• Published 21st Jan 2016
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feral power - The oracle

A power is rising in the everfree. Its name is twilight sparkle, and it is pissed off.

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Cries in the forest

A few days later after the nightmare incident, Twilight was walking home from the timber wolf cave when she heard two young voices call " Help!" She rushed to the source of the noise and saw two young fillies being attacked by a manticore. After a flash of magic, the manticore fell to the ground with a hole where it's heart should have been.

She smiled at the fillies to try to calm them down, but only succeeded in scaring them, screaming at the top of their lungs. She sighed and was about to walk away when she saw a young unicorn that had a long cut on her leg. It was starting to bleed badly, so she grabbed some vine and covered the wound. She then slung the young filly onto her back, much to the protest of the unicorn, and started to walk to ponyville.

After a while, she heard soft snores and knew that she had fallen asleep. As she reached the edge of the forest, she had a quick mental debate about just dropping the filly off here, or taking her into town. She decided she would go into town, but she would have a disguise. After a flash of magic, in her place stood a blue mare with a purple mane.

As she walked into town, she saw a white unicorn with three gems on her flank, rushing around, asking if anyone had seen Sweetie bell. She walked over to the distraught mare and asked " Excuse me mam, but is this the filly your looking for?" The unicorn said " Yes, thank you so much." She used her magic to pick up sweetie bell and put her on her back. She then turned to twilight and said " Please, why do you come visit me? I am sure sweetie will be more than happy to say thank you for bringing her back to me." Twilight quickly said " No, I really must be getting home. Thank you for the offer though." With that she teleported away.

- - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


As sweetie woke up, she saw a piece of vine wrapped around her leg. As she tried to sit up, she felt a sharp stab of pain, and was almost immediately crushed by a wall of white.

As rarity cried and told her that she loved her, she had one question that she wanted an answer to. "Rarity, where's the mare with one eye?" Her sister looked at her in confusion and said " Sweetie, the mare that brought you back here had two eyes, not one." Sweetie said " No, the mare that found me in the forest had one eye."

Rarity looked at her and asked " Sweetie, please describe this mare." Sweetie shifted uncomfortably and replied" She had one eye, had a horn, and had a cloak on." Rarity suddenly looked worried and said to her " Sweetie I need to go talk to some friends. Can you please stay here?" "Ok," sweetie said, and rarity rushed out of the room. A few minutes, she heard the door open and get slammed shut.

After she left, sweetie had one thought. " Me and the girls need to find this mare, and I need to thank her for saving us. Hey, Maybe she can teach me magic."


After rarity gathered her friends at the golden oaks library, she started the meeting by " Thank you all for coming here. As you all know, earlier Applebloom and Scootaloo ran out of the everfree forest screaming about a monster.When asked what they meant, they blabbered about how they were being attacked by a manticore, but a monster that looked like a pony killed it. They described it as a unicorn mare with one purple eye, and a cloak around it. Later on, Sweetie said she was rescued by a mare of that same description, and that sounds just like the pony who killed nightmare. That means that she lives somewhere in the everfree."

Trixie said " We need to find her," And they shared theories about where they thought she was and how they thought they could get to come out. Little did they know that there was a timber wolf lisinting to there every word.

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