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Hey guys, just realised its been almost a year · 4:20pm Feb 4th, 2014

Since i wrote anything really. Except music. Also Poetry.
Also may be getting married in the near future, as I am now engaged. Hooray!

Not really sure how many of you still care....
But I'm thinking about writing something as a commemorative thing. Maybe if it goes well (I mean, doesnt get brutally murdered by hate) I'll come back to the site full time. I realised I've missed writing pony stories. So yeah

How are all of you guys?

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You hazn't been on for aggggges. Why u no like ponies? :pinkiesad2:

515448 EEP!
*jolts in surprise*

Why Hello there! I'm baaaaaack!

Bonk, Bonk.

*Waves hoof in face*




It's been 10 weeks and 2 days since the last comment on your page. I just fixed that.
Pay me! :trollestia:

294512 :raritystarry: It's beautiful.
You're welcome :twilightsmile:

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