• Published 21st Jan 2016
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feral power - The oracle

A power is rising in the everfree. Its name is twilight sparkle, and it is pissed off.

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Death of a nightmare

As she walked towards the edge of the forest, she felt a large source of magic coming from the edge of ponyville. She then saw several ponies running towards the other side of the forest and let out an annoyed groan.

As she tracked the mares on their journey to who knows where, she saw a trail of dark smoke and could tell that was the source of the magic.

When she caught up to them, they where fighting a manticore that anyone could clearly see was in pain.

She gave a sharp whistle to get it's attention, but it must have not heard her, and moved into position to slash the yellow in half. Suddenly, she pulled out a thorn out of it's paw, and it commenced to lick her face.

Twilight stared at the scene below her with a wide eye. ' She was being licked, on the face, by a manticore. Yep, I have seen everything.'

As they continued on their way, they soon reached a broken bridge, and when the blue one went to the other side, she could feel the large amount of magic again, and heard voices.

Just then, she heard a snap and saw a pack of timber wolves behind her, watching the mares. She looked at them and whispered " What are you doing here?"

One of the wolves looked at her and said " Omega said to follow you, help you keep eye on intruders, follow alpha's orders." She looked at him and said" Alpha?"

The blue soon came back, so she said" Look, just follow me and don't make a sound."

As they followed the ponies, they quickly ran into a invisible wall, that she dispersed within a few minutes.

After she entered the old, crumbling castle, she saw a tall, black mare with wings and a horn being surrounded by rainbow light. There was a flash and a smaller, blue mare was thrown onto the ground while the black one was screaming in pain.

Trixie stared in shock as nightmare moon yelled " Fools, you think that separating Luna and I will save you? Now you will all die!" She then lunged faster than Trixie could react. She closed her eyes and waited for death, but instead heard a wet squeltch sound and a small gasp of pain.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a sword had been lodged into the stomach of nightmare moon. As she collapsed onto the floor, Trixie looked around and saw a cloaked figure with a soft lavender light above their head.

It suddenly let go of the sword and stepped forward towards them. It said in a raspy voice " Stay out of my forest, and stay out of my home." As if to punctuate her point, several timber seem to appear out of thin air behind her and give various volumes of growls. Rainbow charged at her , but was forced back by a wolf leaping in the air, it's jaws snapping shut.

She yelled " Who are you?" The cloaked figure looked at her for several moments and said " I am phoenix blaze, and you are unwanted guests. Get out," she said with a snarl.

She then seemed to melt into the shadows of the old castle, with the timber wolves following suit. When Celestia arrived, there was only one question on her mind.

' Who was that?'

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