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I'm a guy that likes exposition and description. Expect my stories to have those.


Twilight Sparkle hasn't been seen in 5 years, but things have changed in Equestria without her. A silent grudge is being held between two long-lived nations, and the tension is mounting. Upon returning, she is asked by the leaders of Equestria to prevent a global disaster. Will she be up to the task? Or will the mysterious forces influencing her mission destroy her resolve?

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I give my life,
Not for friendship, but for youuuuuuuuu
In my time there'll be noooooo one elseeeeeeeee
Crimeeeeeeee, it's the way I fly to you
I'm still in a dream of the daisy eater


Enjoy it? I'm glad at least somepony is reading it now. The next chapter should be in a couple of days, so keep an eye out! :twilightsmile:

While I really do enjoy this story, so far the two encounter battles bother me. Mainly in that it seems Twilight's friends are working with the one who caused the problem that made her run off in the first place. I don't know, they seem to ignore the fact that Twilight's very first friend was just torn from her and are trying to get her to apologize for running off in grief for five years.
On the plus side, I enjoy the parts in between. The stealth portions are so nostalgic. I remember that dock as well, gave me so much trouble trying to get past without alerting guards. I look forward to seeing the rest of the adventure.:pinkiehappy:

There is a point to their hostility, and if you've noticed, Twilight isn't all there to begin with. All will be revealed later. :raritywink:

Huh, I guess I missed that subtlety. I guess I figured this version of her was very goal oriented. I will wait until the end, although the situation that started Twi's grief still seems weird. I look forward to finding out the answers. Good luck with future chapters.


Now I'm self-conscious.

You should skip Daughters of Liberty as a title and just go with Substance. :trollestia:

Brilliant. Love it, Love the MGS series. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

For the sequels I would love to see the deeper storyline of the MGS series appear in them (i.e la le lu li lo and Dr Clarke and Grey fox)

If you need help with MGS 4, I suggest watching a detailed play through on youtube


Okay then... I just found this and I really hope this is gonna be as epic as it should be: straight to my to read list

Hmmmmm.... I mean it's interesting and it on par with Kojima story telling and I'll leave it at that. Though I don't fully agree with all the " preaching " her """""""" friends """""""""" are giving her.

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