• Published 21st Jan 2016
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feral power - The oracle

A power is rising in the everfree. Its name is twilight sparkle, and it is pissed off.

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As sweetie bell sat on her bed reading the book she had borrowed from phoenix, she found herself fascinated by the spells the book held. 'Advanced telepathy, multi layer shields, teleporting, this book has everything.' She sighed and put the book under her bed, and pulled out a smaller book. ' Not yet though, i have to get the basics first.' She looked at the book she had pulled out a made a face. The bright yellow cover, and the sickeningly sweet pictures of happy foals made her grimace, but she opened it anyway.

Several minutes later, she was still struggling to lift the small hoof mirror she had set down in front of her. She fell back onto her haunches, panting with the effort she had just put out. As she sat down, she thought back to that day in the forest when she and her friends where being attacked by the manticore. She remembered feeling helpless, and anger at not being able stop it.

As her anger rose, she heard a crack, but paid no attention. Her anger then gave way to a feeling coming from the floor. She saw the mirror and lashed out, wanting to rip it apart. Suddenly, two green blurs appeared in front of her, and the mirror shattered into hundreds of small shards. She jumped back in surprise, and looked at where the feeling was coming from. To her suprise, she saw two vines, not too unlike the ones from the everfree. She willed one to move left, and it did. She then willed them to go back, and them disappered, going back through the hole in the floor.

She looked in shock, and decided to not tell rarity about it. Luckily, she had supplies, that she had snuck up earlier in case one of her experiments went wrong, to fix it in her closet. After fixing it, she slid back into bed. 'I'll find phoenix. She'll know what happened.' After a few seconds, a thought occurred. ' Maybe, she can even teach me how to control it? I'll ask her tomorrow.' With that thought in her head, she drifted off to sleep.

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