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And this is the part where you start groveling. I prefer screams of suffering MANE-ly!


Equestria - as the ponies once knew - has been gone for a long time. Out of everything that's remained the same, it is that the three races of pony still retain their inherent magic. But, the wounds are too deep with the loss of two very important pieces in Equestrian society, which has done nothing but promote a sense of lawlessness.

It doesn't help matters when two forces of military might have been erected, both seeming to want the same thing; a complete takeover of Equestria and all its inhabitants, so that a sacrifice can be made to rebirth its rightful ruler. If there are two powers able to break this world out of its funk, it would have to be the Princess of Friendship, and the Princess of Love.

(This is a story that takes place quite some time after Season 4. Trixie's reformation and Sunset's reformation did not take place.)

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