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I read and write in an attempt to figure out which questions and beliefs our little microcosm of a community holds. My verdict? I'm not saying.


Captain of the Royal Guard, husband to Princess Cadence, co-ruler of the Crystal Empire, brother to Princess Twilight Sparkle. Shining Armor has a lot of roles to fill in his life, and now, after nearly a year since the defeat of King Sombra, he's about to take on yet another...

That of a father.

Now with a bonus chapter from jszellmer.

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Avast, thine peasant. Thou hast piked thine Olde Equestrian-Speaking self's interests. Thou hath one more watcher, both upon thy story and thine account. Celestia Speed, young peasant.

3483899 Hark! I hear thee with a merry ear, and thine words doth bring joyous tear to mine eye.

Would be interesting to see a fic where Shining and Cadance's son/daughter are Earth Pony Prince (lots of discrimination in Royalty for being a 'lowly Earth Pony')

Funny how Pinkie Pie remembers her own birth. :rainbowlaugh:

Before Great Aunt Tia steps in and tells the idiots where they put their discrimination? Preferably in a place where she doesn't shine

... while somewhat unneeded I do have to ask... who's bright idea was it to invite the Mane6 (excluding Twilight) to the birth? Still pretty well done, and a earth pony foal is an interesting twist

3483994 Largely by stint that Big Mac was in a bit of a rush to have told Twilight and the others what was happening, the invitation was more implied than explicit for the rest of the mane six.

That's my view of the events leading up to the exchange, but I think the how in this case isn't overly important.

So Big Mac's fault for Pinkie being there, surprised that they even let her into the building... but yeah it ain't the point.

Well done, on the story and the Family Guy reference.

Cadences lines were brilliant

3484020 Oh, the bottom lip thing is even older than Family Guy. Look up "Bill Cosby, Natural Childbirth" for some truly golden comedy on the miracle of life.

When I read the part where Rarity describes what childbirth felt like, I thought of that one joke Bill Cosby told about natural childbirth and started laughing my head off.

3484048 That makes sense of so much in your story. Apologies to you, Carol Burnett, and The Sweater.


Well, it all depends on who told who (and knowing Cadence and Shining, most likely the 5/6 are godparents)

I guess Shining might have wanted all of them to be there.

3484004 But what is important is why Spike was not present for the birth of his first niece.

Ah. this was brilliant. Short, sweet, and right to the point. :)

I liked that the title is a metaphor.

Sweet story.

"Now now, don't act like this isn't the most joyous occasion in a mare's life. The moment she sets eyes on that little bundle, if she ever--and I sincerely doubt the thought crossed her mind--ever felt any ill will to you for the pains, she's going to forget them in that instant..." Rarity pulled her hoof away and glanced to the floor. "Ahem, that's also from what I've read."

I dunno. Sounds like a suspiciously specific denial to me, Rarity.

I was surprised that she didn't throw a doctor through the wall with magic. :twilightsheepish:

D'aww! This was sweet. Hope we can see more in the future.

"Hmmm... it was dark, warm, and quiet, and then suddenly it was bright, cold, and noisy..."

Dammit Pinkie :facehoof:

3484697 3488320 Better safe than sorry on matters of rating, brief as the mention was, I imagine the graphical interpretation of a visual medium of this would have warranted something approximating a warning for mild-blood.

3484332 The same reason the CMC weren't there: A maternity ward while a mother is in labor is no place for a child to be...they'll get images and sometimes hear the mother shouting words that are not meant for young ears.

Rarity knows her stuff. Maybe Sweetie Belle's her daughter instead of her younger sister like in canon... or something.

3485574 3499979 One of you guys should totally try to make that into a story. If you want consulting on it, I'd be glad to offer advice.

I can definitely do that... the problem is that Rarity and I don't mix. And what I mean by don't mix, I actually mean that her elegant and sophisticated nature conflicts with my simple and random one. But you're right: it has potential.

That, and the chances of Cadence having an earth pony foal is slim... considering how she's more likely to give birth to a unicorn foal. Whatever. I'm happy that she has a foal and everything. At least the nobles and Bluetwit can shut up and be less critical of their non-unicorn brethren. *coughSpikecough* But... y'know.

Now that Cadence is a mother, is Spike her adoptive? brother-in-law... or her nephew?

3500025 I just might, if that's all right with you.

Earth pony? Very strange, but such a beautiful fic :raritywink:

3483907 That would actually make a good story, showing the cracks in the ivory tower and how not even the capital is perfect, especially if the racism is done on a more subtle level.

3483975 Well, just because you can make them change their actions, doesn't mean you've changed their beliefs; and subtle forms of discrimination could still occur.

Kind of feel like this should've been a sequel instead of a bonus chapter. :rainbowhuh:

And while I won't fault you for doing this I'm afraid the concept of Sweetie Belle being Rarity's daughter is a concept that's been pretty much done to death, seldom does it really hold any impact anymore. :eeyup:

Felt a little... soulless. Like, it was just factfactfactfactfactfact. A story like that needs to be told slowly, so the emotions can be felt properly. There's another story out there, about Rarity leaving a letter for Sweetie telling... almost this exact story, but it's handled much better, because it's a letter. This, trying to be a dramatic story, just felt a bit flat.

I loved the first chapter, but this one was just... meh.

The emotion that was portrayed in this chapter felt a bit stale, almost from start to finish. Don't get me wrong it was good, but I was expecting plenty of feels in this chapter.

Well, I though that odd headcanon that Sweetie Belle was actually Rarity's daughter somehow was put to rest back in Season 2, episode 4. Guess I was wrong. Occam's Razor is in full effect; if SB's parents are her parents, they probably are here parents. You aren't going to throw in another chapter how Applebloom is Mac and AJ's kid, are you?

This chapter is well-written, and I can enjoy it if I suspend my disbelief. However, it's very out of place as a piece of rather illogical headcanon on the heels of a very logical, probable future development of the show.

3576220 You're right; I should probably stop beating a dead horse. :pinkiecrazy:

3577020 3578287 That's entirely my fault. Feels are still something of a foreign language to me. :twilightoops:

3580172 You mean Season 2 Episode 5. And yeah, seeing what were likely Rarity and Sweetie Belle's biological parents really put a dent in that theory.

Very accurate and...erm...graphic.:twilightoops:

Well that was surprisingly descriptive of Pinkie.... and Rarity....
Also small grammar error here, "Uhm... they certainly don't make any noises like that said Fluttershy.", second " should be before the word said not after Fluttershy.

3720175 Fixed, and thank you for both the comment and correction.

I come back to this story when I need a good, entertaining read, and right now is no different :rainbowwild:

4003065 Good to know you like it enough to come back to it every so often :raritywink:

needs another chapter with sweeties reaction.


Well, at least it wasn't completely bland! :twilightsmile:

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