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And this is the part where you start groveling. I prefer screams of suffering MANE-ly!


This story is a sequel to Silas Epista

Silas Epista has done it: he has destroyed a Mega-Warren and saved his friends from the clutches of some rather unsavory mongrels leading that slave den. But now an even greater threat looms on his endeavors to follow through on Io the Ninefold Dragon's wishes for bringing him into the world of Equis; the inevitable usurping and killing of the current Queen of Dragonkind, Tiamat.

There will be a plethora of hardships and certain realizations that will haunt his every action, and for every drop of blood spilled, it's starting to seem like a part of him is leaving as well. And with the recent developments pertaining to the Four Dragons and that one weird dream that keeps replaying in his head, Silas is against the clock in trying to figure out what all these visions and undertones mean as he tries to keep his relationships afloat despite his unstable personality and mindset.

What real threats await him? They'll be making themselves known all in due time.

This is the second installment in the Defiled Crown Trilogy.

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Equestria - as the ponies once knew - has been gone for a long time. Out of everything that's remained the same, it is that the three races of pony still retain their inherent magic. But, the wounds are too deep with the loss of two very important pieces in Equestrian society, which has done nothing but promote a sense of lawlessness.

It doesn't help matters when two forces of military might have been erected, both seeming to want the same thing; a complete takeover of Equestria and all its inhabitants, so that a sacrifice can be made to rebirth its rightful ruler. If there are two powers able to break this world out of its funk, it would have to be the Princess of Friendship, and the Princess of Love.

(This is a story that takes place quite some time after Season 4. Trixie's reformation and Sunset's reformation did not take place.)

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I have been living on this mountain in exile for over a thousand years. Everyday, I wish for my fellow dragons to stop their relations with the Alicorns, who will bring about the ire of the creators. These equines have denounced the Elder Tongue; a language of Power, Gratitude, and War.

I have had a mate. I have had children. I watched them grow into fine dragons and return to T'Rell-Vadriz; the "Land of Glittering Scales."

Now, I have a chance to right the wrongs of my kin and help them fall in favor with the creators again. And it shall be done, even if I have to become a Piece for a blaspheming Alicorn.

Which would you like first; the insult of the injury?

[Takes place 20,000 years before the current Chess Game of the Gods universe.]

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This story is a sequel to Spike: The Last Draconian

It has been five years since Spike, Dameion, and Sunset Shimmer left through a portal into the Great Unknown.

In the time he was gone, Spike had taken to a life of conquest and Soul Stealing. Now he's mastered both his Necromancy and Vindicator skills, becoming a Draconian King, alongside Dameion, and is now competing in an event called "The Fortune of Fafnir;" a War-type game played with other Kings and Queens of the Draconian species.

This is a battle that will involve Equestria...this version of it at least, and many other beings. Spike and his clique will make allies and enemies alike, and one of his enemies happened to be on Equestria all this time.

Now it's a race to find a hidden Draconian, who's been constructing a containment unit powerful enough to wipe Equus, and its universe, from the plane of existence itself!

Will Spike succumb to this strong foe? Is Equus doomed?

There's only one way to find out.

What are you waiting for?

(This story is in the canon section of 'The Fortune of Fafnir', a universe created by me and soon to be expanded upon by other group members...or you.)

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[Rewrite's done!]

There's not a lot of things that get to me. One time, I was held at gunpoint by a hoodlum in a grocery store. Then there was this time when I almost got sandwiched between a tractor-trailer and a SUV. At both moments, I was pretty surprised and scared shitless. But this; this whole thing with me waking up in a different body and shit?

I guess I should start out by introducing myself. I'm Justin, and this is how I woke up one day in an alien body.

(There'll be some extensive use of Cursing: Blood and Violence. Viewer Discretion is advised. Of course, the blood and such will take effect later in the story. )

This story was approved by BlackWing to take place in the Chess Game of the Gods universe. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Cloud_Surfer, who approved my species.

Credit and Fame go to StandardIssue from the CGotG group for the Cover Art!

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[Anthros are present in this fic.]

A day of happiness turns sour and thrusts Spike into a world he never dreamed of entering. The villain's world. Now on the run from Celestia and other ponies, Spike must discover what was so bad that had him exiled. But there's also something else brewing in Equestria.

It'll be up to Spike and some other beings that have never been seen before to stop this new threat as Spike fights for his life.

This is the story of how Spike will become: The Last Draconian

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