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And this is the part where you start groveling. I prefer screams of suffering MANE-ly!



[Rewrite's done!]

There's not a lot of things that get to me. One time, I was held at gunpoint by a hoodlum in a grocery store. Then there was this time when I almost got sandwiched between a tractor-trailer and a SUV. At both moments, I was pretty surprised and scared shitless. But this; this whole thing with me waking up in a different body and shit?

I guess I should start out by introducing myself. I'm Justin, and this is how I woke up one day in an alien body.

(There'll be some extensive use of Cursing: Blood and Violence. Viewer Discretion is advised. Of course, the blood and such will take effect later in the story. )

This story was approved by BlackWing to take place in the Chess Game of the Gods universe. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Cloud_Surfer, who approved my species.

Credit and Fame go to StandardIssue from the CGotG group for the Cover Art!

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 99 )

OOooh! I Love it! I wish this happened to me...

i don't understand... if this is a full story rewrite.... what will happy to the second story...

Yikes. Rape. Uh...I would think he'd be a bit more...well...horrified, scarred, traumatized, having nightmares...I mean, I know he almost ripped her head off, it's just...he got over this waaaaay too quickly, in all honesty. I mean, it's just ME, but...rape is a pretty damn big deal, and it's nothing something anybody just gets over with like "damn, got raped...oh well, better move on". It's the kind of thing that makes men and women commit SUICIDE over. But Silas is just...he just seems a bit too...MELLOW about this.

was cold against my bare feet, however, but not to the point of being uncomfortable.

Dude. Re-written badly. Failure with this line (beginning) And because of that you get 0/10 >:D. I'm a harsh grader. Other then that you'd get 10/10. Revise it and get nary 10% off, leaving you with a 9/10. I'm so fucking selfless it's amazing.

3757848 Fixed! Thanks for the catch. G-Docs gets a little autistic with document transfers sometimes.:twilightblush:

Hello. I'm writing to ask why you felt you needed to include the topic of rape in this chapter. Was it because you as a writer are ready to treat this painful subject with the great compassion, sensitivity, and gravity that it deserves, or are you simply using it as a plot device in order to quickly generate sympathy and drama? Please be honest with yourself and seek the true answer to that question. Keep in mind that nearly 1 out of every 5 women has been sexually assaulted, and these women may be among your readers.

“But rape doesn’t only happen to women, and it’s not the only thing that happens to women. You can lose your job, your house, your car, your kid, your best friend, your business, your family, your faith, your following, your office. If men are reaching for the worst thing that can happen to women and choosing rape out of a deficit of imagination, then that’s having a character be sexually assaulted for shock value. If you want to tell a story that’s about the worst thing that happened to a specific woman character, you should be thinking very specifically about her and less about your and the audience’s default answer to a question.”

-Brit Marling

Good job mate! Keep up the great work!

so wait...wasn't silas the good one last time? now he's evil.... i don't get it T_T

All I can say is: Prepare for battle, Silas.

I feel srry for him... mabey not cant tell if I should or not

When the training part poped up to be the best poped into my mined

NNNNOOOOO!!!!! Why does it have to happen now?!?!?!? Aaaaawwwww come on they were trying to have a moment!!!!! Darn it. After all they've been through and now this happens. I think I need to lie down.

Sorry. I get really into the story. :twilightblush:
Loved the song choices BTW! :pinkiehappy:

3928384 Glad you enjoyed it! How do you like the Rewrite so far?:duck:

as peanut would say "that's goody its good that's good" :rainbowlaugh:

This story is pretty kool. It's so kool that I'm pressing charges against it for several counts of "badassery"!!!

Wake up. Get attacked. Make out. Bout to fight. Bout to ALSO get raped. Getting scared.

...Seems legit

I wonder if anyone drew what she looks like? It would be quite interesting if I do say so myself...

I take my comment from last chapter back, I didnt know who it was 'till now. I REGRET NOTHING!!!

I noticed from the beginning that this fic has all the characteristicsof anime. Pretty f*ckin sweet if you ash me. Also, I'll most likely be commenting first on many chapters. :D

Got a question: Why is your writing SO badass?!


YUSSS!!!! Fonally, the first chapter with a link in it...

Damn. That just wasn't fair! I am currently up at about 1 in tha morning cuz of this story. This is more addictive than any drug!!! (not that I would know). This cliffhanger is giving me bad health, onto the next chapter, Allons-y!

Yay!!! This was good the first time, but I'm loving it the second time around. I like how you've got Wergal already with a plan of attack.:rainbowdetermined2: Though you might want to check you're spelling and gramar. I saw a few mistakes, but I don't want to be nitpicky and pick them all out. Overall, outstanding!!!:raritystarry: Keep up the good work. :heart:

'me smile at the delightful chin that clawed its way up and down my spine.'
Do you mean chill or something?

' watching with with a happy '
one too many 'with' .:derpytongue2:

My respect for you and this story has risen exponentially because of that song.
Totally worth waiting to read this story in chunks.

Dub step is like fine wine. Its an acquired taste. Except it isn't fine. At all. Except lindesy sterling. No matter what you say. I hate you if you hate here. This has nothing to do with the whole knowing her side to.
I like the music choices tho. So I cannot complain much.

Yes, because it's a HERO's fault when a villain does bad things in response to the good a hero tries to do...WROOOOOOOONG!

Nice to see Diamond and Donna again. I wonder how they will interact with Silas now that he is in a relationship with Summer?

3757998 I am Autistic and I find that comment Offended we are of a much higher caliber than G-docs when we have time to think things through

I some how always imagine jack as a downsized version of Iron Will

Justin/Silas is a true manly man now for being able to truly express emotion and not the Fagots that try to act cool by not showing any

As well as Rise, also by Skillet, that one doesnt seem to fit the situation though.

Theres also Burn it Down by Linkin Park

3744360 keep in mind he still thinks he's dreaming at this point

... How do I.... Respond to this....

... He could've just ran..... Or you know, used his sword.... I don't know what to say anymore....

:pinkiecrazy::rainbowkiss: Thanks for the updates, it's been a while.


Yup, sorry about that; had a lot of stuff on my plate (Most of it being hilariously asinine...). In a related note, the next chapter shouldn't take as long as this one, but we'll have to see. I kinda found my mojo again, and I don't plan on losing it anytime soon! :rainbowdetermined2:

I know you put a description of her and everyhting but why is it that whenever Siri pops up I just think of a pink fucking cortana?

Just wondering. Why is it set to complete when the last chapter ends in the middle of the Granite Podium Arc?

4625290 Got lazy and didn't decide to change it, lol. :rainbowlaugh:

4600381 I do the same thing. I also dont use the reverse knees.

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