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And this is the part where you start groveling. I prefer screams of suffering MANE-ly!



[Anthros are present in this fic.]

A day of happiness turns sour and thrusts Spike into a world he never dreamed of entering. The villain's world. Now on the run from Celestia and other ponies, Spike must discover what was so bad that had him exiled. But there's also something else brewing in Equestria.

It'll be up to Spike and some other beings that have never been seen before to stop this new threat as Spike fights for his life.

This is the story of how Spike will become: The Last Draconian

Chapters (33)
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Comments ( 338 )

I could have sworn there is another
story with the same title and plot on this site. :rainbowderp:

2235049 I accidentally deleted it or it was removed by administration.:twilightblush:

Anyway, it's by the same author but I couldn't find the same cover pic. Oh well. Now you have an even better look at how Spike looks all the tie instead of the one scene I was gearing him towards. Enjoy the story's new chapter and newer chapter after this one!:eeyup:

Oh, and make sure you check my blog for important status updates!:ajsmug:

I have faved here preemptively so as to track this story.
If it goes downhill I will remove my like and fav.
Good Luck!

Faustcorn is badass. Lucian you're a Bamf / Troll.

Comment posted by beirirangu deleted Mar 10th, 2013
Comment posted by beirirangu deleted Mar 10th, 2013
Comment posted by Maneiac deleted Mar 10th, 2013

2242024 it doesn't matter anymore... you can delete your explanation... and I should've deleted my comments before now as well

I really want to like this, but there's just so much stuff that doesn't involve spike or luna and their escape. I can tell you're proud of the stuff you've made up, but this is a place for pony fiction primarily, I'd be surprised if this fic so far is half and half. Seeing Celestia flip her shit was fun. Seeing how far Spike would go to escape was fun, seeing what you've done with Luna's character is fun. But so far that's all the fun I've had here. If you can keep the focus on those main characters and tell their tale, it'll be a better fic for it.

2254796 You're in luck then my friend! There will be a total of three chapters with our heroes coming up next! Cadence's character is going to be a pain in the ass to capture, but I believe it to be just a little obstacle. Enjoy the story and I appreciate your feedback!

As for everyone else...please don't be afraid to put your two-sense down here!

Looks like Spike is going to get enough power to hold is own agianst Celestia if it comes down to it.

Beautiful! Funny and quite informative!

Spike's parent may not be lookers but they definatly look badass.

I kinda skipped these at first, but now that I went back... they're pretty good. :twilightsheepish:

Jeez, they seemed to be pretty tough on Spike.

2311810 Ohhh...you! I highly advise reading every chapter in order to understand the character of everybody in this story! True, there's little seen of Spike and Luna during these chapters. But taking a break to learn about potential threats is always a treat, is it not?:eeyup:

The tailors, are Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty from Soul Eater aren't they.:ajbemused: I love that anime.:pinkiehappy:

I wonder how that tailor feels about the number 8... :trixieshiftright:

2348396 We don't talk about him...:pinkiecrazy:

2348066 I'll send you 5 dollars via paypal if you can guess what movie I got inspiration from, regarding Berry Guava's fit.:pinkiehappy: (hint: It's a fantastic movie!!!):rainbowwild:


Death the kiddo.... Black star is BETTER BHYAHAHAAHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

2348487 Okay, I'm stup. What movie was it.:ajbemused:

and he's in trouble now for some accidents, lovely

huh... this seems a bit off-topic but ok, guess I can try following it

I concur :moustache:

well, at least someone's not trying to kill the nice dragon :rainbowdetermined2:

lol, well that's unexpected. Luna x Spike, now that's something I can get into :pinkiesmile:

2349680 Only one of the funniest movies EVAR!!! Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!:pinkiehappy:

really like how this story is going, ill read the rest later. great work by the way.:raritywink:


"Not to sound mean and all but I hope this makes sense to me soon on how this relates to the main story soon because my brain is to confused to comprehend this mate."
"Spy sapping my brain mate! Help!"

2478787 a meetup between them will happen soon enough. You must stuck around in order to understand. I know how you feel with fillers and all that jazz, seeing as how I am a Bleach fan. I absolutely despise fillers with all my heart, but they are nesscessary as build- up material. Plus; these are actual chapters to the story and NOT fillers!

"Intermission", would fall Into that category. It's a generally useless chapter, but it was indeed nesscessary for making Spike's personality and changes 'pop'. It also gave insight to what Luna likes about him. I am only one man with no ple time to write due to school, but I pour All my effort into this! (I'm not implying that you're ungrateful, by the way. Just to let you know; I'm serious about this side-statement.)

I want to do better not just for myself, but for my readers. I continually ask for feedback, but receive nothing. I cannot and will not progress at this rate.

To make a long rant short; help me help you!


"*sigh* ok mate we'll bare with ya for the time being. Now excuse me while I go pry off this Sapper on Blu's head."
"Sunshine in the morning eh!? Never get to see the day!"

2479869 Then you too must be waiting for the Final Arc, I take it!:pinkiehappy:

I love this story. Please update soon. :scootangel:

Love and hatred in one chapter, yay!

Looks like it's time for another road trip.:pinkiehappy:


Ohohohoho, dat luna :heart:

Krystal the smartass gem.
2524146 ROAD TRIP!

Celestia still doesn't realize she is just giving Spike more of a reason to destroy Canterlot.:ajbemused::facehoof: YOU ARE HELPING A SELF FULFILLING PROPHESY COME TRUE YOU IDOIT!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

2528167 People seem to have forgotten that if everyone was sensible and calm that there'd be NO story!

Do you want it to end without an epic battle, good or bad?! :flutterrage:

2528376 While what you said is true that will not stop me for yelling at stupidity.:ajbemused:

I dont understand Celestia's behavior in this chapter. I mean, she just spits shit at everything she can, she punishes everyone dear to her, as bad as to want to send luna and cadance to the moon, for spike, who is like his son. Its getting waaay out of hand.

2528723 But the way I see it is what if the spell showed her doing nothing and it still happening? He was gonna find Krystal sooner or later, i'm pretty sure she inadvertently caused the destruction But, whatever don't let me tell you what to think, just my opinion.

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