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I'm an avid writer and marijuana user. My biggest hobbies are writing and playing lacrosse.


Spike, as we all know, loves Rarity; but heartbreak ensues after her latest return from a small town on the outskirts of Equestria. With both a shattered dream and heart in hand, Spike finds himself at the local bar; questioning everything he did. (Inspired by the Dave Matthews Band song Grace is Gone. Will be a first person perspective. Spike is of legal drinking age (18))

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replace the drink with weed, and this is me two years ago.:pinkiesad2:

3030076 I like weed a lot...I tend to write under the influence a lot.

3030139 Most def. Can't wait to get money this week...Let's just say 45 dollars is going to a good cause.:rainbowlaugh:

3030150 a very good cause, u gotta get me some money too. my weed man got some base and I need to get some.

3030249 Sounds like a plan

Are you in the UK? The legal drinking age is 21.

3030536 I wish. I'm in the U.S. My personal view is that the drinking age should be lower.

Are you going to continue with this? This story has a lot of potential, maybe introduce a new shipping. But please let it be a female.

3030670 Not really sure. If it gets enough people behind it (favorites/likes) I'll continue on with it. Initially, I intended it as a one shot; just got a sudden urge to write it. Also I'd probably change the tag to anthro.

3030732 Than I hope it becomes successful and if you ever need help on this story let me know.

3030918 Much appreciated. I'll give it a week to hit 20 favorites, if it doesn't, then I'll let you take the reigns on this one (You'll get complete control over it, and the story will go to your page).

3030922 Thanks though this story will be slow going since I already have my own story.

3031121 It'd be even slower under me. I have 4 stories started, 1 on hiatus, and 2 that I need to do; I have a huge workload. Let's see how it stands after a week, already up to 13 favorites.

3031121 So it just hit the magic number today, and it will continue under me. IF you're up to it, I still need an editor/cowriter/outside voice for it, so (if it's cool with you) I'll consult you from time to time about it.

3067645 No problem. I always have ideas popping up.:pinkiehappy: Maybe we can bounce ideas off of each other to help our stories.

3067645 I just thought of something, got any idea who to ship Spike with?:rainbowhuh:

3067707 Not at all. I have some "inspiration" (pot) that will give me an idea or two later. Just can't forget about this, which is why this is staying as my main browser page. I was personally thinking someone (pony) that isn't shipped a lot with Spike, but makes enough sense. Either way, we're looking at a LOT of background characters. :raritycry: :raritydespair::pinkiesick:

3067855 True and you probably want to do someone who hasn't been done yet. Give me a minute and I should have a list of ships that haven't been used yet that are female.

3067855 I got some ponies we can work with

Never been done: Bon Bon, Berry Punch, Lyra, Colgate, Rain Drop, Spitefire, Twist, Sunset Shimmer.

I got a few ideas for the shipping but I want to know before hand if we're stick to one mare or can Spike have more than one?

3068407 I can go either way, but just a little heads up; having a serious romance that includes more than one love interest can pose a very serious challenge. Both having it seem realistic, and that there's feelable emotion behind it...But, seeing how I am writing PonyxSis, I don't appose it. And Shoot, Tex.

3068441 Cloudchaser and Fitter, the spa twins, and Vinyl and Octavia are some possible mulit ships that can be done. You are familiar with Cloudchaser and Fitter so those two should be easy for you to do something with. Vinyl and Octavia are easy since you could use their and Spike's love and interest in music as a starting point. As for the spa twins we could have Spike getting a job there to get his mind off of Rarity and getting to know the two. If you want to go with a single girl for Spike the same starting points can apply for the mares I mentioned or you could go with someone else. Between the two of us we should be able to come up with a starting point that will both work and is realistic.


My suggestion would be Berry Punch. What with Spike becoming a budding alcoholic, this could also introduce a troubled past for her as well (Maybe a husband her left her and their daughter Berry Pinch). Like Spike, she turned to the drink for comfort. The two bond over drinking, but over time, it starts to mess their lives up further, to the point where they have to quit or lose the things most precious to them, leading to each having to help the other sober up and stay clean.

lets be honest some here would get shit faced to if they loved someone so much doesnt love you.

Where the hell is the next chapter

3273853 still stuck up my ass, be my guest to reach in there and pull it out.

3030568 Move to Canada, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec is 18, everywhere else is 19.

Drink for me, but I hear you on that about the year ago...:ajsleepy:

This story isn't that great of a one-shot. It ends too abruptly and has more questions than answers. Also, so much can be done for it. I suggest expanding this. It doesn't have to be too long, just a few more chapters so some more things can be explained in a little more detail.

Hope you come up with more for the story. I'll track it, but a like won't be coming anytime soon with just this chapter.:twilightsmile:

6176340 it's planned to be expanded.

7471814 haha yeah, I'm trying to get back into writing. Proving tougher than I thought it'd be, but this was my first one shot. I do still plan on expanding it, this is my best story in my opinion.

There will be more! I promise. Just been adapting to adult life for the past year and a half and had to put down the pen. But I’m back, and I’m in black too.

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