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What happens when you take a human and plop him in the middle of pony land? This does. Warning, elder gods may happen

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After being practically disowned by her brother, her mentor, and left by her friends, Twilight is broken. Maybe another can help her heal, one intent on messing with events. One who wishes change.

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After she escaped from a world where nightmare moon ruled equestria, she thought it was over. But nightmare had fallen in love with everyone's favorite purple alicorn, and nightmare is two things when it comes to her lovers, obsessive, and persistent. Lets see what happens when she follows her back, shall we?

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Richard had a good life. He had a steady job, he had a loving wife, and a handsome son. That was all taken away when he was brought to Equestria, and made into a weapon. But now, with the help of another, he is free, and with his blood siblings, will kill Celestia, even if it means helping his friend burn or conquer Equestria.

This is going to be a story i'm doing with Megaman2012. His is called the adventure of the reluctant villian. Go check out his side of the story, spread the love.https://www.fimfiction.net/story/339347/the-ramblings-of-a-reluctant-villain

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Celestia had to burn twilight sparkle to stop her at the entrance exam. After 21 years of living in the everfree, the feral creature known as twilight sparkle is begining to regain her power.Join her on her journey to defeat the white monster from her memories and the pink pony that hunts her everyday. Heavily inspired by this.http://www.fimfiction.net/story/78582/the-monster-in-the-twilight

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Born a drone, captured and sold as a slave, he must reunite the hive and save the queen, or else there will be no hope left for any of them.
There will be implications of sex, but no actual clop.

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