• Published 21st Jan 2016
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feral power - The oracle

A power is rising in the everfree. Its name is twilight sparkle, and it is pissed off.

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Night Vixen

Feral power- celestial, lunar and heart interlude

As she walked up the tower to her room, she sighed in anticipation of the long bubble bath she was about to take. As she opened the door to her room, she was bonked on the head by a scroll.

' I wonder why Trixie is sending me a letter this time of night? ' She set the letter down on the table, and quickly took off her crown and golden slippers. ' I guess that bubble bath will have to wait a minute. '

She opened the letter and started to read.
" Dear Princess Celestia, we have found out from fluttershy's animal friends that the mare that calls herself Phoenix blaze is in a part of the everfree that is close to the old castle.

We suspect that she has also saved a filly known as Sweetie Bell and dropped her off to a friend possibly or an associate, who would bring Sweetie back to rarity. If you could please research a ms Needle Point, that would help our efforts immensely.

Other than that, we have nothing else to report,other than that the next time ms Needle Point shows up, we were going to have Pinkie pie and Rainbow Dash shadow her.

Yours truly, Trixie lulamoon."

Celestia put her hoof on her chin and pondered her students letter for a second. ' So, does this mean what I think it means? If so, I may have to keep this away from Cadence and Shining Armor, or they will think this Phoenix knows something about Twilight.'

After thinking for a second, she called out for one of her guards. When he came rushing in, she said " Please fetch Luna. Tell her I need a favor."

A few minutes later, she heard a knock on her door. " Sister, thou requested an meeting?"

" Come in Luna." As her sister walked in, Celestia noticed that she was wearing a simple dark blue dress. She said with a smile " Oh Luna, did you go on a date like i recommended?"

Luna replied " Yes, and while we did not take a romantic interest, we have made a friend among the nobility."

" That's good news. So," she said leaning forward, " who caught the eye of my sister?"

Luna replied with mirth " The one called Fancy Pants."

Celestia quickly shook her head and said " Anyway, I called you in here for a reason. I just received a letter from Trixie."

Luna sat down on a nearby cushion and said " Is it regarding this Phoenix mare?"

" Yes, it is. From what I can tell, it seems that Phoenix lives close to the old castle. They also think that she has an friend called Needle Point."

Luna put a hoof on her chin in thought and said " I don't recognize that name, but I can look in the medical archives for a needle point and this, Phoenix Blaze."

" Would you? That would be a great help."

As Luna got up, she said " I will be back when I have information."

While Luna walked out the door, Celestia called out " Thank you!" She heard the door close, and was left alone once more with her thoughts.


As Luna walked down the hallway, she saw Cadance walking with shining armor. She called out " Hello Cadance! How are thou doing?"

Cadance rushed towards her. " Auntie Luna, I'm doing just well. What are you doing?"
Luna hugged her niece, and said " We are doing a favor for Tia, researching some things in the library. "

Cadance asked " Mind if we join you? We were bored and decided to take a walk, but I think helping you would be much more interesting."

Luna pondered this for a second " Thou may join us, we see no reason why not."

As the party walked down the hallway, Cadance asked " So auntie, may I ask what we are looking for?"

Luna replied " We are looking for anything related to any pony called Needle Point and Phoenix Blaze."

After walking for a few seconds, Luna noticed that her two companions had stopped walking. She went back and saw that shining armor had a glassy look in his eyes. She looked at Cadance and asked " What is wrong? Is it something I said?"

Cadance looked at Luna, and said sadly " It's nothing, we just think that this Phoenix Blaze may know something about where Shining's sister, Twilight Sparkle, is. Now that you've mentioned her, that makes us want to help you even more."

Luna nodded and said " Ahh, we understand. In fact, we will help you look for her if that is any consolation."

Cadance nodded and said " Thank you, that means a lot to us."

When they reached the library, Luna walked up to the reference desk. " We wish for all articles related to a pony named Needle point."

The librarian said " Very well your majesty. Do you need anything else?"

" Yes, please bring out anything about a pony called Phoenix blaze. "

Her horn lit up, and she cast a searching spell. After a minute, she muttered " Huh, that's weird. Here let me try again." Her horn lit up once again, and she recast the searching spell. Once again, it came back empty. She turned to the princess, and said " Sorry princess, we don't have any records on the two ponies you asked for."

" Is it possible that it just may be at another medical archive, or a library?"

The mare shook her head and said " That's not possible. Every time a hospital or Doctor,or nurse updates their patients profile, they make two another copy on top of the ones they already make to send it here. After all, we are the main library, so unless it's been tampered with, these ponies just are not in the system."

Luna was quiet for a second, and said with an eerie calm " Thank you for your time. That will be all."

As the group started to walk back, Cadance asked her aunt " Aunty Luna, what does this mean?"

Luna let out a sigh, and said " It means, that we will be paying Trixie a late hour visit. Please go inform my sister that I will be back in time for tomorrow's Night Court, and that I was not able to find anything useful on the subject of Phoenix Blaze, or Needle point. "

" Should we meet up with you at ponyville after we deliver the message?"

" No, this is something I should do on my own. I will be back tomorrow."

As Cadance walked down the hallway to her aunt Celestia's room with shiny , she felt anger that she hadn't been kept in the loop by Celestia. Luna was alright, seeing how she must have thought that her sister had told her, but she needed to be kept informed! Despite her inner anger, she gently tapped the door.

