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Pinkie Pie has always been random, but when she shows up to Twilight's library with a straight-cut mane, Spike is immediately worried that some tragedy has caused her to enter into a depression.

Sometimes a girl is more than the fur on her head.

Inspired by the cover art of Darth Franny.

Now edited and proof-read with the help of PrettyPartyPony.

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Like it all in one story better tbh, makes it neater.

PinkieSpike?! Yea, baby! I am so excited to read this!!! Oh, yeah!!!!!

1808062 Yes, the process of actually producing the story was initially a little bumpy. Though now with this formatting it meets Equestria Daily Submission Guidelines, only time will tell if it gets accepted or not.

1808087 Note the lack of a romance tag. No shipping here. Still, if you like seeing the character dynamic between the most random pony and most level-headed dragon, I think you'll be satisfied.




I demand answers for this sorcery.

People have read this story before, it's just in a new format.


Ah. Got ya. Was about to say :rainbowwild:

1808119 I edited the story so it was all one chapter, then deleted the chapters that composed the earlier version. Unfortunately that made the views associated with those chapters deleted, and thus not show up.

Or in fewer words, this guy 1808133


Yeah. Should've thought of that one :twilightblush:

Wow this is very episode like. Like it.

Admittedly the lack of a romance tag stings. Although I haven't read it yet, I am sure it is a fine story.

Seriously, though. Spike with a straight-maned Pinkie Pie is a ship with amazing potential.

1808355 I see you have experience in the field of spike shipping, so I'll delegate the task to you :rainbowwild:. Did you at least enjoy the story?

Reading it now. I'll give a review after. :)

Okay you should make a sequel with celestia's mane now :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:molestia.

1808388 Hmmmmm, it'd have to be a long term plan, I have other stories that are taking priority. Still, having all the servants and guards in absolute terror/prematurely submitting to Celestia would be funny, I'd have to go with a teen rating for that though, no way to keep it rated everyone with Luna eventually going out and asking: "Sister, art thou in estrus?"

An awesomesauce story :pinkiehappy:

Great read

I must admit, I cussed when the lights turned off due to the thought that this was an alternate version of cupcakes, did anyone else make that connection?

A great read! Simple, had a few good jokes, fun, it's amazing! Pinkie Pie does look better with a straight mane, though. Really :pinkiesad2:

As I said before(I think) this could very well be an episode on its own. If this fandom ever decides to create alternate, additional episodes of MLP, this would be a perfect choice. It has continuity, hilariousness, fan service(:facehoof:duh!) and even a good moral to end it.
Keep writing more of this awesomeness!:twilightsmile:

"What is your quest?" Twilight pressed, walking over to a printer that was spewing out a graph.

"To make ponies laugh!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

Red! NO!!! BLUE!!!!!

Love that scene =P

Pink celestia..... Damn thats good stuff.:trollestia:

So you made this into a one chapter story its still a good story and I still like it :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: This would make a perfect episode! Send it to Faust, dammit, send it! :flutterrage:

...huh, when i favorite this, it adds 4 updates to my favorites list.

1861442 Chapter notifications, or blog notifications? I did post a few blogs that had this story attached to them. If they were chapter notifications, the earliest version of this was divided into four parts, and then I reformatted it to a single chapter.


not sure. All I know is it says I have 4 more updates on my favorites, but when I click it, all I see is this story with the one chapter marked as read.

Same here, it's kinda annoying, but at the same time, not. I get to see Pinkie's sexy face this way all the time now.

Straight-haired Pinkie looks better than normal Pinkie.

I don't know why, but whenever I see or read about Pinkie crying, I automatically get a little sad. Even if things did work out in the end.

Well, this has been a very nice story, dear author. A special, "Episode-Like" tag should be created for the few good stories like this.

Thank you for the read. I'll be sure to check your other works.

Edit: Is there a reason as to why this appears in my updated favorites list even though I've already read it?

1879331 Thank you for the praise, as for why it shows up in your update list, it's likely because this story used to be split into four chapters, but then I condensed it into a single chapter. As for my stories, I personally recommend the following judging from your favorites.

Dark, mature romance: A Pierced Heart.
Adventure: Daring Do at Forty Fathoms Deep
Slice of life/ action with humans, along with serious subjects explored: The Conversion Bureau: The first Choice.
Dark: Two mouths to Sing, One to feed.

I absolutely need to show this to my friend Sunset Swirl. She think's that straight-haired Pinkie is Cupcakes Pinkie... :ajbemused: ...and she thinks that the name Pinkamena Diane Pie is only used when she's, well, straight-haired, and Cupcakes-style. :pinkiecrazy: *sigh* I guess I'll just cook up some baked bads for her. :trollestia:

By the way. That. Was. Epic. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

1883745 Sounds like she's been reading too much Borderline.

Don't judge a book by its cover. A very solid friendship lesson. This is the kind of fanfic that I would love to see an episode inspired by. I really hope this one gets featured by EQD, because it's one I'd love to see more people enjoy.

I hope your rewrite goes well. I would offer to help out, but I'm guessing you're probably already covered.

As a Canidian, I am most impressed with this story. It would work very as a actual episode of the show. The closest to this type of story I've done is Filial

Again, very well done, sir. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Aw, this was nice...

:yay:: Faved.

Hmmm... I have been looking for some viewpoints on Pinkamena... I'll bite. Be back with a proper review in a week or two, maximum. The Read Later pile has become a heap, as per inverse of the sorites paradox, and this should take a while. Aaanyway before I start ranting, sounds like an interesting idea.

Society of Syntax Socialists,

Yeah... I know...

How this fic slipped past me is beyond me. This is the kind of characterization and the old fable of not judging a book by its cover that is sorely needed for Pinkie Pie.

I love how you've given Spike the most matured role here of being the foil. Well done.

That was a good read.:moustache::pinkiehappy:

And where is Applejack? :trixieshiftright:

3869503 For the purposes of this story it can be safely assumed that she was simply working at her farm.

That was really good, I enjoyed it. Felt like a slice of life episode. Because I'm a slow reader it came across about the same time... So... hehe. :3

That was quite simply an honest joy to read... Huh...:derpyderp2:

Other then the fact that Rarity and Fluttershy really had no reason to be in the story, and the fact that everyone (especially Twilight) were freaking out about her mane being deflated without having any real reason to fear that (besides Rainbow Dash and possibly Spike), I really liked this Anti-Cupcakes and Pikamena fanfic XD
It was kinda funny seeing everything that was trying to look like it was setting itself up for Cupcakes just to show that it ISN'T Cupcakes to get that message across.
Personally I like Pinkamena as a character, but I also don't think she should be psychotic, and I like the whole 'mane doesn't dictate anything'.

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