• Published 21st Jan 2016
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feral power - The oracle

A power is rising in the everfree. Its name is twilight sparkle, and it is pissed off.

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Interlude 1- Celestia

Interlude 1- Celestia

As Celestia looked out over the nobles that were complaining about a land dispute, she was bored out of her mind, ands was just waiting for the time to start today's lessons with her student.

Suddenly she heard a gong, letting her know day court was finished for now.

As she raised herself off her throne, she announced " Day court is over for now. Please come back tomorrow is you have a case scheduled."

As she walked into the classroom, she saw her student trot towards her. She smiled and asked " Hello Trixie, and how are you doing today?"

Trixie smiled and replied " Hello teacher, i am doing well. Also, the therapist was able to help me stop talking about myself in third person. He eventually just showed me how I was talking, and it sounded quite ridiculous."

Celestia smiled and said " good, I am glad he was able to help you get rid of that."

She then gave a little smirk, and said " Now only if we could do something about that ego."

Trixie gasped in mock horror" Me, having an ego? You tell such wonderful story's dear teacher."

As Celestia gave a chuckle at her student antics, she noticed Trixie had a slightly serious look on her face.

" Princess Celestia, who is sunset shimmer?" Celestia's laugh died out, aa d she had a grim look on her face.

" She was a student I had not long before you Trixie. However, she wanted power and heads grown impatient with her teachings. She left one day and has not returned, and I have left her room open should one day our paths cross again, no matter how different they have become."

She then sighed and said " But enough of past mistakes. Did you finish the assignment I gave you?"

Trixie grinned like a Cheshire Cat and said " Yes, and I found the theory behind shields fascinating. But when will we learn how to do fireworks?"

Celestia smiled and said " Soon Trixie, soon. Now open your text book to page 697."


Celestia sighed as she collapsed into bed.

Her student question about sunset shimmer was bringing up memories of others she had failed, Luna being at thee top of the list.

' Luna, how did I fail to see what was happening to you? And sunset, I showed you your destiny too soon. And twilight sparkle, I couldn't save you. I only hope that you broke your neck when you fell, and that you weren't alive when the timber wolves started to get to you.'

However, what she failed to notice as she was thinking about her past students and her sister, was that the stars in the sky were getting closer to the moon, and that if you listened closely, you could almost hear terrible laughter. The laughter of a nightmare.

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