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Spike's Out of His Depth Reboot. Update. · 11:06pm Jan 16th, 2014

How's it going everyone? I know I'd said I'd do these blog posts on Saturdays but I'm working this Saturday (11am till 3am, Sucks...) so I thought I'd just give you a quick rundown of what I've done:

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"Don't panic! Hiatus is temporary, suffering serious writers block with this story atm."

**Cough, Cough**
Nearly two years.
Just a gentle reminder.


Can I remove the question mark on your face?

1276201 I'm not forcing myself to write. I thank you for being incredibly patient, but I can't write unless I feel in the mood. I get the ideas, the structure of the story. But for everything else I go blank. Sorry. It's just the way it is. I take it that you're waiting for an update for Spike's Out of His Depth. I haven't been up to writing romance in a while. I'm actually working on an Adventure story at the moment. A big one. And then pile my studies on top of that I hope you appreciate why my account has been effectively dead for some time.

We're still waitin', you know?

We still wait, our decaying wait finally reaching its fatal climax. What hope we quietly collected shall soon collapse. Snuffed out by the long wait's sheer longevity.

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