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After being banished, Spike sets out to find out about both himself and his heritage. Though as he progress in his journey he will find out he is much more than he realize and deep within him a power unlike any other that he must learn to use to get the happiness he desires.

Slight crossovers with many different sources and characters.

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So what do you guys think? I hope I manage to get Spike down pat.

2873317 Dude...sounds like the game, "The Last Of Us."

Sounds so awesome! But...not enough dark. I didn't read the tags, not sure if dark, but if it is, it's not enough. Te beginning though...HOW COULD YOU?!?! :fluttercry:

Spike is my fav. Why....WHY?! :fluttercry: :raritycry:

Overall, this story was epic, about to fave as soon as you read this. :3

2873825 Don't worry things will start looking up for Spike soon enough. Like the old saying goes "once you hit rock bottom the only place left to go is up."

poor spike :fluttershysad: he needs to get stronger in order to get proper revenge.

2873884 Don't worry, he will. Though nothing too bad or bloody.

two things: 1) why do you put "1st P.O.V." at the beginning of the chapters? it's just that it's odd to me, seeing that. 2) I seriously hope that Celestia brings light to the matter of Spike's banishment and shows his innocence (because I highly doubt anyone in town could [though the CMC might if they were conscious during any of it] and Spike didn't even have a chance to defend himself as far as we know before he was exiled [PS exile and banish are synonyms])

Spike is best pony :moustache:

2876198 1. I It is because I'll probably end up switching between 1st and 3rd P.O.V. further down the story and I don't want people to get confuse.
2. There more to this case than I let on so far but don't worry, Spike is still in the right for the most part. And the CMC and Celestia will have their chances to prove Spike's innocence but it won't be for a few chapters know.


And...can't tell if human...or manticore...or another dragon. :applejackconfused:

This is getting good! I can't wait for the chapter where Spike blows up at the Mane 6.

2877531 the random dude, is he a manticore, a human, or a small but same size dragon like Spike? :applejackconfused:

2877614 He's human, an earthwalker.

2877662 cool...wait...not cool...BUT AWESOME!! :pinkiehappy:

This is awesome.
2877662 What's a earthwalker?

2877497 That will be awesome.
Imagine if Spike were to get his own posse. They could be the new Warbound.
United due to oppression , injustice , and righteous anger. They follow their respective leaders with
Undying loyalty, through the thick and thin.

2877806 Thanks and as for your question earthwalker is the human version of earth ponies, donkeys, and zebras.

2877497 And don't worry guys, Spike will be getting his own group and a lot more by the time this fic is over.:pinkiehappy:

2877893 I hope Spike gathers his own Creed , brotherhood , and or posse.
A legion of bamfs.

2877953 Don't worry he will, and together nothing will be able to stop them.

The kid raises an eyebrow and says β€œDo I need a reason to help someone?”
I'm detecting traces of a certain misfortunate main character in that question if anyone gets the reference :rainbowwild:

For making a Skyrim reference and making an awesome story!

2880808 I love Skyrim. What Spike needs now is a hat with badass horns. 2880882 I'm looking forward to it.

New chapter, yay. :moustache:

You don fucked up Twi. I mean its not like you haven't encountered Changelins which can take the form of anyone.

2887316 Sorry but anything having to do with changlings won't show up for another few chapters.:pinkiehappy:

2887353 But a small one at best and that is all you guys are getting.:ajsmug:


For you dude.

Killer: Insanity Wolf
Spike: Courage Wolf

Thanks for making this epic story.

2887956 Thanks.:pinkiehappy: I'll try and make sure the story gets even more epic.

2888000 Just wondering, who do you think won the rap battle? Spike or the Killer?

2888008 Spike since the killer was last seen in a pool of his own blood in a burning building.

This is where everything falls apart and the mane 6 suffer one hell of a mental break down.

2888225 No worse, the guilt and the wrath of a mother sun god.


It would be funny if celestia's wrath was so strong it actually made the sun turn into a black hole.

2888260 If someone hasn't made a fic of that yet they'll will soon enough.


I was kind of hoping someone would read my comment and make a fic about that.

Wait...I thought Spike couldn't talk after killing the dude? And that he blacked out...

2888815 Remember that part of the chapter 1 was a dream. In real life they wouldn't let him tell his side of the story, so in his dream it would be like he couldn't talk.

2889508 Yeah something like that though Spike won't be coming back to Equestria for a long while. Fate (or in this case me) have big plans for him.:ajsmug:

2890295 Poor 'Tia, she has no way of tracking him.
No mother should have deal with losing their kid.

2890316 True but Spike will be okay and she will see him again.

ohhh I love these like of stories were every thing is the fault of the narrow minded ponies:trollestia:

2890462 That and not getting all sides of the story. Their are four sides to this, Twilight's, the CMC's, the woman's, and Spike's. At some point all sides will be heard.

2890364 She'll see Spike; but couldn't recognize him due how he changed over his quest.

2890462 Me too. They are definitely gonna get it when Tia finds out.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. A mother bear on top of that.
:trollestia:: "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SON?!"
:twilightoops: " Uh.."
:applejackconfused: " Aw hay. "
:rainbowderp: " Aw jeez. "
:pinkiesad2: " We had... "
:raritydespair: " ..sent him away. "
:fluttercry: " We're sorry. "


ohho you should have said Celestia say something about if anything happens to my baby boy their is no where you can run
while the rest realize that they didn't just banish a fired the banished the son of a goddess:trollestia:

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