" Come in." She heard a voice call. With a calming breath, she opened the door and walked in. " Oh, hello Cadance, how are you doing?" She saw her aunt reading a book and prepared herself for the ensuing argument.

Cadance said in an annoyed tone, " Auntie Luna said she couldn't find anything on either of the mares, and that she was going to ponyville to help Trixie's efforts to find her. By the way aunt Tia, why wasn't I informed that we had figured out where she may be? You had no right to keep it hidden, and no good reason."

Celestia coolly set her book down, and replied to her niece " Actually, I did. If I had let you help, you would have at one point or another tried to go looking for Twilight again. I know you two miss her, but this mare needs to be found so that we can make sure that she is not a threat. " Cadance started to argue but Celestia said " Phoenix is the mission, not Twilight. If you two can promise me that you won't go looking for her I will let you on the team, but otherwise, you can forget about it."

Shining armor took a step forward and said " How can you say that? I may not know where she is, but I can feel it in my bones. She is alive, and if we have to go over your head to find her, we will!"

Celestia looked at him with fire in her eyes and said with ice in her words, " Get out. When your emotions aren't clouding your vision, we will talk further about this. Until then, stay away from this."

As Cadance walked out, she yelled behind her " This conversation isn't over! Not by a long shot!"

When she heard the door close, she sighed and muttered " When is it ever over?" She took out a scroll, and started to write a letter back to Trixie.


As Luna flew through the air, she was glad to feel the cool night air rushing through her fur. She had always enjoyed flying more than she had casting spells, and as a result, in the old times, she had led a massive flight over Equestria once a year with her nocturnals, or those who could fly anyway.

She sat down in front of a huge oak tree and knocked on the door. As it opened, she saw a friendly sight. " Good night Trixie. How are thou?"

" Oh, hello princess. I actually got a scroll from princess Celestia saying that you would be coming to help us in our search. Please, come in."

As Luna walked in, she saw that the other element bearers were groaning sleepily.

Rarity looked up and said with a yawn " Hello princess," her eyes fluttering close. As she realized who she was talking to, they shot open, and she rushed to Luna's hooves. " Princess!" She exclaimed while kissing her shoes. " I'm dreadfully sorry for speaking to you like that. I must be more tired than I thought I was!"

Luna chuckled and said " Nay, you are with a friend. We do not take offense."

Trixie returned to her spot and said " Anyway, as we were saying, we have covered most of the everfree except for some small areas in the north part." She then turned to fluttershy and said " Fluttershy, do your animal friends have anything to report?"

Fluttershy partially hid behind her mane and said " Uhm, only that a certain pack of Timberwolves are starting to turn purple. They aren't sure why, but they said it started a few weeks ago."

Luna pondered this for a second and said " We have heard of this before. When a magic user takes control of a magic based animal, the base color of the creature changes to show their alliegence to their master. It was useful in old times when warlords used armies of such beasts for their war efforts."

Luna suddenly flicked her ears in annoyance and said " Who is panting so heavily? It is annoying."

Trixie stared at her and said " Princess, no one here is panting. What are you talking about?"

Luna froze for a second, and teleported outside. When she teleported back in, she had a purple Timberwolf in her grasp. She threw it down on the floor and yelled " It's a spy!" She lowered her head and blasted it against the wall. She slowly walked over to it and said " Tell me wolf, do you serve the one we seek?"

Applejack looked at her and said " Uh, princess? You do know it can't talk right? It's just a Timberwolf."

" Yes I do, Night Vixen. And please tell the apple farmer to not speak of what she does not know.

Applejack froze. " Did, did it just speak?"

Luna said " Yes, it did Applejack. Only those who have a master can though, not regular wolves." She turned her attention back to the canine. " So, you were spying on us? Maybe I should take you back to canterlot, and interrogate you there."

Do what you will Night Vixen, I fear the Alpha more than I fear you."

Luna smirked. " We will see how far your fear goes. Trixie!"

Trixie snapped to attention." Yes princess?"

" Due to this turn of events, we must leave. Fear not though, for we will be back tomorrow. Please keep us informed on how things go."

She grabbed the Timberwolf and teleported away in a flash of dark blue light.

Fluttershy quietly asked " So, what do we do now?"

Rarity replied with a flick of her mane " I say we all go to bed. Some of us do need our beauty sleep."

Applejack rang out " I agree. I have work tomorrow, and Big Mac won't buck apples all by himself."

Trixie sighed and said " Alright, we will take tonight and tomorrow off. I guess we all need some rest."

As they called out their goodbyes, Trixie stumbled the stairs, and with a tired groan yelled " Spike, I'm going to bed." With that, Trixie fell into the inky darkness of sleep.


As the dark figure ran across the hill he saw his partner standing at the top. He asked in a gravelly voice " Well, what took so long?" The first figure removed his hood to show blank blue eyes. " I have an important message for the queen!"

" What is it? You know queen chrysalis doesn't like to have her time wasted."

" Trust me, she'll want to her it." He took a deep breath and let it out. He then looked back up at his partner, hope glimmering in his eyes. " I found the Queen of the Everfree."

Author's Note:

The plot thickens:unsuresweetie:. What does Luna intend to learn? What do these changlings mean by queen of the everfree? What am I going to do with all this suspense? Find out next time.:rainbowwild:

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