignant. Though if Applejack reacted that way to Sugar Belle, then I can only imagine how awkward or sad meeting Grand Pear would be. I kinda expected him to be here to be honest. To actually have an opportunity to make up for lost time with he made his daughter instead with his potential granddaughter in law. After all if Sugar Belle and Big Mac get far enough in their relationship, then they are going to need his blessing as well.

I had the biggest, dumbest smile pretty much the entire chapter. This was just so sweet!

I just can't handle all these feels. Wonderful job :twilightsmile:

Really nice, sweet story. I love the way you developed Big Mac and Sugar Belle's budding romance. I'm not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV, but from what I've heard, it's actually common for boys to be attracted to girls who remind them of their mothers on a subconscious level. I guess it's just what they became most comfortable with growing up.

It seems like some fanfics make Applejack a jerk simply as an unimaginative source of conflict, but that's not the case here. It's understandable that she'd have mixed emotions about her brother dating someone who resembled their mother, especially since their mother died.

And this might sound like a small thing, but I'm glad the intertwined trees aren't the parents' grave site in this story. There's just no way Granny Smith would stop visiting her son's grave for so long that a tree would grow there in the interim. Wherever their final resting place is, I can guarantee Granny kept it well-tended.

Have a fave from me. :eeyup::ajsmug:

Absolutely beautiful. I was laughing, then I was crying, then I was laughing, then I was crying. *Sigh* Wonderfully written.

Sugar Belle closed her eyes and let his baritone wash over her, and settled in for his local lore about how Ponyville's library used to be in a living tree. Maybe it was the story, probably it was the storyteller, but Ponyville sounded more and more charming every minute.

"And then a giant, evil centaur drank all the magic out of everypony in Equestria and burned it to the ground."
"How charming!"

As to the resemblance between Buttercup and Sugar Belle, yeah, that's very much a thing. I never met my grandpa, but my mom has shown me pictures of him, and ... well, he looks a lot like my dad. Not that I've ever mentioned that to Dad, of course ...

This was a wonderfully sweet story. I'd been hoping to write something like this myself one day, but I doubt that anything I could craft would measure up.

Oh, and I think they'd still call it an Oedipal Complex - ponies have a Casanova, after all.

I fucking.
When Cup got misty I broke down and cried for a solid minute.

And I'm ugly crying like a little bitch again

Author Interviewer

Ah yes, the tribulations of character model reuse. :V I loved that scene where she got AJ to laugh. :D

There are a few spots where characters "titled" their heads instead of tilting them. :B

Author Interviewer

That was pretty darn good. :) Much better than many original shipfics I've read.

You've done what the show refuses to: Explore and expand the relationship. It's not enough to just say they love each other. One must explore why. The complexities brought in by the resemblance with the previous generation were handled well, as was what drove Sugar Belle to the Cult of Glimmer in the first place. The Apple's kin-tree was a fascinating addition. My only complaint is a nasty strain of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome; you do go a bit overboard with color words.

And yeah, the Oedhippus complex did make for some good comedy. :derpytongue2:

I absolutely loved this story! Definitely in my top favorites. Keep up the amazing work:raritywink:

Wanted to like the story. Discovered I'd already pressed the button from the first chapter. This is the first story I've read in about seven years of lurking in this site that made me wish I could upvote individual chapters.

Lovely. I particularly like the little unexpected touches like the details about baking. And how handy unicorn magic is for a baker - it's pretty rare to see a unicorn chef in Equestria, isn't it?
But the characterisation is what this kind of fic lives or dies by, and this didn't disappoint. Very believable, including the characters' flaws, and basic good nature too. Thank you for the very sweet story.

It's funny but I didn't think about the fact that chief are mostly earth ponies until I read this

For this story I rated 8/10 because it makes me Hart warming reading this. You earn a following from me

She rubbed a hoof along her chin. "Mac, you know I've been to Ponyville before. It was when Starlight and her friends received those awards for saving Equestria, remember?"

"Mmm. Can't forget." Mac looked back at her and grinned. "Then was when I first saw that pretty purple mane of yours." Now it was her turn to blush.

You know looking back at season 7 premiere I guess that's how Big Mac and sugar belle first met each other

Awww that was actually a really sweet story and seeing big mac and sugar belle relationship growing stronger and it looks like Big Mac wants sugar belle to meet the family once they got there everything looks pretty fine and the apples look like they are very friendly to her but apparently Applejack is having some issues and I don't think she wasn't trying to hate on her but something is bugging her and sugar belle really wanted to ask her what's really bugging her but she says it was nothing even though she's not lying but it really is bugging her so With a Little Help from Big Mac she told her why she was at starlight's Village it was pretty nerve-wracking for her to tell her but it was pretty much a big relief for her but it looks like between her and Applejack are pretty good so far when they saw the family album there's always a reason why Applejack was acting weird because sugar belle kind of looks like buttercup their mother but everything turned out pretty well it was a very sweet chapter

Omg that was really a beautiful story here and seeing the apple pear tree that bright Mac and Buttercup planted when they got married and surprisingly in the future of season 9 not only Sugar Belle move to Ponyville but those two are also getting married which that makes it more amazing for Big Mac and sugar belle this was a really sweet story keep up the good work

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