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This story is a sequel to Fillystata

Trixie is haunted by nightmares and begins to question if she let Twilight down in Dappleshore. When her dreams filter through to the waking world, Trixie scrambles for answers. How far will it take her, and can she face the mare in the mirror?

This story was revised on July 15 2013 to bring it up to date with Fillystata and Stitch. The changes are mostly minor.

Also available on deviantArt. Featured on Equestria Daily

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This story. :raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::applecry::ajsleepy: And all variations thereof.

I was expecting a Lovecraftian story, a continuation of the wonderfully horrific Fillystata. Instead, I got this. It's a proper adventure, with laughter, tears, and the magic of friendship. I've been sitting here reading it since about 12 this afternoon. It's currently 5:30.

I don't often sit down and read something in it's entirety. Wikipedia defines a novel as being 40,000 words or more. It's amazing, you know. Bronies writing novel-length fanfiction. You just made me read an entire novel in one sitting. I haven't done that since I first read The Martian Chronicles. I sat on my bed, CKY's Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild in my DVD player. Fun fact about that: the menu plays the first 30 seconds of Escape From Hellview on a loop. But I digress.

When I started reading this, I put on Ghosts I-IV by the Nine Inch Nails. I got through that, Beethoven's Violin Concerto, The Best of Paganini, and two Queensryche albums reading this. Have you ever noticed that when you finish a long story, it's just as the last song on the album is winding down? Again, I digress.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, HOLY SHIT THIS STORY IS AWESOME.

Also, how is it that people can tell such amazing tales with ponies? And how come so few of them ever get into mainstream literature? A lot of fanfiction is certainly of publishable quality, the only problem being the fact that My Little Pony is copyrighted. And with just a little reworking, a lot of it could be turned into successful novels. This could very well be one of them.

And, I feel the urge to say it again, HOLY SHIT THIS STORY IS AWESOME.

That's right, it's too awesome for an exclamation mark.


Thanks! :twilightsmile: I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story so much. I would love to one day try my hoof at writing something for publication, but for now I'm just having fun and learning with the fanfics

*sighs in relief* :pinkiecrazy: you had me there

great story

The Drama:raritycry: the Suspense :raritydespair: the emotion:raritystarry: it is just too much

the BEST... POSSIBLE... THING...... :raritywink:

you are an outstanding writer keep being awesome

I believe that this may be the single-most well-written piece of fanfiction I have ever read. :derpyderp2: There were plot-twists, both expected and not, along with amazing characterization, palpable drama, marvelous detail descriptions, and captivation enough to keep the reader engrossed from the first moment to the last! To top it all off, the story was a wonderfully done 80,000+ words long! :pinkiegasp: Simple words do this story no justice. :pinkiesad2: If there was ever a piece of literature that would cause me to beg, plead, and grovel for a sequel to, it would be this one. :raritycry:

(As for my reactions)

-The ending was so sad, I cried. :fluttercry:
-Rarity truly was the Element of Generosity, even down to her very life... :raritycry:
-I don't believe that Big Macintosh could have found a better way to go... :ajsleepy:
-Angel's survival was an amazing relief--I don't think Fluttershy could have gone on after everything that happened AND losing Angel! :fluttershysad:

And there are so many questions left unanswered!
-Is Midnight truly gone this time, or just trapped in the mirror world once more?
-What of the Twilight filly? Now that Nightmare Moon has left, and Twilight should have her magic back, what will she do?
-Where (if I may ask) has Nightmare Moon gone?

You, sir, have far more than honored "Fillystata" with this continuance, yet the caress of curiosity from loose ends is so maddeningly tantalizing! :rainbowhuh:

(Also, I listened to Twilight Sparkles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXeu8v5j8Nc&list=FLZNgKAN0IPFsz752Y9hV6KA) for the entirety of this novel, as well as its predecessor.)


Wow, thanks :twilightsmile:

There likely isn't going to be a sequel, but I am working on a prequel to Fillystata which will follow Sweetie Belle and her friends before the events of Fillystata. It will give a look into Midnight's past as well. It's early stages, though, so I can't really say when it'll be done

Good to see a happy ending for Nightmare Moon, as well as it is good to see that Midnight has vanished/been vanished. Is that the end of Nightmare Moon, though? As in, is she completely gone now?

I actually have some ideas for Nightmare Moon, but can't say when/if I'll write them.

You know....I would love to see another story where Nightmare Moon revisits Luna, Celestia and Trixie, after having had time to experience what it's like to actually feel for someone other than herself. If not for Twilight, Midnight wouldn't have been thoroughly trounced in the end, and Nightmare never would've known what it's like to actually care about someone other than herself.

I like the thought of her changing her world of shadows into a colorful, endless garden. Like some kind of fallen angel redeeming itself and becoming the beacon of joy for all lost and suffering souls in the afterlife.

A story about NMM would definitely be interesting at this point. I may never actually write it, unfortunately, since I have so many other things in the works, but if I ever write another story in this series, it would almost certainly involve NMM.

I put off reading this series for 2 years :v
I wasn't dissapointed v:

But what happened to Twilight :o

Glad you got to it eventually. It's been a while since my mind was in this story, and I can't remember what I had in mind regarding Twilight's soul and her fate when I wrote it. It was probably left a bit vague, but I'm sure I had something specific in mind.

im moved by this, its hard not to want to cry at certain points in the story, you know? :( One thing that made kinda laugh was the names of Cities. I dont know why but i burst out laughing when i saw the name MareLantis >< , Neighagra Falls. This story though, ill say it again, is truly moving. Its heart wrenching that the Spirit either is or isnt Twilight.

i hope you write about what happened to Twily's soul. I REALLY WANNA KNOW. its too bad there's not a way you could of ressurected her, and had her friends freak and still be happy or something. Still good story though. Good job man.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

I can't even remember what happens with Twi since it's been several years since I wrote it. There's probably never going to be a sequel though.

6956485 :( if its ok, i could do it sometime down the road, make a sequel for you if you wanted. i could also use someone to check my stories out, if your interested.

6956485 i hope you see this, i have taken it upon myself to try and make my own sequel. Just thought I'd let you know, if your still around. :)

1992980 in the off chance you read this, i myself felt moved enough by this, to make my own sequel to it. I got the idea rereading it, and listening to Disturbed's cover of Sound of Silence at the same time . O_O

Sounds awesome! I believe I'll give it a look soon. Care to share some links for us with the story and music?

7678133 Sorry for the late reply.
here's the link to my unofficial sequel:http://www.fimfiction.net/story/351740/ressurrection-of-a-spark
the other thing i'll link at a later date.
I only have 2 chapters done, i got side tracked for a while with other stories and Source Film maker animations. ><

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