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I'm an avid writer and marijuana user. My biggest hobbies are writing and playing lacrosse.


2017 · 11:04pm Jul 13th, 2017

So I'm not dead, still chugging along on a new chapter of PonyxSis. Would help tons if I had help, not gonna give it up or stop writing. Just been reallll lazy.

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Best of my Imagination

Influences and Awesome Dudes!

Jet Howitzer - This dude has amazing second person fics! Not to mention he's amazingly chill, and easy to talk to. If you haven't read his stuff, please do!

Collins4112 - Another great on the site, Collins is who got me into reading fanfics. He did an amazing job with the Big Mac X Ditzy Doo shipping, and is definitely an inspiration.

CutieMarkChallenged - Not a writer, but a really chill pegasister. She's awesome and deserves love all around! She's currently a ghost reader for my story, and is very gifted when it comes to literature! Watch out for her stories that will come out!

Warp Pony - Chill dude, gave me some pointers on Igniting Hope, this dude is awesome!

Legalize it!

For any Ohio bronies/pegasisters! Whether you smoke it or just think it should be decriminalized/medicalized, please go out and vote yes on the 2015 ballot. We need all the support we can get on this!

For anyone who is against weed; I understand that not everyone is pro-marijuana. Before you message me/comment on my page about this, I just ask you to read up on both historical and scientific facts about weed. After you do that, fire away.

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1743886 Yes! This has been my screensaver for the past year! Go brony stoners!!

If you want a collaboration partner for “PonyxSis,” I would like to help you make chapters for it. :pinkiehappy:

1080695 Haha sorry to scare you man, did you read the full page? It's April 1, April Fools!

Your story ponyxsis is trucking awesome please dont go an leave it undone I like your stories

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