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Celestia had to burn twilight sparkle to stop her at the entrance exam. After 21 years of living in the everfree, the feral creature known as twilight sparkle is begining to regain her power.Join her on her journey to defeat the white monster from her memories and the pink pony that hunts her everyday. Heavily inspired by this.http://www.fimfiction.net/story/78582/the-monster-in-the-twilight

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Comment posted by The oracle deleted Dec 14th, 2015

hmm let us see twilight is mind broken and luna is comeing back we can only hope the elements can save twi

6859052 Don't worry, we will see just how broken I can make her:pinkiecrazy:.

6859464 it was inspired by this story, yes. I had liked the story, and my brain made ideas, and here we are.

Oh gods the timber wolves are russian

6860210 sorry, I don't get what you mean.

6860985 the way they talk and sound in my head makes me think there russian

Nice story. I wonder if Twilight will help with Nightmare Moon. Also from what I remeber Apple Bloom lives close to the forest, and is a cutie mark crusader that ends up in the forest a lot, is she and Twilight going to be close friends? Finally what is the exact event that happened to Twilight to make her live in the Everfree Forest alone? You never explained exactly what happened. Just curious. Looking forward to the next chapter.

6891068 She will eveantually meet applebloom, the event will soon be explained, and as for nightmare moon, to quote river song, SPOILERS:rainbowwild:

Great chapter. Nightmare Moon is now attacking. I can't wait to see what Twilight does during it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Great chapter. I wonder what Celestial will say when she realizes who Phoenix Blaze really is.

6908404 Thanks, and don't worry, we have a special surprise for that. But for now, More random inspiration!! Also, expect some random timber wolfness in the next chapter.

Also, since you are my best commenter, what do you think I am going to do with the CMC? I am just dying to know.

Well Apple Bloom Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell end up in the Everfree a few times and she could become close friends and mentors to them. She could teach the crusaders like she does in Twilight Time, and eventually become like a second mother to all of them:scootangel::heart:maybe even adopting Scootaloo and Apple Bloom since most stories Scootaloo is an orphan and even though Apple Bloom has the Apples she is technically also an orphan. I also like the stories where she is a mother go one of the crusaders. Oooh suggestion teach them how to change their magic into other pony races, I have seen some stories where Apple Bloom uses unicorn magic without a horn. Can't remember their names though. I did however like them. It's up to you though. Looking forward to the next chapter.

6908453 I like your ideas, but just let you know I have special plans for ms sweetie bell. Oh the plans I have for her:pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to seeing what you have planned. She happens to be my least favorite crusader, but that doesn't mean I don't like her.


Naw dude this is one of those Luna and the Nightmare are separate entity's stories.

6922454 Nightmare may be my favorite villian, but that doesn't mean she gets to live:pinkiecrazy:

Nice chapter, knowing the crusaders they will find Twilight first. And will be able to apologize (Apple Bloom and Scootaloo) for thinking she is a monster, and thank her for helping Sweetie Bell (all three of them). Hope they become good friends.


I prefer to see her as a part of Luna, gives more meaning to the whole "I'm taking over the world thing".

6923391 I saw nightmare moon as a alternate persanallity created by Luna to stave off being alone, and used her to attack Celestia. The elements simply separated her and gave her a body.

I have a question, do we want another celestia interlude, or do we want to see luna? Leaving it up to you guys.

This story has spiked my interest so as long as the author updates it, I will read it.

Luna I think. L (this is in response to the question about Luna or Celestia chapter.)

Nice chapter. I think Sweetie Bell is going to become like a daughter, as well as eventually the other two crusaders. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Sweetie Bell with vines look out all who tease her for being a blank flank. I mean you Diamond Tiara. Hope Phoenix can teach her. Looking forward to the next chapter.

7079236 yeah, this was meant to be an apology chapter for being so sluggish latley

Comment posted by Dragonwaz deleted Apr 23rd, 2016

7085944 i didn't know that. Thanks.

7085944 there we go, all fixed.

This is a very interesting story to read keep up a good work update more soon. The reason I like the story because it interest me when some write a story that want me to read more. You doing great with the story keep up a good work with it hope you write more I'll follow it till you finish it k :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter. Wonder what scootaloo will do when she wakes up. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Well... the story is good, pacing's a bit fast but the chapters are good enough that I can ignore that little annoyance. anyway looking forward to the next one.

7246532 Thanks:twilightsmile: and I feel like i'm starting to spoil you guys with 100, and 2000 word chapters:trollestia:

7246563 Spoil? No. You can only say that when you start churning out 10k word chapters on a regular basis.:twilightsmile:

I cannot say the same since I've been slacking but if you check my story, you'll get a good look at what I mean.:pinkiecrazy:

7246625 I know. I was mainly teasing since before, my chapters were only a few hundred words.

7246633 Yea, but that is a good start though. Still looking forward to your next chapter.

Great chapter. I wonder if the queen of the evergreen is a title for twilight, and if she is an enemy of the changelings and the hope is so they can get rid of her, since an alliance would not need the location to form, just a message to be left to contact each other, which means it might be needed for an attack. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Comment posted by The Red Butcher deleted Aug 7th, 2016

7299821 maybe, maybe not. Haven't decided yet.

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